Composer: Sammy Fain (unless indicated)
Lyricist: Charles Tobias (unless indicated)

Opened: December 11, 1939, Winter Garden Theatre, NYC; new edition of HELLZAPOPPIN' that originally opened on September 22, 1938, 46th Street Theatre, NYC
Performances: 1404 (combined run)

Note: Consult the entry for HELLZAPOPPIN' for discological information about the original edition of this show.

Any Bonds For Sale? (Any Bonds Today?) (C/L: Irving Berlin) (added during the run; also used in the film BLUE SKIES):

1. 78/Decca 3962 (Dick Robertson with the Decca Band conducted by Harry Sosnik)
2. On The Air: Rare Unknown Broadcasts 1944-1948, CD/Pearl Flapper 7840 (Noel Coward)
3. The Treasury Shows, Vol. 1, CD/Storyville 9039001 (Duke Ellington and his Orchestra)
4. The Treasury Shows, Vol. 2, CD/Storyville 9039002 (Duke Ellington and his Orchestra)
5. Blue Skies/Rhythm On The River, CD/Great Movie Themes 60025 (Bing Crosby) [also found on Going Hollywood Vol. 4, CD/Jasmine 130]
6. Now Is The Time, Hidden Gems From The Vault, CD/Jasmine 387 (The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and his Orchestra)
7. The Cowboy Is A Patriot, CD/Varese Sarabande 066408 (Gene Autry)
8. G.I. Jukebox, CD/St. Clair 14512 (Jimmy Dorsey)
9. Songs That Won The War, Vol. 4: Home Front, CD/Laserlight 12494 (unknown artist)
10. Songs That Won The War, Vol. 9: Rosie The Riveter, CD/Laserlight 12499 (Kay Kyser and his Orchestra)
11. Downloading The Repertoire, CD/Arf Arf 5710 (Jack Mudurian)
12. When The Lights Go On Again, CD/Thoroughbred; TRR 104 (Connie Pachl, Christina Morrell, and Bill Daugherty)
13. Flag Waver, CD/Soundies 4146 (Victory Military Band)
14. Flags Of Our Fathers, CD/Milan 36203 (orchestra conducted by Lennie Niehasu)
15. Marching Along With Time, CD/Oakton Recordings (Valerie Anastasio, Benjamin Sears, and Bradford Conner with Tim Harbold, piano)
16. Someone Talked!: Memories Of World War II, CD/Equilibrium EQ 95 (Joan Morris with William Bolcom, piano)   

Boomps-a-Daisy (C/L: Annette Mills):

1. 78/Varsity 8318 (Ole Olson & Chic Johnson with the Four Belles)
2. 78/Decca 2973 (Dick Robertson with the Dick Robertson orchestra)
3. 78/Varsity 8153 (Barbara Bush with the Will Osborne orchestra)
4. 78/HMV B.D. 5499 (Jack Hylton orhestra with vocal refrain)
5. 78/Bluebird B10579 (Penny Parker with the Vincent Lopez orchestra)
6. Elephant Party, CD/Drive 43244 (Sharon, Lois & Bram)
7. Invitation To Party, CD/Dansan 018 (Bryan Smith and the Dixieland Seven)
8. The Platinum Collection, CD/Start 641 (Victor Silvester) (unverified)
9. Party! Party! Party! CD/Castle Pulse 364 (The Revellers) (unverified)
10. A V.E. Day Party, CD/Pearl Flapper 7063 (Nat Gonella and His Georgians) (unverified)
11. Let's Have A Party..., CD/EMI Gold 212 (unverified)
12. Party Dancing Around The World, CD/Madacy 5436 (unverified)
13. The Ultimate Non-Stop Children's Christmas Party Album, CD/Music Club 013 (unverified)
14. Square Dancing Made Easy, CD/Sony Special Products 23237 (Slim Jackson & The Promenaders) (unverified)
15. Square Dance Party, CD/ARC 1266 (Don Durlacher) (unverified)
16. Say Eh-Oh, CD/Pony Canyon 1013 (The Teletubbies) (unverified)

G'Bye Now (C/L: Ole Olsen, Chick Johnson, Jay Levinson [Livingston[, and Ray Evans) (evidently added during the run):

1. 78/RCA Victor 20-2644 (Marilyn Duke with the Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra) [78/Bluebird B 11114; reissued on There! I've Sung It Again, CD/Memoir 525; The Complete Livingston & Evans Song Library Volume 1, CD/J. Livingston Music Inc.]
2. 78/Okeh 6170 (Buddy Clark with orchestra) [reissued on The Music Of Broadway: 1938, JJA (M) 1988-1]
3. 78/Okeh 6155 (Frankie Masters, vocal, with Frankie Masters and his orchestra) [reissued on The Best Of Frankie Masters, CD/Collectables 7560; The Complete Livingston & Evans Song Library Volume 1, CD/J. Livingston Music Inc.]
4. 78/Columbia 36026 (Ronnie Kemper with Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights) [78/Columbia C 284; reissued on The Hits & More, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 56]
5. 78/Decca 3745 (Muriel Lane with the Woody Herman and his Orchestra) [reissued on At The Woodchopper's Ball, CD/ASV/Living Era 5143]
6. 78/Decca 3792 (Dick Robertson, vocal, with Dick Robertson and his Orchestra)
7. 78/Decca 3843 (Martha Tilton) [reissued on Hits Of 1943, CD/Empress 829]
8. The Complete Standard Transcriptions, CD/Soundies 4119 (Martha Tilton)
9. Ray Noble and His Orchestra,1941, CD/Circle 126 (Ray Noble and his Orchestra)
10. The MacGregor Years, 1941-1945, CD/Music & Arts 911 (The King Cole Trio)
Radio transcriptions also exist by The Four Belles and Ted Steel with Ted Steel's Novatones.

Havana For A Night (aka "Vereda Tropical") (C: Gonzalo Curiel; L: Oscar Hammerstein II):

1. 78/Decca 3120 (Tony Martin with the Ray Sinatra orchestra)
2. The Fabulous Mae West...And Other Wonderful Girls, CD/Sepia 1075 (Mae West with Tito Coral)
3. Cuban Love Song, CD/TKO Magnum 309 (Xavier Cugat)
4. Hear My Song, CD/Flare 216 (Tony Martin)
5. A Legendary Night: Tony Martin At The Copa, CD/Flare 265 (Tony Martin)
6. Speak To Me Of Love, Speak To Me Of Love, CD/Sepia 1097 (Tony Martin with music by Buddy Cole)
7. Sensational!, Capitol T 1661 (Les Baxter's Piano, Chorus & Orchestra)
8. Conga!, CD/Collectables 8095 (Dezi Arnaz)
9. The Complete Standard Transcriptions, CD/Soundies 4125 (Ray Noble)
10. Tropical Moonlight/Cuban Moonlight, CD/Dutton Vocalion 4101 (Stanley Black, his piano and Orchestra)
11. Lo Esencial, CD/Sony International 95702 (Ray Conniff)
12. The Latin Sound Of Henry Mancini, CD/RCA 630002 (Henry Mancini)
13. Exploring New Sounds In Sonorama, CD/Cloud 9 58053 (Esquivel and his Orchestra)
14. Amor/More Amor, CD/GL Music 225 (Eydie Gorme and The Trio Los Panchos) [also found on Cuatro Vidas, CD/Sony International 20345]
N.B. I have not attempted to list all version of this song, only those likely of potential interest to viewers of this site.

My Heart's On Ice (M/L: Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Jay Levison [Livingston] and Ray Evans) (evidently added during the run):

1. 78/Columbia 35851 (The Charioteers) [reissued on The Complete Livingston & Evans Song Library Volume 1, CD/J. Livingston Music Inc.]

Over The Rainbow (M: Harold Arlen; L: E.Y. Harburg) (originally written for THE WIZARD OF OZ):

I have not attempted to provide discological information for this interpolated standard.

Unrecorded Material:

Balloon (aka Blow A Balloon Up To The Moon)
A Bedtime Story (also used in HELLZAPOPPIN')
Crossing The Baltic (sketch)
Draft Board (sketch) (added for subsequent 1943 edition and national tour)
Episode At Bunker Hill (sketch)
Gay Nineties Hellzapoppin' (also used in HELLZAPOPPIN')
Hellzapoppin Polka (M/L: Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Jay Levenson [Livingston], and Ray Evans) (added for subsequent 1943 edition and national tour)
An Hour Or So With Orson Welles (sketch)
I Pledge Allegiance (added for subsequent 1943 edition and national tour)
I Tank I Go Home
Latin With The Patent Leather Hair (added for subsequent 1943 edition and national tour)
Now Comes The Time (Finale)
Now You See It-Now You Don't
Public Enemy At Doorway of Hell (sketch)
The Return Of The Cossacks (sketch)
Scarecrow (added for subsequent 1943 edition and national tour)
Scarem Harem The Storm (sketch)
Surpise Party
The Time Of Their Lives (sketch)
Up High
We Won't Let It Happen Here (C: Don George; L: Teddy Hall)
When McGregor Sings Off Key
Where To (added for subsequent 1943 edition and national tour)
Withers' Opry (sketch)