Composer: Jack Eric Williams
Lyricist: Jack Eric Williams

Opened: July 20, 1983
Performances: Closed out of town

The Full Moon:

1. Broadway Classic, CD/Offplanet 70260 (Lisa Vroman with the San Francisco Radio Orchestra conducted by Gualtiero Negrini)

Unrecorded Material:

The Bad Girl Of West Seattle
Barnyard Blues
Bird Americana
Board Meeting
A Boy Needs Love
Christmas In Laurel Canyon
The Episodes
Especially In The Dark
Frances Discovers Nietsche
The Garbo Bit
God's Peculiar Care
Gospel According To Lillian
Hairdresser Sequence
Hollywood Rag
If You Could Love Me
In Flagrante Delicto
Jacob's Ladder
Jazztown Features
Jesus Sweetest Name I Know
The Kingdom Of Love
Knocking In Vain
The Last Resort
Life As Rumor
The Lord's Prayer
Maybe Now A Little House
Mental Hygiene
Nothing's Left But Hollywood
Of When Stars Fall Down
An Old Prayer
Police Trouble
Rib Of Adam
She Showed Me
Slow Dancing
St. Agnes Eve
Stub Me Out I'm A Cigarette
That Feels Good
There Are B-Girls All Over Heaven
The Thrill Is Gone
The Time Of Your Life
Too Bad
Vive Le Demimonde