Composers: Ned Lehac; Dana Suesse
Lyricists: Ted Fetter; Billy Rose

Opened: January 18, 1938, Casa Manana Nightclub, Fort Worth, TX
Performances: Unknown

A Perfume Counter On The Rue De La Paix (aka "At A Perfume Counter") (M: Joe Burke; L: Edgar Leslie):

1. 78/Fantasy 520 (The Dave Brubeck Quartet) [reissued on Dave Brubeck/Paul Desmond, CD/Fantasy FCD-24727-2]
2. 78/Decca 1724 A (Bob Eberle with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra) [reissued on Forgotten Gems, CD/Flare 246]
3. 78/Bluebird B 7419 (Russ Carlyle with Styled the Blue Barron Way)
4. 78/Brunswick 8080 (Russ Morgan with Music in the Russ Morgan Manner)
5. 78/Victor 25773 (Bea Wain with Larry Clinton and His Orchestra)
6. 78/Vocalion 4043 (Bobby Snyder and His Collegians)
7. 78/M-G-M 10891 (Bobby Beers with Blue Barron and His Orchestra)
8. Rare Radio Recordings, Sandy Hook 2064 (Dave Brubeck Quartet)
9. 1st Definitions, CD/Saga Jazz 448 (Dave Brubeck Quartet)
10. Live At The Blue Note Chicago, CD/Flyright 2140 (Dave Brubeck Quartet)
11. Spaceship Lullaby, CD/Atavistic Records (Sun Ra)
12. Originalaufnahmen, 1937-1943, CD/Jube 1321 (Kurt Hohenberger)

Unrecorded Material:

Butterfly Love (M: Joe Burke; L: Edgar Leslie)
The Crystal Temple
Give Them Girls
The Handlebar Moustache
New York On Parade
Oriental Yogi
Throw A Little Party