Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: May 2, 1968, Booth Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 32

Note: Only numbers not found on the original Broadway cast album are noted below. A television broadcast recording of Robert Klein's "Audition" sketch is known to exist.

The Girl Of The Minute (M: David Shire; L: Richard Maltby, Jr.) (subsequently used in STARTING HERE, STARING NOW):

1. Starting Here, Starting Now, CD/JAY CDJAY1254 (Michael Cantwell with musical direction by Caroline Humphris)

The Peanut Butter Affair (M/L: Clark Gesner) (cut; originally used in BITS & PIECES XIV):

1. Demo acetate (Clark Gesner with unidentified woman)
2. 45/Nola Recording Studio acetate (Dennis Allen, Elizabeth Wilson, Liz Sheridan, and Lee Beery) (differs slightly from the PLaza 9- recording)
3. 45/PLaza 9 PL9 (Dennis Allen, Lee Beery, Bill Hinnant, John Keatts, Liz Sheridan, Elizabeth Wilson with Robert Colston and Frederick Silver at the Pianos)
4. Postprandial Delights From The Crystal Palace Theatre Restaurant, Location Recording Service (S) LRSV-ST-4484 (Mead Metcalf)
5. 22 Years At The Crystal Palace, Location Recording Service (S) LRS-RT-6492 (Mead Metcalf)
6. 37 Years Of Peanut Butter On My Chin: The Crystal Palace, CD/086P2<795>CRYSTALPALACE (Mead Metcalf with Mead Metcalf and David Dyer, pianos)
7. The Jello Is Always Red, CD/Harbinger HCD 1502 (Celia Gentry, Neal Young, and Clark Gesner with musical direction by Winston Clark)

Toyland (M/L: Gene P. Bissell):

1. From The Top, Cameron Studios CA 1006 (Emma-Jean Cappello, Greg Keenan, Shirley Patrignani, Keith Saxon, Ellen Siegel, and Karyl Van Benthuysen)

Unrecorded Materials:

The American Hamburger League (sketch by Norman Kline) (dropped after opening)
Audition (sketch by Robert Klein)
Definitions (by Random House)
Gospel According To Jack (sketch by William F. Brown)
Happy Landings (sketch by Jack Sharkey)
Illustrated Overture
Introduction (Act 2)
Isolation [#1]
Isolation [#2]
Isolation [#3] - Right About Here (M/L: Arthur Siegel)
Isolation [#4] - Cymbals And Tambourines (M/L: Arthur Siegel)
Mama Doll (sketch by Charles Tobias and Nat Simon with conception by George Ormiston and Nancie Phillips)
Missed America (M/L: Kenny Solms and Gail Parent)
Opening Reprise
The Pile-Up
The Refund (sketch by Peter De Vries)
The Underachiever (sketch by Peter De Vries)