Composer: Arthur Schwartz
Lyricist: Henry Myers

March 10, 1927, Edyth Totten Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 52

Slow River (M: Charles M. Schwab):

1. 78/Diva 2433 G (University Six) [also 78/Harmony 433 H; reissued on The University Six 1925-1927, CD/Challenge Records 79047]
2. 78/Romeo 393 (Dixie Music Makers with vocal refrain)
3. 78/Victor 20926 (Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra) [also 78/Victor 25354; reissued on Chicago Jazz: Bix Beiderbecke, Vol. 3 1927, CD/Makin Friends]
4. 78/Cameo 1165 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)
5. 78/Columbia 4619 (The Singing Sophomores with piano accompaniment)
6. Chicago Jazz: Bix Beiderbecke, Vol. 3 1927, CD/Makin Friends (Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra) (alternate take)
7. The Chronological Clarence Williams 1927, CD/Classics 736 (Clarence Williams)
8. Now And Again, CD/Arbor Records ARCD 13910 (Dick Hyman and Randy Sandke)

Unrecorded Material:

Burn ‘Em Up (M: Edgar Fairchild)
Floating Through The Air
He Who Gets Slapped
Here Comes The Prince Of Wales
How To Welcome Home Your Hubby (M: Charles M. Schwab) (cut after opening)
I Can’t Get Into The Quota
Indian Chant
Meat And Vegetables (M: Arthur Schwartz)
99% Pure
Nothing Left But Dreams (M: Edgar Fairchild)
Old-Fashioned Ballet (M: Edgar Fairchild)
Pretty Little So-And-So (M: Edgar Fairchild)
A Side-Street Off Broadway (M: Edgar Fairchild)
A Song Of Love
Triangle (M: Charles M. Schwab)
Words And Music (M: Charles M. Schwab)