Composer: Harvey Schmidt
Lyricist: Tom Jones

Opened: Late 1950s

I Thank You For Your Love (aka Thank Them For Your Love) (subsequently cut from PORTFOLIO REVIEW):

1. The Best Of Jones & Schmidt, Chappell C-105 (uncredited singer)
2. A Broadway Christmas, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5517 (Laurie Beechman with musical direction by Lanny Meyers)
3. Jones & Schmidt: Hidden Treasures, 1951-2001, CD/Harbinger HCD3404 (David Cryer, Jeanne Lucas, Kathrin King Segal, and Harvey Schmidt)
4. The Norm Lewis Christmas Album, CD/Norelll Records L-01225 (Norm Lewis with musical direction by Joseph Joubert)

Other Songs:

The titles for any other songs in this show are unknown at this time. Jones and Schmidt wrote a song called "Wassail" that was cut from their PORTFOLIO REVUE which could have been originally written for THE MUMMER'S PLAY. A live performance recording of PORTFOLIO REVUE exists at the point in which it still contained "Wassail."