Composer: John Barry
Lyricist: Don Black

First Preview: December 26, 1981, Alvin Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 16 previews (never officially opened)

Little Prince (subsequently used with new lyrics in the film THE GOLDEN SEAL):

1. The Golden Seal, Compleat CSTR-6001 (Glen Campbell) (as "Letting Go")

Unrecorded Material:

A Day Will Never Be The Same
First Impressions
Grain Of Sand
I Don't Regret A Thing
I Like My Misfortunes To Be Taken Seriously
I Pity The Poor Poor Parisians
I've Got You To Thank For All This
It Was You
Made For Each Other
Making Every Minute Count
More Than Just A Pretty Flower
Par Avion
Playground Of The Planets
Power Comes, Power Goes
Stars Will Be Laughing
Sunset Song
The Volcano Song
Watch Out For The Baobabs
We Couldn't We Mustn't We Won't
Wind, Sand & Stars