Composer: James F. Hanley
Lyricist: Gene Buck

Opened: June 24, 1926, Globe Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 108

Note: During tryouts this show was called ZIEGFELD PALM BEACH NIGHTS, ZIEGFELD’S PALM BEACH GIRL, and ZIEGFELD’S AMERICAN REVUE OF 1926.  The show’s title was changed after opening to ZIEGFELD’S AMERICAN REVUE OF 1926, and changed for the subsequent tour to ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1926.

Every Little Thing You Do:

1. 78/Brunswick 3233 (Carl Fenton and His Orchestra)

Florida, The Moon And You (M: Rudolf Friml):

1. 78/Cameo 987 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Liberty Music Shop L-239 (Emile Petti and His Cosmopolitans)
3. 78/Brunswick 3233 (Carl Fenton and His Orchestra)
4. 78/Brunswick 20048 (Franklyn Baur with chorus and orchestra conducted by Frank Black)  [reissued on Music Of Broadway: The Twenties Volume 1 (1925-26), JJA (M) 19796]

How Could Little Red Riding Hood (M/L: A.P. Randolph):

1. Saloon Singer, Audiophile (S) AP 171/172  (Hugh Shannon, piano and vocals, David Braynard, bass, and Jim Fitzsimon, drums)
2. Sweet Adeline, CD/Grasmere GRCD 77 (Fortunairs)
3. Living In Sin, CD/Coeur De Jeanette Productions 4 (Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys)

I Want A Girl To Call My Own (M: Rudolf Friml):

1. Masterpieces, CD/MPS Records 5290942 (Milt Buckner) (unverified)

Nize Baby:

1. Nize Baby, CD/Burn Barrel Records 6 59057 20462 8 (Buck Evans) (unverified)

No Foolin’:

1. 78/Victor 20019 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra) [reissued on Vol. 1: If I Had A Talking Picture Of You, CD/Dutton/Vocalion CDEA 6129]
2. 78/Columbia 638 D (Arthur Hall with the California Ramblers) [reissued on The California Ramblers 1925-1928, CD/Timeless CBC 1053]
3. 78/Liberty Music Shop L-275 (Emile Petti and His Savoy-Plaza Orchestra)
4. 78/Cameo 997 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra)
5. 78/Banner 1753 (Irving Kaufman with Sam Lanin’s Dance Orchestra) [also 78/Regal 8057]
6. 78/Brunswick 3167 (Parklane Orchestra)
7. 78/Okeh 40659 (Johnny Marving, ukulele and voice)
8. 78/Victor 20064 (The Revelers with piano)
9. 78/Path 25181 (Cliff Edwards, ukulele and voice)
10. 78/Perfect 14612 (Arthur Hall with Billy Wynne’s Orchestra)
11. 45/Decca 9-29614 (Wilburn Brothers)
12. Arkansas Shout, CD/Jazz Oracle BDW 8025 (The Range Riders) (unverified)
An unverified radio transcription performed by the Allen Roth Orchestra and Chorus is also known to exist.

Poor Little Marie (L: Irving Caesar):

1. 78/Brunswick 20048 (Franklyn Baur with male chorus and orchestra conducted by Frank Black)  [reissued on Music Of Broadway: The Twenties Volume 1 (1925-26), JJA (M) 19796]

Wasn’t It Nice? (M: Rudolf Friml; L: Irving Caesar):

1. 78/Columbia 725 D (Harry Reser’s Syncopaters)

Who’s That Pretty Baby? (M/L: Bobby Heath-Alex Marr) (used in the tour show promoted by George Wintz)::

1. 78/Victor 20847 (Jack Crawford and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Banner 6032 (Arthur Fields with the Imperial Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Columbia 1141 D (Bily Jones and Ernest Hare (The Happiness Boys) with piano)
4. 78/Edison 52137 (The Happiness Boys (Billy Jones and Ernest Hare) with Dave Kaplan, piano)
5. 78/Columbia 1117 D (Johnny Morris with Paul Specht and His Orchestra) [reissued on Retro-Specht (1925-1931), CD/Vintage Music Productions 121]

Unrecorded Material:

Dans La Boule Lumineuse
Don’t Do The Charleston (L: Irving Caesar)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (M: Rudolf Friml; L: Irving Caesar)
Honey, Be Mine
Latin Lover (dance)
Little Marie (L: Gene Buck; Billy Rose)
Minnie Haha (added for the subsequent national tour)
The Only Thing Green About The Girl Of Today Is The Green Upon Her Hat (M: Rudolf Friml)
Spring (M/L: Ben Ali Haggin)
That’s As Far As It Goes (M: Rudolf Friml) (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
We’re Cleaning Up Broadway (M: Rudolf Friml; L: Irving Caesar)
When I Hear An Old Fashioned Waltz (M: Rudolf Friml) (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
When The Shaker Plays A Cocktail Tune (dropped for the subsequent national tour)
Whip Dance (M: Rudolf Friml)