Composer: Albert Selden
Lyricist: Burt Shevelove and Ted Fetter

Opened: December 25, 1951 in Boston and closed a month later in Philadelphia

Get Married Shirley [from SMALL WONDER and later reused in WALK TALK]:

1. I Can Cook Too, Dolphin 2 (Nancy Walker with David Baker at the piano) [reissued on Broadway Bombshell, Stet (M) 2002; My Square Laddie/I Can Cook Too, CD/Sepia 1090]

Other Songs:

Away, Away, Away
The Good Old Times
Having A Ball
I Feel Fine
I'm In Trouble
Looking For A Bluebird
Other Girls
A Semi-Tropical Isle
So Right; Sunday
Think Beautiful Thoughts
Time For A Quickie
What's Gonna Be
You Have To Have Love