Composer: Victor Herbert
Lyricist: Frederic Arnold Kummer

Opened: February 2, 1920, Nora Bayes Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 105

I Want You:

1. 78/Columbia A 6165 (Prince’s Dance Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Change Partners
Darby And Joan
Hobbies (cut)
I’d Like A Honeymoon With You
If We Had Met Before
In Venice
The Jaggy-Jazz
A Little Nest For Two
My Golden Girl
Name The Day
Oh Day In June! (in programs but apparently not in show)
Ragtime Terpsichore
Shooting Star
A Song Without (Many) Words
Think It Over
Variety (cut)
What Shall We Do If The Moon Goes Out (cut)