Composers: Herman Hupfeld; Sammy Timberg
Lyricist: Clifford Grey

Opened: June 8, 1926, Imperial Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 87

Note: This show was retitled PASSIONS OF 1926 and toured as THE PASSING SHOW OF 1926.

I Fell Head Over Heels In Love (M: Pat Thayer; L: Donovan Parsons) (not in programs):

1. 78/Diva 2540 (The Harmonians) [also 78/Harmony 540 H]
2. 78/Perfect 14908 (Victor Hall with William Robison and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Domino 4076 (Irving Kaufman with Sam Lanin’s Dance Orchestra)
4. 78/Columbia 1235 D (Harold Lambert with Fred Rich and His Hotel Astor Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 20923 (Hal White with Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders)
6. 78/Vocalion 15658 (Frank Sullivan with Jack Johnstone and His Orchestra)
7. Feelin’ Good: The Edison Collection, CD/Document DOCD 1106 (Piccadilly Players)

My Cutey’s Due To Two-To-Two To-Day” (M: Albert Von Tilzer; L: Leo Robin) (also used in BUBBLING OVER):

1. 78/4 Star 1069 (Ruth Robin with Gus Bivona and His All Star Orchestra)
2. 78/Harmony 234 H (W.M.C.A. Broadcasters) [also 78/Velvet Tone 1234 V]
3. 78/Velvet Tone 1237 V (Jack Kaufman and Al Campbell with piano)
4. 78/Brunswick 3279 (The Clevelanders)
5. 78/Banner 1772 (Ernest Hare and Billy Jones (The Happiness Boys) with Dave Kaplan, piano) [reissued on Wonderful Nonsense: Fun Songs Of The Roaring Twenties, CD/Take Two TT 503]
6. 78/Oriole 692 (Harry Crane with The Yankee Ten Orchestra)
7. 78/Victor 20120 (T.P. Gibbs with Ted Weems and His Orchestra) [reissued on Greatest Hits, CD/Collectors’ Choice Music 174]
8. 78/Columbia 719 D (The Little Ramblers with vocal chorus) [reissued on The Little Ramblers 1924-1927, CD/Timeless CBC 1037]
9. 78/Capitol 2776 (Betty Hutton with orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle) [also 45/Capitol F2776; reissued on Betty Hutton At The Saints And Sinners Ball, CD/Sepia 1133]
10. 78/Vocalion 15424 (Essex Club Orchestra with vocal chorus)
11. 78/Apex 8531 (Arthur Fields with the Missouri Jazz Band)
12. Ronny Whyte At The Conservatory, Audiophile (S) AP 151 (Ronny Whyte with Jack Six, bass)
13. The Firehouse Five Plus Two Plays For Lovers, Fantasy/GTJ 12014 (Firehouse Five Plus Two) [reissued as CD/Good Time Jazz 12014]
14. More Ragtime Twenties, Dot DLP-3645 (Johnny Maddox, piano)
15. Johnny Maddox Presents The World’s Greatest Piano Rolls Vol. 1, Dot DLP-3321 (piano roll)
16. Two Of A Kind, CD/Atlantic 90484 (Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer with the Billy May Orchestra)
17. Thanks For The Memory: Songs Of Leo Robin, CD/The Jazz Alliance TJA-10035-2 (Susannah McCorkle and the Keith Ingham sextet)
18. Aint’ That A Grand And Glorious Feeling, CD/Stomp Off 1208 (Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra)
19. Vol. 1 Jazz In Italy, CD/Riviera RJR009 (unknown performer)
20. Too Late For Valentine, CD/Jaszophone Cuts (Ulysses S. Jasz)
21. Chicago That’s Jazz, Vol. 2, CD/Lake LACD 26 (Sonny Dee)
22. Let The Rest Of The World Go By, CD/Audiophile 267 (Ian Whitcomb)
23. Wanted, CD/Unknown label AGGRO 101 (Bud Black)
A radio transcription performed by Joy Lane with the George Garabedian Sextet is also known to exist.

Sort O’Lonesome (M/L: Herman Hupfeld) (not in programs):

1. The Broadway Musicals Of 1926, CD/Bayview RNBW031 (Nancy Anderson with the Ross Patterson Little Big Band)

Unrecorded Material:

Beauty Adorned (M: J. Fred Coots; Maurie Rubens)
Dancing Jim (M: Marc Anthony; L: Donovan Parsons)
Dangerous Devil (cut after opening)
Ceinture De Chastete
(Come Over To) Deauville (M/L: Herman Hupfeld)
Don’t Fall In Love With Me (M/L: Herman Hupfeld)
Enchanted (“L’Enchaineuse”)
The Fall Of The Leaves (M: J. Fred Coots; Maurie Rubens)
Golden Gates Of Happiness (M: J. Fred Coots)
Heroes Of Yesterday
Jabberwocky (cut after opening)
Love’s Call (M: J. Fred Coots; Maurie Rubens)
Military Charleston
Silk Stockings
Sunday (M: J. Fred Coots)
Wail Of Their Sweeties
Whispering Trees (M: J. Fred Coots; Maurie Rubens; L: Herbert Reynolds)
White Rose, Red Rose