Composer: Reynaldo Hahn
Lyricist: Sacha Guitry

June 21, 1926, Gaiety Theatre; London; December 27, 1926, 46th Street Theatre, N.Y.C., and closed on January 8, 1927; in repertory January 10-22, 1927; resumed performances on January 25, 1927 and closed on February 5, 1927
Performances: ? (London); 32 (N.Y.C.)

Note: A recording of the score with Guitry's French lyrics can be found on Mozart, CD/Musidics 201372.  A version of this show with English lyrics by Ashley Dukes and E. Ray Goetz opened on November 22, 1926 at the Music Box Theatre, N.Y.C., and also ran for 32 performances.  I have not been able to trace any recordings of songs from the score in English.