Composer: Jim Steinman
Lyricist: Jim Steinman; Michael Weller

Opened: November 21, 1973, Public Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 63

Note: A live performance recording of the show is known to exist.

Come With Me…We Know Love (later used as "Midnight Serenade" in NEVERLAND and used in revised form as "Vor dem Schloss" in TANZ DER VAMPIRE and "Come With Me" in DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES):

For recordings of "Vor dem Schloss" see:

1. Tanz Der Vampire Demo (unknown singer) (as "Midnight Serenade (Come To Me)")
2. Dance Of The Vampires Demo (Steve Baron) (as "Finale Act 1 (Come To Me)")
3. Tanz Der Vampire, CD/Polydor 559 379-2 (Ensemble, Gernot Kranner, Aris Sas, Steve Barton, and Nik with orchestra conducted by Michael Reed) (as "Vor dem Schloss")
4. Taniec Wampirow, CD/Teatr Muzyczny ROMA 001-002 (Chorus and Lukasz Dziedzic with orchestra directed by Macieja Pawlowskiego) (as "Przed zamkiem - Final I Aktu")
5. Tanz Der Vampire, CD/TOHO E-0608 (Japanese cast) (as "Vor dem Schloss")
6. Vampirok Balja, CD/Unknown label (Hungarian cast) (as "Finale I")

More Than You Deserve:

1. 45/ RSO SO-407 (Meat Loaf)
2. Dead Ringer, Epic (S) 36007 (Meatloaf) [reissued as CD/Epic EK-36007]
3. VH1 Storytellers: Meatloaf, CD/Beyond 78065 (Meatloaf)
4. Hero, CD/Broadway Records BR-CD05616 (Tyce)
5. Hero, CD/Broadway Records BR-CD05616 (Tyce) (acoustic version)

Unrecorded Material:

Could She Be The One
Give Me The Simple Life
Go, Go, Go Guerrillas
If Only
Mama You Better Watch Out For Daughter
Midnight Lullaby
O, What A War
Song Of The City Of Hope (music later used instrumentally in the film A SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS)
Song Of The Golden Egg
To Feel So Needed
What Became Of The People We Were?
Where Did It Go?