LOLA (1922)

Composer: James F. Hanley
Lyricist: Ballard Macdonald

Opened: 1922
Performances: Closed out of town

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.

At The End Of The Road:

1. 78/Domino 3502 (Rudolph Polk, violin, with piano accompaniment)
2. 78/Domino 3495 (Moulin Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Gennett 5673 (Marion McKay and His Orchestra)
4. 78/Columbia 324 D (Sam Lanin and His Roseland Orchestra)
5. 78/Cameo 637 (William Robyn)
6. 78/Cameo 693 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra)
7. 78/Perfect 14351 (Carlton Terrace Orchestra directed by Mike Speciale)
8. 78/Banner 1519 (Bar Harbor Society Orchestra)
9. 78/Brunswick 2907 (Regent Club Orchestra)
10. 78/Regal 9747 (Robert Craig)
11. 78/Victor 19530 (Albert Campbell and Henry Burr with orchestra)
12. 78/Victor 19602 (Tom Waring and Waring’s Pennsylvanians) [reissued on Fred Waring’s Greatest Hits, CD/Collectors’ Choice Music 175]
13. 78/Vocalion 14908 (Irving Kaufman)
14. 78/Columbia 263 D (Lewis James with orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Close Your Eyes (M: Werner Janssen; L: Francis DeWitt)
Lola Waltz (Close In  Your Arms) (L: Darl MacBoyle)
My Little Sea Shell Told Me So