Composer: Sigmund Romberg
Lyricist: Dorothy Donnelly

October 6, 1927, Shubert Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 20

Dear Girls, Goodbye:

1. Deep In My Heart, CD/Sony AK 47703 (Jose Ferrer with Adolph Deutsch and The M-G-M Studio Orchestra)

My Mimosa (cut):

1. Dinner Music, RCA Victor (M) LM 9019 (Sigmund Romberg and His Concert Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Etiquette Quintette (cut)
Finale, Act 1
Finale, Act 2
Finalette, Act 2, Scene 1
Finalette, Act 2, Scene 2
Follow The Sun To The South
The Glorious Chase
Help The Drive (cut)
Here’s How
The Hunting Dance
I Wonder Why?
Kiss The Bride (cut)
The Moulin Rouge Girls
My Passion Flower
Nobody Rings The Telephone (cut)
Opening Act I
Opening Act II
Opening Act III
Our Bridal Night
Prince Charming (cut)
Springtime On The Avenue (cut)
The Steppe Sisters
Tympany Dance
Wedding Ensemble
When I Was A Girl Like You