(Play With Songs)

Composers: The Holy Modal Rounders
Lyricists: The Holy Modal Rounders

Opened: March 12, 1970, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 52

Catch Me (M/L: Sam Shepard):

1. Bird Song: Live 1971, CD/Water 130 (The Holy Modal Rounders)Demo, Private LP (M) no number

C.I.A. Man (M/L: Peter Stampfel, Tuli Kupferberg, and Antonia):

1. The Fugs First Album, ESP-Disk 1018 (The Fugs) [reissued as CD/Fantasy FCD-9668]
2. Virgin Fugs, ESP-Disk 1038 (The Fugs) [reissued as CD/ESP-Disk 1038]
3. The Fugs 4, Rounders Score, ESP-Disk 2018 (The Fugs)
4. Refuse To Be Burnt Out, New Rose 56 (The Fugs) [reissued as CD/Fugs/Big Beat 139]
5. Big Ric, Scotti Bros. 38864 (Big Ric) (unverified)
6. The Real Woodstock Festival, CD/Fugs 2160 (The Fugs)
7. Greatest Hits 1984-2004, CD/Fugs (The Fugs)
8. Horse Cock Phepner, Placebo (Sun City Girls)
Note: All of the above recordings are attributed to Tuli Kupferberg only. It is possibly that the lyrics were modified or rewritten by Stampfel and Antonia for the stage production.

Euphoria (M/L: Robin Remaily):

1. The Holy Modal Rounders Vol. 1, Prestige P-7720 (The Holy Modal Rounders) [reissued on The Holy Modal Rounders 1 & 2, CD/Fantasy 24711]
2. Last Round, Adelphi 1030 (The Holy Modal Rounders) [reissued as CD/Adelphi 1030]
3. Euphoria, CD/Hollywood 162095 (Leftover Salmon)

Generalonely (M/L: Steve Weber):

1. Good Taste Is Timeless, Metromedia 740 (The Holy Modal Rounders) [reissued as CD/Sundazed 6208]

Synergy (M/L: Peter Stampfel and Antonia):

1. Alleged In Their Time, Rounder 3004 (The Holy Modal Rounders) [reissued as CD/Vivid 137; also found on I Made A Wish For A Potato, CD/Rounder 611598]

Unrecorded Songs:

Alien Song (M/L: Sam Shepard)
Bad Karma (M/L: Peter Stampfel and Antonia)
Do It Girl (M/L: Antonia; Peter Stampfel)
Don't Leave Me Dangling In The Dust (Dusty Fustchuns) (M/L: Robin Remaily)
Float Me Down Your Pipeline (M/L: Antonia)
Hathor (M/L: Peter Stampfel)
Hopi Chants
I Disremember Quite Well (M/L: Antonia)