Composer: Jean Schwartz
Lyricist: Alfred Bryan

Opened: July 12, 1920, Century Promenade Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 120

By The O-Hi-O (O-My-O) (M: Abe Olman; L: Jack Yellen) (sheet music only; also used in GEORGE WHITE’S SCANDALS (1920) and ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1920):

1. 78/Columbia A 3361 (Al Jolson with orchestral accompaniment) [reissued on Let Me Sing And I’m Happy, CD/Dynamic 2950]
2. 78/Columbia A 3376 (The Happy Six)
3. 78/Arto 9055 (Billy Jones)
4. 78/Edison 50739 (Max Fells’ Della Robbia Orchestra)
5 . 78/Victor 18723 (Billy Murray and Victor Roberts with orchestra)
6 . 78/Varsity 8307 (Buddy Moreno with Griff Williams and His Stevens Hotel Orchestra)
7. 78/Decca 3065 (Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and His Orchestra) [reissued on Rum & Coca-Cola: The Best Of The Andrews Sisters, CD/Sony 5106052]
8. 78/Columbia 39821 (The Toe Tappers with Art Lowry, his piano, and orchestra)
9. 78/Path 22499 (Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra)
10. 78/Bluebird B 10710 (The Smoothies with orchestra)
11. 78/Bluebird B 10738 (Mary Ann Mercer with Mitchell Ayres and His Fashions-In-Music)
12. 78/Regal 913 (Billy Clark and orchestra)
13. 78/Okeh 5646 (Bailey Sisters with Ben Bernie and His Orchestra)
14. 78/Vocalion 05547 (Hoosier Hotshots) [reissued on Rural Jazz, CD/Millenium Music 011]
15. 78/Okeh 4298 (Jack Strouse with orchestra)
16. 78/Vocalion 14151 (Aileen Stanley with orchestral accompaniment)
17. On Campus, Unknown label (The Starlighters)
18. Down The River Of Golden Dream, CD/GNP/Crescendo 2106 (Moms & Dads)
19. Brownies Stomp, CD/Proper P 1333 (Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies)
20. Hits of ’21: Ain’t We Got Fun?, CD/ASV/Living Era 5521 (Al Jolson)
21. September Song, CD/Natasha Imports NI 4026 (Jimmy Durante)
22. Gaslight Varieties, CD/Reader’s Digest Music (unknown performer)
23. Not Your Standard Spike Jones Collection, CD/Collectors’ Choice Music CCM 3292 (Spike Jones)
24. Chesterfield Broadcasts, CD/BMG 380578 (The Andrews Sisters with Glenn Miller and His Orchestra)
25. Let The Band Play, CD/Vocalion 6076 (Jack White and His Orchestra)
26. Up North, Down South, CD/Jasmine JASCD 194 (Jaye P. Morgan)
A radio transcription performed by the Jimmy Palmer Orchestra is also known to exist.

Grieving For You (M/L: Joe Gibson; Joe Ribaud; M: Joe Gold) (sheet music only):

1. 78/Columbia 38383 (Rosemary Clooney with Tony Pastor and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Complete Tony Pastor With The Clooney Sisters, CD/Collectors’ Choice Music CCM 01272]
2. 78/Paramount 20036 (Vernon Trio)
3. 78/Columbia A 3345 (The Happy Six)
4. 78/Columbia A 3353 (Marion Harris with orchestra)
5. 78/Arto 9024 (Moulin Rouge Orchestra) [also 78/Bell 9024]
6. 78/Edison 50723 (Lenzberg’s Riverside Orchestra)
7. 78/Okeh 4212 (Lanin’s Roseland Orchestra)
8. 78/Victor 35703 (Paul Whiteman and His Ambassador Orchestra)
9. Gershwin Plays Gershwin: The Piano Rolls, CD/Elektra Nonesuch  79287-2 (George Gershwin, piano roll)
10. The Voice Of America, CD/Sounds Of Yesterday DSOY 804 (Rosemary Clooney with  the Johnny Guarnieri Quintet)
11. Rosie Swings Softly, CD/Verve 2655 (Rosemary Clooney)
12. Heart Breakin’ Baby, CD/Frog 58 (Five Birmingham Babies)
13. Hot Hylton 1926-1930, CD/Retrieval Recordings RTR 79024 (Jack Hylton and His Orchestra)
A radio transcription performed by the Swingtones with the Jumpin’ Jacks is also known to exist.

I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I’m Loving You) (M/L: Roy K. Marsh; Tom Pitts; L: Raymond B. Egan) (sheet music only):

1. Click here for recordings of "I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You)".

My Vision Girl[s] (M: Eubie Blake; L: Noble Sissle) (not in program):

1. 78/Pathe 20463 (Nobel Sissle with orchestra)

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (M: George W. Meyer; L: Sidney D. Michell) (sheet music only):

1. 78/Gramophone 21652 (Lewis James with orchestra)
2. 78/Columbia A 3392 (Nora Bayes with orchestra)
3. 78/Columbia A 3429 (Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra)
4. 78/Path 22483 (Crescent Trio with orchestra)

Palesteena (M/L: Con Conrad; J. Russel Robinson) (sheet music only; also used in BROADWAY BREVITIES OF 1920 and MIDNIGHT ROUNDERS OF 1921):

1. 78/Emerson 10292 (Eddie Cantor with orchestra) [reissued on From Avenue A To The Great White Way, CD/Columbia Legacy C2K 86323]
2. 78/Edison 50725 L (Green Bros. Novelty Band) [also 78/Okeh 4232]
3. 78/Gennett 9096 (Billy Jones with orchestral accompaniment)  [also 78/Arto 9033]
4. 78/Dixieland Jubilee D.J. 100 (Nappy Lamare with “Mr. Dixie” Nappy Lamare and His Band) [reissued on Dixieland Generation, CD/Jasmine Record JASCD 505]
5. 78/Emerson 10328 (Plantation Dance Orchestra)
6. 78/Columbia A 3349 (Vincent Lopez Orchestra)
7. 78/Columbia A 3324 (Frank Crumit with orchestral accompaniment) [reissued on Frank Crumit Returns, CD/Naxos Nostalgia 8120620]
8. 78/Decca 2011 A (Nappy Lamare with Boby Crosby’s Bob Cats) [also 78/Odeon 286348 A; reissued on Palesteena, CD/Naxos Jaz 8120681]
9. 78/Decca 24012 (Nat Brandwynne and His Orchestra with vocal chorus) [reissued on Song Hits Of 1920, Decca DL 5163]
10. 78/Brunswick 2055 (Fred Whitehouse with orchestra)
11. 78/Okeh 4222 (Billy Jones and Ed. Smalle with orchestra)
12. 78/Decca 29571 (Crazy Otto) [also 45/Decca 9-29571; reissued on Medleys, CD/Bear Family 16401]
13. 78/Victor 18717 (Original Dixieland Jazz Band) [reissued on The Complete Original Dixieland Jazz Band, CD/RCA 66608]
14. 78/Path 22469 (Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra)
15. Summit Reunion, CD/Chiaroscuro CRD 311 (Bob Wilber and Kenny Davern)
16. Smiles, CD/Arbors ARCD 19207 (Kenny Davern)
17. Stampede, CD/Jazzology 211 (Randy Sandke)
18. Le Dovids Klesmer Orkester, CD/PMC Music Group 8792 (Glik)
19. Klez!, CD/Vanguard VMD-79449 (Klez!)
20. Blue Orleans, CD/Good Time Jazz 15004 (Tim Laughlin)
21. Klezmerika Eklectika,  CD/Jinny Marsh (Jinny Marsh)
22. The World Of Klezmer, CD/Brilliant Classics 7421 (unknown performer)
23. Live: The Thirteenth Anniversary Album, CD/Rounder Select ROUCD 3125 (Klezmer Conservatory Band)
24. Dan Levinson Salutes The ODJB, CD/Loup Garous (Dan Levinson)
25. RWB, CD/Red Wing Blackbirds Ragtime Jazz (Red Wing Blackbirds Ragtime Jazz Band)
26. The Complete Recordings, CD/Jump 122 (Rosy McHargue)
27. A Trip To Amerika, CD/Magnolia Klezmer Band (Magnolia Klezmer Band)
28. Latkes & Lattes, CD/Global Village GV 159CD (The Mazletones)
29. From New Orleans To Constantinople On The S.S. Leviathan, CD/Unknown label (The New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra)
30. Riotous, Raucous, Red Hot 20s/Together For The Last Time, CD/Collectables COLCD 7869 (Joe “Fingers” Carr)

(Wild) Romantic Blues (M: Jean Schwartz; L: Alfred Bryan) (also used in CINDERELLA ON BROADWAY and THE CENTURY REVUE (1920)) :

1. 78/Pathe 020480 (Jane Green) [reissued on Wild Romantic Blues, Superbatone 732]
2. Boardwalk Empire, CD/Elektra 88259 (Nellie McKay with Vince Giorando & The Nighthawks)

Unrecorded Material:

At The Piano (not in programs)
Beautiful Shoulders
Beauty Is Like A Rose (cut after opening)
The Century Promenade
Chanson (M: Leo Edwards; L: Howard E. Rogers)
Clock Song
Danse Jazzique
(O, You) Heavenly Body
Je’ne Com Prom Pa (Je Ne Comprends Pas)
Just Clothes (added for the subsequent tour; originally used in THE CENTURY REVUE)
(My) Lady Of The Cameo (also used in THE CENTURY REVUE)
The Mansion Of Roses
A Mouth Full Of Kisses (also used out of town in the SHUBERT GAIETIES OF 1919)
The Rag Doll (L: E. Ray Goetz)
Rattle Rattle  (added for the subsequent tour)
Shimmy Nods (from Chaminade) (also used in THE CENTURY REVUE)
The Story Of The Waltz (M: Leo Edwards; L: Howard Rogers)
The Swing (Swing Song)
Three Little Marys
The Valley Of Romance
La Veda
(Let Me) Whisper In My Ear
Who Cares? (M: Leo Edwards; L: Howard E. Rogers)
William Tell It To Me (William Tell Me)
You’re Like A Red, Red Rose (M: Leo Edwards; L: Howard E. Rogers) (sheet music only)