Composer: Vincent Youmans
Lyricist: Zelda Sears

Opened: January 21, 1924, Knickerbocker Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 152

Deep In My Heart:

1. Be My Love, CD/Divo Prod. 9901 (Mark Janicello)

It Must Be Love (cut; music subsequently used for “Kissing” in A NIGHT OUT):

For a recording of “Kissing,” see
1. Orchids In The Moonlight: Songs Of Vincent Youmans, CD/Arabesque Z6670 (Joan Morris and Robert White with William Bolcom, piano)

Take A Little One Step (used in the London production and the U.S. revival of NO! NO! NANETTE!):

1. 78/Columbia 91 D (California Ramblers)
2. 78/Banner 1319 (Roseland Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Brunswick 2585 (Carl Fenton’s Orchestra)
4. 78/Okeh 40058 (Eddie Elkins and His Orchstra)
5. 78/Regal 9616 (Sam Lanin’s Dance Orchestra)
6. 78/Vocalion 14775 (The Bar Harbor Society Orchestra)
7. 78/Columbia 3629 (Binnie Hale and George Grossmith with the Palace Theatre Orchestra conducted by Percival Mackey) [reissued on Tea For Two: The Songs Of Vincent Youmans, CD/Living Era CD AJA 5379; The Boy Friend, CD/Sepia 1042]
8. 78/Edison 51327 (The Merry Sparklers)
9. 78/Columbia 9036 (Palace Theatre Orchestra conducted by Percival Mackey)
10. No, No, Nanette, Columbia (S) TWO 278 (Vivienne Martin, Leslie Fyson and Chorus with orchestra conducted by Geoff Love and Alyn Ainsworth)
11. No, No, Nanette, Columbia S 30563 (Ruby Keeler and Company with musical direction by Buster Davis) [reissued as CD/Sony Classical/Columbia/Legacy SK 60890]
12. No, No, Nanette, CBS 70126 (Anna Neagle and Chorus with orchestra conducted by Grant Hossack) [reissued as CD/Sony West End SMK 66173]
13. Music For The Broadway Musical No, No, Nanette, RCA Victor (S) LSP-4504 (RCA Broadway Strings and Velvet Voices conducted by Johnny Douglas) [reissued on The Living Strings On Broadway, CD/Dulcimer]
14. No, No, Nannete, DE&EL (S) 1925 (Crazy Hair and his Player Roll Piano Gang)
15. No, No, Nanette, Saga (S) ERO 8111 (Mary Preston and the Westminster Sinfonia directed by Ray Cook)
16. No, No, Nanette, United Artists (S) UAS-6806 (Studio cast with the Leroy Holmes Singers and orchestra conducted by Leroy Holmes)
17. Lawrence Welk Plays Selections From The Broadway Musical Smash No, No, Nanette, Ranwood (S) R8087 (The Lawrence Welk Singers, and orchestra conducted by Lawrence Welk)
18. Songs From The Shows, EMI (M) ENC 178 (Pip Hinton and Peter Mander with The Williams Singers and Michael Collins and his Orchestra) [also 45EP/Columbia  SEG 7883]
19. No, No, Nanette/Naughty Marietta, World LM 7022 Studio cast with the New World Show Orchestra conducted by Alan Braden) [reissued on White Horse Inn Highlights/Songs From Wild Violets/Songs From No, No, Nanette, CD/EMI Classics For Pleasure 3359522]
20. No-No Nanette, Pathe 2C057-10845 (French cast with orchestra conducted by Paul Bonneau) [reissued on Rose-Marie/No No Nanette/Annie Du Far-West, CD/Marianne Melodie]
21. Treasury Of Great Operettas, CD/Reader’s Digest 129C (Studio cast with Jeanette Scovotti and the Henri Rene Orchestra conducted by Lehman Engel)
22. No, No, Nanette, CD/CTE 9801 (Giosjana Pizzardo and the Boys with orchestra conducted by Marcello Foschini)
23. Aspect Of Guys And Dolls Etc., CD/Intersound 8308 (Orchestra of the Americas conducted by Paul Freeman)

Tie A String Around Your Finger:

1. Through The Years With Vincent Youmans, CD/Audiophile ACD-89 (Ellie Quint with musical direction by Paul Trueblood)
2. The Carioca: Songs Of Vincent Youmans Volume 2, CD/Arabesque Z6692 (Joan Morris and Robert White with William Bolcom, piano)

When We Are Married:

1. Love’s Old Sweet Song, CD/Pavilion Records PASTCD 7034 (Ann Zeigler) (unverified)

Unrecorded Material:

All She Did Was This (cut)
Ballet Moderne
Bo Koo
Come On, Let’s Go (cut)
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
Finale (Act 3) (added for the subsequent tour)
Going Rowing
The Hand-Me-Down Blues (cut)
Louis XIII Gavotte (added after opening)
Love In A Cottage (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Novelty Dance (added after opening)
Opening Act I
Opening Act II
Opening Act III
Orphan Girl (An Orphan Is The Girl For Me)
Spanish Love (added for the subsequent tour)
Time And A Half For Overtime
When Greek Meets Greek (cut)