Composers: Noel Coward; Richard Addinsell; Charles Zwar; Donald Swann; Graham Payn
Lyricists: Noel Coward; Arthur Macrae; Sidney Carter; Gerard Bryant

Opened: May 24, 1951, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, London; transferred on September 26, 1951 to the Globe Theatre
Performances: Unknown

Don't Make Fun Of The Fair (M/L: Noel Coward):

1. 78/HMV B10119 (Noel Coward with Norman Hackforth, piano) [reissued on The Master's Voice: Noel Coward, CD/Angel CDP 7 54919 2]

The Youth Of The Heart (M: Donald Swann; L: Sidney Carter):

1. 78/Parlophone R3446 (Denis Martin)
2. 78/Decca F9909 (Duffy)
3. 78/Columbia DB3614 (Sidney McEwen)
4. 78/Parlophone R4528 (Donald Swann, piano and voice) [also 45/Parlophone 4528]
5. More Out Of The Hat, 45EP/Parlophone (M) GEP-8636 (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann) [reissued on Tried By The Centre Court, EMI NTS-116; The Complete Flanders & Swann, CD/EMI CDFSB 1; Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012]
6. Highfield Style, Strobe STRS 130 (Donald Swann with The Chapel Choir of Highfield School, Liphook, directed by Jonathan Butcher)
7. Speak Up For Old Ireland, Shanachie 52016 (Barley Bree) [reissued on The Best of Barley Bree, CD/Shanachie 52039]
8. Alphabetaphon 3, CAS/Albert House Cassettes AHC 4 (Donald Swann, piano and voice)
9. An Evening Of Flanders & Swann, CD/Dress Circle SMBCD01 (Stefan Bednarczyk)
10. Michael Black, CD/Compass 74462 (Michael Black)
11. There's A Story Told, CD/Devil Dog (Frank Emerson) (unverified)

Unrecorded Material:

Information Desk (sketch by Arthur Macrae) (subsequently used in THE GLOBE REVUE)
Lament In The Park (sketch?)
Let's Ignore It (M: Charlez Zwar; L: Gerard Bryant)
Modern Trends (M: Donald Swann; L: Arthur Macrae) (subsequently used in THE GLOBE REVUE)
Ornamental Orientals (M: Richard Addinsell; L: Arthur Macrae)
Portrait Of A Lady (M: Richard Addinsell; L: Arthur Macrae)
Revival (sketch by Arthur Macrae) Scoop (sketch?)
Something For The Kiddies (sketch by Arthur Macrae) (subsequently used in THE GLOBE REVUE)
This Seems To Be The Moment (M: Graham Payn)