A Room With A View:

1. 78/HMV B-2719 (Noel Coward with orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons) [reissued on The Master's Voice, CD/Angel CDP 7 54919 2]
2. 78/HMV C-2450 (Noel Coward with orchestra conducted by Ray Noble) (part of a medley) [also 78/Victor 39002; reissued on The Master's Voice, CD/Angel CDP 7 54919 2]
3. 78/Columbia DB-3009 (Noel Coward with the Café de Paris Orchstra conducted by Syd Simone with Norman Hackforth at the piano) [reissued on The Master's Voice, CD/Angel CDP 7 54919 2]
4. 78/Columbia 1693 D (Ben Selvin and His Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 21801 (Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra) [reissued on Crazy Rhythm, CD/Living Era 5682]
6. 78/Liberty Music Shop L 242 (Emile Petti and His Savoy-Plaza Orchestra) [reissued on The Melody Of Broadway, AEI (M) 1154]
7. 78/Perfect 15118 (William Smith with Dan Ritchie and His Orchestra)
8. 78/Gramophone B 5466 (The Rhythm Band)
9. 78/Imperial 1922 (Syd Roy's Lyricals) 78/Velvet Tone 1793 V (Marvin Young with Arthur Ross and His Westerners) [also 78/Harmony 793 H]
10. 78/Decca 23101 (Hildegarde with orchestra directed by Ray Sinatra) [reissued on Songs From The Shows, CD/Vocalion 6078]
11. 78/Brunswick 4145 (Eddy Thomas with William F. Wirges and His Orchestra)
12. 78/Columbia 9467 (London Pavilion Orchestra conducted by Ernest Irving) (part of medley) [reissued on Musical Comedy Medleys 1928-1934, JJA (M) 1977-6]
13. World Weary: The Songs Of Noel Coward, 10"/Heritage (M) H-0054 (Harry Noble with Stuart Ross at the piano) [reissued on Noel Coward And Harry Noble Sing Coward, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3030]
14. Noel Coward Favorites, 10"/MGM (M) E195 (Paul Britten and his Orchestra)
15. I'll See You Again, 10"/Philips BBR 8028 (Noel Coward with Wally Stott and His Orchestra and Norman Hackforth, piano) [reissued on Noel Coward And Harry Noble Sing Coward, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3030]
16. Noel Coward At Las Vegas, Columbia (M) ML-5063 (Noel Coward with Peter Matz, piano, and Carlton Davis and His Orchestra) [reissued as CD/DRG 19037]
17. Conversation Piece, Proscenium (M) CD 4003 (Dick Hyman, piano)
18. The Best Of Noel Coward And Ivor Novello, Pye Golden Guinea (M) GGL 0173 (Peter Knight, his two pianos and his Orchestra)
19. Cowardy Custard, RCA (S) LSO-6010 (Laurel Ford and Geoffrey Burridge with orchestra conducted by John Burrows) [reissued as CD/Masterworks Broadway 88883 72394 2]
20. Noel Coward Favorites, STL (S) 5255 (The Les Reed Orchestra)
21. Show Stoppers From The Twenties, Pye (M) PLP 1022 (Edmund Hockridge with orchestra conducted by Alyn Ainsworth and Peter Knight)
22. The 20's And All That Jazz, Festival (S) L36341 (John O'May with orchestra conducted by Michael Tyack)
23. Mad About The Man: Carmen McRae Sings Noel Coward, Decca Decca DL-8662 (Carmen McRae with orchestra directed by Jack Pleis) [reissued as CD/Universal MVCJ-19202]
24. Make Love To Me, Liberty RP-3060 (Julie Londo) [reissued on Lonely Girl/Make Love To Me, CD/EMI 5416682]
25. Bobby Short Is Mad About Noel Coward, Atlantic (S) SD 2-607 (Bobby Short, piano and voice, with Beverly Peer, bass, and Richard Sheridan, drums) [reissued as CD/Collectables COL-CD-6769]
26. A Talent To Amuse, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3048 (Cheryl Kennedy and David Kernan with musical direction by Grant Hossack)
27. A Talent to Amuse: The Words and Music of Noel Coward, CD/Silva America 3009 (Peter Greenwall)
28. The Great British Dance Bands Play The Music Of Noel Coward, CD/EMI 5 20728 2 (Jack Jackson, Billy Ternent, and Cahpie D'Amato with Jack Hylton and His Orchestra)
29. The Noel Coward Songbook, CD/EMI Classics 5 57374 2 (Ian Bostridge and Sophie Daneman with Jeffrey Tate, piano)
30. Noel Coward Songs: A Room With A View, CD/Newport Classic NPD 85647 (Richard Conrad with William Merrill, piano)
31. A Marvellous Party: The Music Of Noel Coward And Friends, CD/TER CDVIR 8333 (Alison Williams and Michael Law with the Piccadilly Dance Orchestra conducted by Michael Law)
32. Easy Virtue, CD/Decca B0012871-02 (Ben Barnes with the Easy Virtue Orchestra conducted by Marius De Vries)
33. Noel Coward: A Portrait, CD/Aquarius AQCD543 (Peter Pringle)
34. If Love Were All: The Songs Of Noel Coward, CD/Canzona CANZ CD2 (Dominic Alldis, piano and voice, with rhythm accompaniment)
35. Barbara Lea And Keith Ingham Are Mad About The Boy: The Songs Of Noel Coward, CD/Challenge CHR 70073 (Barbara Lea with Keith Ingham, piano, and rhythm accompaniment)
36. The Words And Music Of Noel Coward, CD/EMI 5 20727 2 (Dickie Henderson)
37. Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs Of Noel Coward, CD/EMI 7243 49463127 (Paul McCartney)
38. Craig Jessup Sings Noel Coward, CD/No label 20-06074 (Craig Jessup with Barry Lloyd, piano)
39. If Love Were All, CD/Varese Sarabande 302 066 083-2 (Twiggy and Harry Groener with musical direction by Tom Fay)
40. Noel & Cole: Together With Music, CD/Oakton ORCD1001 (Valerie Anastasio and Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano)
41. Strictly For Dancing, CD/Grasmere 64 (Phil Kelsall)
42. Sing Something Simple From The Musicals, CD/Castle Pie 226 (The Cliff Adams Singers)
43. Artie Shaw, Vol. 4, CD/Documents (Helen Forrest with Artie Shaw and His Orchestra)
44. Rhythm Crazy: Popular Music From The 1920's, CD/Hot Society HRS001 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra)
45. Opera At The Movies, CD/X5 (Maria Callas) (unverified)
46. Moon Garden, CD/Honey Bunch (Jane Labanz)
47. Time To Dance, CD/EMI UK (Joe Loss and His Orchestra)
48. Confessions, CD/Audiophile Records ACD-269 (Joyce Breach with the Loonis McGlohan Quartet)
49. Those Were The Days, CD/Heather Bambrick (Heather Bambrick)
50. The Chronological Bud Freeman and His Orchestra 1946, CD/Classics 975 (Bud Freeman and His Orchestra)
51. Herb Geller Plays, CD/Emarcy 512252 (Herb Geller)
52. The Days Of Wine And Roses, CD/Orlando Gibbons (Orlando Gibbons)
53. Turn On The Heat, CD/Stomp Off 1333 (Frederick Hodges)
54. You Are There, CD/Audiophile Records ACD-299 (Irene Kral with Loonis McGlohon, piano)
55. Two For The Road, CD/Ellie Mae Music 4464 (Cherie Lynn)
56. A Centenary Collection, CD/Avid 907 (Jessie Matthews)
57. The Moon Was Yellow, CD/Circle 87 (Russ Morgan & His Orchestra)
58. Great Songs From Great Britain, CD/Jump Records 1226 (Keith Ingham, Bob Reitmeier, and John Von Ohlen)
59. Edison Laterals 6, CD/Diamond Cut (City Hall) 305 (B.A. Rolfe & His Lucky Strike Orchestra)
60. Jubilee, CD/Arbors 19224 (Daryl Sherman with Dave McKenna)
61. The Master's Choice, CD/AEI Green Room AEI-CD 605 (Noel Coward)
62. Christine Ebersole Sings Noel Coward, CD/Staunch Entertainment 12904 (Christine Ebersole and Howard McGillinwith Larry Yurman, piano)
63. Bright Young People: The Songs Of Noel Coward, CD/Writers' Theatre (Kate Fry, Rob Lindley, and John Sanders with Doug Peck, piano)
64. Rebirth Of Cool, CD/Blue Note 8662272 (Henri Salvador) (unverified)
65. Together With Music, CD/DRG CDXP1103 (Noel Coward with musical direction by Tutti Camarata)
66. A Changing World, CD/Reynolds Ensemble REYNOLDSCD02 (Simon Green with David Shrubsole, piano)
67. Over My Shoulder, CD/TER CDTER 1265 (Andrew Haliday and Suzy Bloom with musical direction by Rowland Lee)
68. Cowards In The Wings, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3053 (Annette Jude, piano)
69. A Talent To Amuse, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3048 (Cheryl Kennedy and David Kernan with musical direction by Grant Hossack)
70. Whoopee Hey! Hey!, CD/Coeur De Jeanette 7 (Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys)

Unverified radio transcriptions peformed by Lucille Manners and Ray Heatherton, Karen Kemple and Bob Hannon with the Allen Roth Orchestra, and by The Honeyooners are also known to exist.