Composer: Tommy Wolf
Lyricist: Fran Landesman

Opened: 1962, St. Louis Municpal Opera, St. Louis, MO
Performances: Closed out of town

Apples On The Lilac Tree:

1. Tommy Wolf Can Really Hang You Up The Most, Focus 337 (Bobbi Rogers) [reissued as CD/3D Japan 6233]

The Heart That Broke Was Mine:

1. Slow Glow, CD/AVA AS-16 (Anita Ray with orchestra conducted by Harry Betts)

Unrecorded Material:

Ballad Of Phoebe Cousins
Bill Of Fare
The Chandelier Waltz
Choosing A Husband's A Delicate Thing
The Dorris, The Moon, And The Dart
Green As Grass
Horn Dance
I Want To Be First To The Moon
I Will Make My Way Alone
If She Were Only Mine
It's Not My Dish Of Tea
I've Got My Eyes On Tomorrow
Let's Listen To The Ladies
The Man For You
Money Talks
Progress Will Ruin Us Yet
Repent St. Louis
There's A Blip Where There Should Have Been A Bleep
There's Nothing Fair About It
The Twentieth Century Is Almost Here
We've Got A Little Dirty Work To Do
Who Needs The Vote?