Composers: Werner Janssen; Gitz Rice
Lyricist: Paul Porter

Opened: August 2, 1926, Cort Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 13

Burmah Moon (M/L: Gitz Rice):

1. 78/Symphonola 4124 (Sam Ash with orchestra)
2. 78/Gramophone 216061 (W. Eckstein’s Strand Trio, violin, piano, and xylophone)

Unrecorded Material:

(I Have Forgotten You) Almost (M: Gitz Rice; L: Anna Fitziu)
Broads Of Broadway (M: Gitz Rice)
Eight Little Nobodies
Flowers (M: Werner Janssen)
For A Boy (Girl) Like You (M: Gitz Rice; L: Joe Goodwin)
High Yellow (“Everything Is High Yellow Now”) (M: Gitz Rice)
In Old Rangoon (M/L: Gitz Rice)
Love Pirates
Mortifying The American Man (M: Gitz Rice)
Nic-Nax (M: Gitz Rice)
Oh Daddy! (M/L: Gitz Rice)
On A Wall (M: Werner Janssen)
Rangoon Wedding
Sesqui-Centennial (M: Werner Janssen)
Syncopasion (M: Werner Janssen)
Valsette (M: Werner Janssen)
When The Sun Kissed The Rose Goodnight (M: Gitz Rice; L: Tom Dodd)
Without The One You Love (M: Werner Janssen)