Composer: Bob Merrill
Lyricist: Bob Merrill

Opened: May 14, 1957, 46th Street Theatre, NYC
Performances: 432

Note: Only numbers not found on the original Broadway cast album are noted below.

Elegance (cut; used in HELLO, DOLLY! with lyrics by Bob Merrill and Jerry Herman):

1. Hello, Dolly!, RCA (S) LSOD-1087 (Eileen Brennan, Charles Nelson Reilly, Sondra Lee, and Jerry Dodge with orchestra conducted by Shepard Coleman) [reissued as CD/RCA Victor 82876-51431-2]
2. Hello, Dolly!, RCA (S) LSOD-2007 (Marilynn Lovell, Garrett Lewis, Coco Ramirez, and Johnny Beecher with orchestra directed by Alyn Ainsworth) [reissued as CD/Archiv ***]
3. Hello, Dolly!, RCA (S) LSO-1147 (Emily Yancy, Jack Crowder, Chris Calloway, and Winston DeWitt Hemsley with orchestra directed by Saul Schecthman) [reissued as CD/RCA Victor 1147-2-RG]
4. Hello, Dolly!, 20th Century Fox (S) DTCS-5103 (Michael Crawford and Company with orchestra conducted by Lennie Hayton and Lionel Newman)
5. Hello Dolly, HMV (S) CSD 3545 (Mike Bretton, Julie Dawn, Barry Moreland, and Kay Frazer with orchestra conducted by Cyril Ornadel) [also World (S) ST-1027]
6. Hallo, Dolly!, Columbia (S) OS 3110 (Ingrid Ernest, Evelyn Balser, Wolfgang Arps, Wolfgang Reinbacher with orchestra conducted by Klaus Doldinger)
7. Hello, Dolly!, CBS (S) 65115 (Jean Pomarez, Pierrette DeLange, Arlette Patrick, and Christian Parisy with orchestra directed by Caravelli) [reissued as CD/Versailles VER 491135 2]
8. Hello, Dolly!, CBS (S) S 70047 (Gadi Yagil, Sara Aman, Zipi Shavit and Mutsi Aviv with orchestra conducted by Itzhak Graziani)
9. Hello, Dolly!, Metronome (S) KMLP-332 (Marion Briner, Beate Granzow, Kurt Huemer, Marika Rökk, Karl Schönböck, and/or Heinz Zuber with orchestra conducted by Johannes Fehring)
10. Hello, Dolly!, Music For Pleasure (M) MFP 1066 (Patricia Routledge, Tony Adams, Richard Fox, and Eulah Parker with orchestra conducted by Alyn Ainsworth)
11. Hello Dolly!, RCA Victor (M) AVL-3745 (Mabel Manzotti, Doris Del Valle, Luis Medina Catro and Tincho Zabala with orchestra conducted by Lucio Milena)
12. Hallo Dolly, Amiga (S) 8 45 097 (Chris Doerk, Gerti Möller, Frank Schöbel, and Thomas Lück with orchestra conducted by Gerhard Kneifel)
13. Hello, Dolly, World (M) TP 588 (Barbara Jay, Kenny Day, Jo Searle with orchestra conducted by John Cameron)
14. Hello, Dolly!, Summit (M) ATL 4210 (Eileen Gourlay, Mike Taylor, Elaine Howells and the Mike Sammes Singers with the London Variety Theatre Orchestra directed by Ed. Coleman)
15. Hello, Dolly!, Society (M) SOC 1024 (Pat Whitmore, Raymond Cooke, and David Russell with The Knightsbridge Theatre Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Len Stevens) [also JOK 3267]
16. Hello Dolly, Ambassador (S) S 98088 (The Ray Bloch Singers)
17. Hello Dolly, Camus (M) CPZ.2610 (1972 Camberley cast)
18. Hello, Dolly!, Allegro (M) ALL 802 (Rita Williams, Joanne Brown, Michael John, and Charles Young with the Allegro Theatre Orchestra and Chorus directed by Alan Moorhouse) [reissued on Hello Dolly/Fiddler On The Roof, CD/Hallmark 304242]
19. Hello Dolly, Polydor POL 249143 (Roy Black, René Kollo, and Josef Petrak with orchestra conducted by Hans Bertram) [CD/Spectrum 521 474 2]
20. Fiddler On The Roof/Hello, Dolly!, Marble Arch MAL 696 (Vicky Anderson and Peter Hudson with the Stan Reynolds Orchestra and Chorus)
21. Hello, Dolly!, Marble Arch MALS-1266 (Sheila Southern and the Mike Sammes Singers with orchestra conducted by Derek Cox)
22. Alô, Dolly, RCA 60139 (Milton Carneiro, Augusto Cesar, Lisia DeMôro, Bibi Ferreira, Paulo Fortes, Hilton Prado, and/or Marly Tavares with orchestra directed by Carlos M de Souza)
23. Selections From Hello Dolly, No label CA-7890 (Peter Howard and the "Nickelodeon")
24. Music From The Broadway Hit Hello, Dolly!, RCA Victor (S) LSP-2916 (The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra directed by Sam Donahue)
25. Carol Channing Entertains, Command (S) RS 880 SD (Carol Channing) (contains new lyrics by Jerry Herman)
26. Vaud-Villities '65, No label (S) O26-41 (Jevne Kessell, Sue Dobbins, Elaine Slager, Chuck Gegenheimer, Bob Davis, Bill Pettus with Waiters and Chorus)
27. Hello, Dolly!, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5557 (Florence Lacey, Michael DeVries, Lori Ann Mahl, and Cory English with orchestra directed by Tim Stella)
28. Qué Tal, Dolly!, CD/No label (Armando Palomo, Estela Barona, Luis Arcaraz IV, and Alejandra Murga with orchestra conducted by Nacho Méndez)
29. Hello, Dolly!, CD/Triangle TLCD 9903 (Renata Fusco, Pierluigi Gallo, Barbara Morini, Gianfranco Vergoni, Gianni Nazzaro, and Chorus with orchestra conducted by Giuovanni Maria Lori)
30. Hello, Dolly!, CD/Monitor-EMI 8 57789 2 (Stanislava Fortová, Vlastimil Korec, Magdalena Reifová, and Lumír Olsovský with orchestra conducted by Arnost Moulík)
31. Hello Dolly, CD/Marlstone CDL 9424 (Dianne van den Eijnden, Edwar Hoepelman, Irene Meeuvis, and Roger Baum with orchestra conducted by André Presser)
32. Hello Dolly!, CD/Carlton Sounds 30362 00252 (Tracy Collier and John Howard)
33. Hello, Dolly, CD/CMC/Elap 24045-2 (Henrik Andersen, Jeanne Boel, Anne Mette Busch, Lisbet Dahl, Peter Føhns, Sune Hjerrild, Karsten Jansfort, Henrik Koefoed, Tone Løhr, Kirsten Norholt, Birgitte Næss-Schmidt, Niels Olsen, Bendt Reiner, Malene Schjønning, Axel Strøbye, Anders Thorhauge, Tobias Walbom, and/or Helle Winge with orchestra conducted by Henrik Krogsgaard )
34. Hello, Dolly!, CD/KB CD 2903 (Reinhard Glemnitz and Madeleine Lienhard) (unverified)
35. Hello, Dolly, CD/TLP C-35201 (Claudine Granger and Bernard Sinclair) (unverified)
36. Marilyn Maye Sings All Of Hello, Dolly!, Double M Productions 52885 (Marilyn Maye and chorus with music conducted by Mark Janas) [reissued on CD/Double M]
37. The Broadway Album, CD/Universal 547076 (Helena Vondrackova and Jirí Korn)

Here We Are Again (cut):

1. Lost Broadway And More, CDr/Original Cast (Joan Bender with William Zeffiro, piano)

Unrecorded Numbers:

Pay As You Go (cut)
The Red Light Ballet (inst.)