Composer: James P. Johnson
Lyricist: Percy Bradford

Opened: April 22, 1929, Hudson Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 33

Get Away From My Window (Get Away From That Window):

1. 78/Victor 23335 (Pere Dickson with Frank Tannehill, piano) [reissued on Frank Tannehill 1932-1941): Complete Recordings In Chronological Order, CD/Story of the Blues SOB 35262]
2. 78/Okeh 8687 (Butterbeans & Susie with Edward Haywood, piano) [reissued on American Pop: An Audio History, CD/Silva America 1017]
3. 78/Decca 7852 (Nora and Delle and Their Ham Trio) [reissued on Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama: The Best Of Jive Duets, CD/ P-Vine Records 5781]
4. 78/Lucky 711-6 (Ralph Wilson Quintette)
5. Black & White Hillbilly Music: Early Harmonica Recordings From The 1920s & 1930's, CD/Trikont US 0226 (Pickard Family) (unverified)

Messin' Around:

1. Johnny Dodds On Paramount, CD/Frog UK DGF 77 (Johnny Dodds)
2. Hot Feet: A Celebration Of U.S. Dance Culture From The Jazz Age To The Post-War R&B Scene, CD/Fantastic Voyage FVTD074 (Jimmy Blythe & His Ragamuffins)

Put Your Mind Right On It:

1. 78/Columbia 14417-D (Perry Bradford with James P. Johnson, piano) [reissued on The Chronological James P. Johnson 1928-1938, CD/Classics 671]

Sciddle-De-Scow (Skiddle-De Skow) (previously used in KEEP SHUFFLIN'):

1. 78/Columbia 14247-D (Perry Bradford with James P. Johnson, piano) [reissued on The Chronological James P. Johnson 1921-1928, CD/Classics 658]

Shout On!:

1. 78/Okeh 8755 (Great Day New Orleans Singers directed by Jimmy Johnson and Clarence Williams) [reissued on Negro Choirs: 1926-1931, CD/Document DOCD 5566]


1. 78/Columbia 14417-D (James P. Johnson, piano)

Yamekraw (Piano Symphony) (portion was previously used in KEEP SHUFFLIN'):

1. The Chronological James P. Johnson 1944-1945, CD/Classics 1027 (James P. Johnson, piano)
2. Portraits In Blue, CD/Columbia 68488 (Marcus Roberts, piano)
3. Rhapsody In Black And White, CD/Dynamic 351 (Marco Fumo, piano)
4. Jazz Nocturne: American Concertos Of The Jazz Age, CD/Naxos 8559647 (Richard Rosenberg)
5. Red Bridge Blues, CD/Markosa Records (Terence O'Malley)
6. Sunday In Savannah, CD/Tee Jay (Teddy Adams)
7. Symphonic Jazz Of James P. Johnson, CD/Musicmasters 60066 (William Albright, piano)
8. Got The Saint Louis Blues: Classical Music In The Jazz Age, CD/Clarion/VocalEssence 907 (Philip Brunelle)

Unrecorded Material:

Circus Time (revised after opening as "Circus Days")
Finale (Act1)
Harlem Town
I Don't Love Nobody (But You)
I Need You (dropped after opening)
Mississippi Moan
Your Love Is All I Crave (Your Love I Crave)