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America, Be Seated!

American Express Pavillion

Billy Graham Pavillion

Carousel Of Progress

Mr. Booth Comes To Town

Pepsi Pavillion

Les Poupées De Paris

To Broadway With Love

The Wonderful World Of Chemistry


The official World's Fair song was written by Richard Rodgers and was called "Fair Is Fair." Decades later, when STATE FAIR was turned into a stage musical, the music for "Fair Is Fair" found its way into some of the dance music of that show.

Fair Is Fair:

1. 45/Contact JP-14503 (Wild Bill Davison and the Salt City Six)
2. 45/Victor 47-8323 (The Norman Luboff Choir and Orchestra)
3. 7"/RecKard disc (Pembroke Davenport Singers and Orchestra)

4. Come To The Fair, RCA Camden (S) CAS-812 (The Living Voices conducted by Anita Kerr)
5. Struttin' At The World's Fair, Columbia (S) CS-8994 (The Dukes Of Dixieland) [reissued on The Dukes of Dixieland at Disneyland/Struttin' at the World's Fair, CD/Collectables 7624]
A demo is also known to exist performed by Earl Wrightson.

Kay Swift also contributed an instrumetal number called "Can't Will 'Em All," which was done for a "special production at the Fair."

Can't Win 'Em All:

1. Fine And Dandy: The Music Of Kay Swift, Mark 56 (M) 700 (Kay Swift, piano; Vincent Abato, saxophone; Homer Mensch, bass; Bradley Spinney, percussion)