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3 For Tonight
3 From Brooklyn
3 Guys Naked From The Waist Down
3 Postcards
4 Saints In 3 Acts
The 5 O'Clock Girl
5, 6, 7, 8 . . . Dance!
5th Of July
9 To 5
9:15 Revue, Ruth Selwyn's
13 Daughters
13 Days To Broadway
42nd Street
49th Star
70, Girls, 70
90 In The Shade
100 Miles From Nowhere
110 In The Shade
1066 And All That
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
1600 Transylvania Avenue
5064 Gerrard

A La Carte (1927)
A La Carte (1948)
A La Carte (1949)
A To Z
About Face! (1944)
About Face (2008)
Academy Awards, 43th Annual (1971)
Accidentally Yours
Ace Of Clubs
The Act
Actor: The Life And Times Of Paul Muni
Adam's Rib
Adamant Eve
The Addams Family
Adding Machine (Schmidt)
The Adding Machine (Bitterman)
Adios, Argentina
Adrift In Macao
The Adventures Of Huck Finn (1957)
The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn (1960)
The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (2001)
Affairs Of Vanity Fair
Africana (1927)
After Dinner
After Shave
After The Ball
After The Show
Ah New York
Aids! The Musical!
Ain't Love Grand
Airs On A Shoestring
The Al Chemist Show
Aladdin (1958) (Porter)
Aladdin (1992) (Menken)
Aladdin (1995) (Leonard)
Aladdin (2005) (Bermange)
Aladdin (Wong)
Alec Wilder-Clues To A Life
Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves
Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass (1927)
Alice In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass (1932)
Alive And Kicking
All Aboard
All Alight At Oxford Circus
All American
All Around The Town
All Clear
All For Love
All For You
All In Fun
All In One
All In The Family
The All Night Strut!
All Points West
All That Glitters
All That He Was
All The Fun Of The Fair
All The Way Home
All You Need Is Confidence
Allah Be Praised
Almanac(1929), Murray Anderson's
Almanac(1953), John Murray Anderson's
Almost Crazy
Along Came Ruth
Along Fifth Avenue
Always You
The Amazing Adele
The Ameer
America, Be Seated!
America Kicks Up Its Heels
America Sings
America's Sweetheart
American Enterprise
American Express
American Express Pavillion
The American Idea
American Idiot
American Jubilee
American Radio Company, Garrison Keillor's
An American Tragedy
The American Way
Americana (1926)
Americana (1928)
Americana (1932)
Anastasia: The Musical
The Anastasia Affaire
The Anastasia Game
...And Another Thing
and flowers pick themselves . . .
...And In This Corner
And On We Go
And So To Bed
And The World Goes 'Round
And Very Nice Too
Andre Charlot's Revue Of 1924
Angel Face
Angel In The Wings
Angel On My Shoulder
Angel Sent Me
Angelina Ballerina
Animal Crackers
Animal Fair
Ankles Aweigh
Anne & Gilbert
Anne Of Green Gables
Annie (1967)
Annie (1977)
Annie 2: Miss Hannigan's Revenge
Annie Dear
Annie Get Your Gun
The Annie Christmas Show
Annie Warbucks
Another Evening With Harry Stoones
Another Midsummer Night
Anthony Newley & Henry Mancini
Any Wednesday
Anyone Can Whistle
Anything Goes
Anything To Declare?
The Apache
Apple Sauce
The Apple Tree
Aquacade Revue
Arc De Triomphe
Are You With It?
Arena Conta Zumbi
The Ark
Arms And The Girl
Arms And The Maid
Around The World In Eighty Days (Fain)
Around The World In Eighty Days (Porter)
Around The World In Eighty Days (Walker)
The Artificial Jungle
The Art Of Living
The Art Of Love

Arthur, The Musical
Arthur Siegel At The Ballroom
Artists And Models (1923)
Artists And Models (1924)
Artists And Models (1925) (Paris Edition)
Artists And Models (1927)
Artists And Models (1930)
Artists And Models Of 1943
As The Girls Go
As Thousands Cheer
As You Like It
As You Were
At Ease (First Edition)
At Home Abroad
At Home With Ethel Waters
At Sea With Benchley, Kalmar And Ruby
At The Club Toot Sweet On Bourbon Street
At The Drop Of A Hat
At The Drop Of Another Hat
At The Grand
At The Lyric
Atlantic City
The Automobile Graveyard
Autumn Valentine
Avenue Q
Aznavour On Broadway (1998)
The Azuma Kabuki Dancers And Musicians

Babes In Arms
Babes In The Wood
Babes In The Woods
Babes In Toyland
Baby Case
The Bachelor
The Bachelors
Back On The Town
Bad Girls Upset By The Truth
Bad Habits Of 1926
Bagel Scandals
Bagels And Yox
Baker Street
Baker's Dozen
The Baker's Wife
Bal Negre
The Bal-Tabarin
Ball At The Savoy
Ballad For A Firing Squad
The Ballad Of Louie The Louse
The Ballad Of Smokey The Bear
Ballet Ballads
Ballet Shoes
Ballyhoo (1930)
Ballyhoo (London 1932)
Ballyhoo Of 1932
The Baltimore Waltz
The Bamboula
Band In Berlin
The Band Wagon
Bang Goes The Meringue!
Banjo Eyes
Barbara Cook: A Concert For The Theatre
Barbara Cook At Carnegie Hall
Barbra Streisand: A Happening In Central Park
Barefoot Boy With Cheek
Barney Gerard's Follies Of The Day
Barry Of Ballymore
Bat Boy
Battling Butler
(Mr.) Battling Buttler
Be Kind To People Week
Be Yourself!
The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas
Beat The Band
Beau Brummell
Beautiful And Damned
Beautiful People
Beauty And The Beast (1958)
Beauty & The Beast (1980)
Beauty And The Beast (1991)
Beauty And The Beast: The Singing Springing Lark
Beauty And The Beat
The Beauty Prize
Beggar's Holiday
Behind The Fridge
A Bell For Adano
La Belle
The Belle Of 14th Street
La Belle Paree
Belle Starr
Bells Are Ringing
Ben Franklin In Paris
Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill
Best Bib And Tucker
Best Foot Forward
Best Friends
The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas
Best Of Billy Barnes
The Best Of Everything
Bet Your Life
The Betrayal Of Nora Blake
Bette! Divine Madness
Bette Midler's Clams On The Half Shell
Better Days
Better Times
Betting On Bertie
Betty Be Good
Betty Garrett And Other Songs
Betty In Mayfair
Betty Lee
Between Ourselves
Between The Devil
Between The Sheiks
Beyond The Footlights
Beyond The Fringe
Beyond The Fringe '64
Beyond The Fringe '65
Beyond The Mask
Bibi Of The Boulevards
Biff! Bing! Bang!
Big Ben
Big Boy
Big Broadcast Of 1963
The Big Con
Big Deal
Big Hotel
The Big Picture
The Big Show (1939)
The Big Show Of 1936
Big Top (1942)
Big Top (2008)
Billion Dollar Baby
Billy Barnes Party
Billy Barnes People
The Billy Barnes Revue
Billy Barnes Show
Billy Barnes Summer Revue
Billy Barnes' Hollywood
Billy Elliot
Billy Graham Pavillion
Billy Rose's Aquacade Revue (Tour)
Billy Rose's Casa Manana
Billy Rose's Crazy Quilt
Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe
Billy Rose's Music Hall Revue
Billy Rose's Show Of Shows
A Bistro Car On The CNR
A Bit O' Petticoat
Bits & Pieces XIV
Bitter Sweet
Black And Blue (1939)
Black And Blue (1989)
The Black And White Minstrel Show
Black Broadway
Black Nativity
Black New World
Black Rhythm
The Black Rider
Black Vanities
Black Velvet
Black, White And Blue
Blackberries Of 1930
Blackberries Of 1931
Blackbirds (1926), Lew Leslie's
Blackbirds Of 1928, Lew Leslie's
Blackbirds Of 1930
Blackbirds Of 1933
Blackbirds Of 1934, Lew Leslie's
Blackbirds Of 1936
Blackbirds Of 1939, Lew Leslie's
Blackouts Of 1949, Ken Murray's
Blame It On Rio
Blaming It On You
The Blarney Stone
Bless The Bride
Bless You All
Blithe Spirit
Blondie Goes Latin
Blood Brothers
Blood Red Roses
Bloomer Girl
Blossom Time (1921)
Blossom Time (1942)
Blue Eyes (1928)
Blue For A Boy
Blue Holiday
The Blue Kitten
The Blue Mazurka
Blue Monday
Blue Roses
Blue Skies
The Blue Train
Blue Window
Blueberries Are A Way Of Life
Blues, Ballads And Sin Songs
Blues For Mr. Charlie
Blues In The Night
Blues Opera
The Blushing Bride
The Boardwalk
Bobby Get Your Gun
The Body Beautiful
Body Language
Boho Days
The Boltons Revue
Bombastes Furioso
Bombay Dreams
Bon Bon Buddy, Jr.
Bonanza Bound
The Bone Room
Bonnie And Clyde (Strouse)
Bonnie & Clyde (Wildhorn)
Boogie, Woogie, Bubble 'N' Squeak
Book Of The Night
Born Happy
Born To Dance
Born Yesterday
The Borrowers
Borscht Belt Buffet On Broadway
Borscht Capades
Bow Bells
The Bow-Wows
Box Office Of The Damned
Box Party
The Boy Friend
The Boy From Oz
Boy Meets Boy
Boys And Girls Together
The Boys From Syracuse
Bran Nue Dae
Bravo Giovanni
Bread, Beans & Things
Break The News
Brecht On Brecht
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Brenda Bly: Teen Detective
Bridge To Terabithia
Bright Lights, Big City
Bright Lights Of 1944
Brighter London
Brilliant: Atkinson
Bringing Up Father At The Seashore (1928)
The British Amazon
Broadway Brevities Of 1920
Broadway, Broadway
Broadway Jukebox
Broadway Melody Of 1940
A Broadway Musical
Broadway Nights
The Broadway Whirl
Brown Buddies
Brown Sugar
Bruce Forysth On Broadway
Bubbe Meises Bubbe Stories
Bubbling Brown Sugar
Bubbling Over
Buck White
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
Buddy Hackett And Eddie Fisher
The Bunch And Judy
A Bunch of Ratbags
A Bundle Of Nerves
Burlesque (1927)
Burlesque U.S.A.
Busker Alley
Butterflies Are Free
Buttrio Square
Buy Bonds, Buster!
By Appointment
By Bernstein
By George
By Jeeves
By Jupiter
By Strouse
By The Beautiful Sea
By The Way (First Edition)
By The Way (Second Edition)
Bye Bye Birdie
Bye Bye, Bonnie

The Cabaret Girl
Cabaret Tac
Cabin In The Sky
A Cabin With A View
Cactus Flower
Cadet Girl
La Cage Aux Folles
Cage Me A Peacock
Cairo (1921)
Cairo (1942)
Call It Love
Call Me Madam
Call Me Mister
Calling All Men
Calling All Stars
Camille Claudel
Camp Tamiment Revues (1942)
Camp Tamiment Revues (1960)
Can You Hear Me, Mother?
Can't Help Singing
Canard, Canard, Goose?
The Canary
Cancions De Mi Padre
Canterbury Tales
The Canterville Ghost
The Capitol Mall
Capitol Revue
Captain Jinks
Captain Kangaroo
The Card
The Cardinal
Careful He Might Hear You
The Carefree Heart
Careless Rapture
Carib Song
Caribbean Carnival
Caribbean Rhapsody
Carmen Jones
Carnage, A Comedy
Carnival In Flanders
Carolina Blues
Carousel Of Progress
Carry On, London
Casey Jones
Casino De Paris Revue (1934)
Casino De Paris Revue (1935)
Casino Varieties
Casper The Yodeller
The Castaways
Castles In The Air
The Cat And The Fiddle
The Cat's Pajamas
Catch A Star!
Catch Me If I Fall
Catch Me If You Can
Cather County
Caught In The Draft
La Cava
The Cellar
Centennial Summer
The Century Girl
The Century Revue
C'est La Guerre
C'est La Vie
Chamberlain Brown's Scrap Book
Champagne And Orchids
Champagne, Sec
The Champion Of Paribanou
Chance At Love
Change Your Luck
Charles Aznavour (1970)
Charles Aznavour (1983)
Charles Aznavour On Broadway
Charlie And Algernon
Charlie Girl
Charlot, 1928
The Charlot Revue Of 1926 (N.Y.C.)
The Charlot Show Of 1926
Charlot's Masquerade
Charlot's Revue Of 1924 (London)
(Andre) Charlot's Revue Of 1924 (N.Y.C.)
Charlot's Revue Of 1925
Charlotte's Web
The Charm School
Chasing Nicolette
Chatter Box Revue
(Balieff's) Chauve-Souris (1922) (First Edition)
(Balieff's) Chauve-Souris (1922) (Second Edition)
(Balieff's) Chauve-Souris (1922) (Third Edition)
(Balieff's) Chauve-Souris (1923) (Fourth Edition)
(Balieff's) Chauve-Souris (1923) (Return Engagement)
(Balieff's) Chauve-Souris (1925)
(Balieff's) Chauve-Souris (1927)
(Balieff's) Chauve-Souris (1929)
Chauve-Souris 1943
Chelsea Follies
The Cherry Orchard
Chicago Rhythm
Chicago, U.S.A.
Child's Play
Children Of Dreams
Children Of Eden
Chin Toy
Chips With Everything
Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life
The Chocolate Dandies
Chocolate Kiddies
A Chorus Line
The Chosen
Chris Crosses
Christmas At The Zoo
A Christmas Carol (Legrand)
A Christmas Carol (Menken)
Christmas From The Heart
Christmas In King Street
Chu Chem
Cinderella (Eaton)
Cinderella (Glover)
Cinderella (Rodgers)
The Cinderella Man
Cinderella On Broadway
Circus Of Horrors
The Circus Princess
The City
The City Chap (1925)
City For Sale
City Junket
City Of Angels
The Civil War
A Clean Shaven Man
Climb High
The Clinging Vine
Clippety Clop And Clementine
The Clock
Close The Coalhouse Door
Closed Session
Closer Than Ever
Closer To Heaven
Clothes For A Summer Hotel
Clown Jewels
Clowns In Clover (1927)
Clowns In Clover (1933)
C'Mon And Hear
The Co-Optimists (1921) (1st Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1921) (2nd Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1922) (3rd Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1922) (4th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1922) (5th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1923) (6th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1923) (7th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1924) (8th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1925) (9th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1925) (10th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1925) (11th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1926) (12th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1927) (13th Programme)
The Co-Optimists (1929)
The Co-Optimists Of 1930
The Co-Optimists (1931)
The Co-Optimists (1932)
The Co-Optimists (1935) (Jubilee Season)
El Coca-Cola Grande
Cochran's Revue Of 1926
Cochran's 1930 Revue
Cochran's 1931 Revue
The Cockeyed Tiger
Cocoanut Grove
The Cocoanuts
The Coffee Lovers
Cohan And Harris Minstrels (1908)
Cohan And Harris Minstrels (1909)
The Cohan Revue Of 1916
The Cohan Revue Of 1918
Colette (1970)
Colette (1982)
College Holiday
College Swing
The Color Purple
Come As You Are
Come Back Richard...
Come Fly Away
Come North Come Home
Come Of Age
Come On Strong
Come Out To Play
Come Over Here
Come Seven
Come Summer
Come To Me
The Comedy Of Errors
Comedy Tonight
Comic Potential
Common Ground
Communicating Doors
Comte Obligado
The Computer
Concert Varieties
A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
The Conquering Hero
Conquest Of The Universe
The Consul
Continental Varieties
Continental Varieties Of 1936
The Contrast
Conversation Piece
Cop Rock
Copacabana (1947)
Copacabana (1994)
Copacabana Revue (6/2/43)
Copacabana Revue (9/20/44)
Copacabana Revue (2/12/50)
Copacabana Revue (2/22/50)
Copacabana Revue (4/04/51)
Copacabana Revue (4/07/54)
Copacabana Revue (5/26/54)
Copacabana Revue (6/10/54)
Copacabana Revue (3/2/60)
Copper And Brass
A Corny Concerto
Cotton Club Express (1937)
Cotton Club Revue (1927) (11th Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1928) (12th Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1928) (13th Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1929) (14th Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1930) (16th Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1930) (17th Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1931) (18th Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1931) (19th Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1932) (20th Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1932) (21st Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1933) (22nd Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1933) (23rd Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1934) (24th Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1934) (25th Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1935) (26th Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1936) (27th Ed./1st Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1937) (28th Ed./2nd Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1937) (3rd Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1937) (London)
Cotton Club Parade (1938) (4th Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1938) (5th Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1939) (6th Ed.)
Cotton Club Parade (1939) (World's Fair Ed.)
Cotton Club Revue (1957)
Countess Maritza
The Courtesan
Courtin' Time
The Courtship Of Miles Standish
The Cousin From Nowhere
Cousin Lucy
Cowardy Custard
Cowboy From Brooklyn
Cowboy Serenade
The Cradle Will Rock
Crazy Days
Crazy Quilt, Billy Rose's
Crazy With The Heat
Crest Of A Wave
Criss Cross
The Crooked Mile
Cross My Heart
Cross My Heart (film)
Cry For Us All
The Cummington Story
Curley McDimple
Curtain Going Up
Cyrano (1973)
Cyrano (1993)

Daddy Goodness
Daddy Long Legs
Daffy Dill
The Dairymaids
The Damask Rose
Dame Edna: Back With A Vengeance
Dame Edna: The Royal Tour
Dames At Sea
Damn Yankees
A Damsel In Distress
Dance And Grow Thin
Dance, Girl, Dance
Dance Me A Song
The Dance Of Life
Dance Of The Vampires
Dance, Song And Wine (Tants, Gezang Un Vayn)
Dance With Me
The Dancing Girl
The Dancing Heiress
Dancing In The Streets
Dancing Lady
Dancing On A Dime
Dancing On The Air
Dancing Pirate
Dancing Sweeties
Dancing With Time
The Dancing Years
A Dangerous Maid
Dangerous Nan McGrew
Dangerous When Wet
A Danish Yankee In King Tut's Court
Danny Kaye
Darling, I Love You
Darling Of The Day
Darwin's Theories
A Date With Judy
Davy Crockett
The Day Before Spring
A Day In Hollywood/A Night In The Ukraine
The Dead, James Joyce's
The Dead Monkey
Dear Edwina
Dear Little Billie
Dear Love
Dear Me
Dear Miss Phoebe
Dear Sir
Dear World
Dearest Enemy
The Debbie Reynolds Show
The Debutante
Decameron '73
December Songs
The Decline And Fall Of The Entire World As Seen Through The Eyes Of Cole Porter
Delightfully Dangerous
Demi-Tasse Revue
Derby Day
Dere Mable
The Desert Song
Designing Woman
Desires Of 1927
Destry Rides Again
The Devil And Daniel Webster
Dew Drop Inn (1920)
Dew Drop Inn (1923)
Dial "M" For Model
Diamond Horseshoe, Billy Rose's
Diamond Lil
Diamond Studs
Dick Tracy
Did You Ever?
Ding Dong Williams
Dirty Blonde
Dirty Dancing
District Six
Divorce Me, Darling!
Dixie To Broadway
Do I Hear A Waltz?
Do It Again!
Do You Hear A Waltz?
Do Re Mi
Do You Love Me?
Doctor Jazz
Doll Face
The Doll Girl
Don't Get God Started
Don't Shoot - We're English
Double Dynamite
Double Or Nothing
Dover Street To Dixie
Down Argentine Way
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christams!
Drake's Drum
Drat! The Cat!
Dream City
The Dream Girl (1924)
Dream Girl (1948)
The Dream Song
The Dream Team
Dream True
Dream With Music
Dressed To The Nines
Drummer Man
Du Barry Was A Lady
The Dubarry
The Duchess
Dude (The Highway Life)
The Duenna (1924)
The Duenna (1954)
Dumas And Son
Dusky Sally
The Dutch Hill Mob
Dynamite Tonight!

The Earl And The Girl
Earl Carroll's Palm Island Revue
Earl Carroll's Sketch Book (1929)
Earl Carroll's Sketch Book (1935)
Earl Carroll's Vanities Of 1923
Earl Carroll's Vanities (1925/1926)
Earl Carroll's Vanities Of 1926
Earl Carroll's Vanities Of 1927
Earl Carroll's Vanities Of 1928
Earl Carroll's Vanities Of 1930
Earl Carroll's Vanities Of 1931
Earl Carroll's Vanities Of 1932
Earl Carroll's Vanities Of 1940
Early To Bed
East Is West
East River
East Wind
Eating It
The Eccentricities Of Davey Crockett (As Told By Himself)
The Echo
The Eclipse
Ed Wynn Carnival
Edith Piaf And Her Continental Entertainers
The Education Of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N
The Education Of Randy Newman
The Elephant Woman
Elsa Lanchester - Herself
Elsie Janis And Her Gang
Elvis: A Rockin' Remembrance
Elvis: The Legend Lives!
The Emerald Isle
The Enchantress
The Enclave
Enter Juliet
Enter Laughing (play)
Enter Laughing (musical)
Enter The Guardsman
The Eternal Road
An Evening With Arthur Siegel
An Evening With Beatrice Lillie
An Evening With Charles Strouse
An Evening With E.Y. Harburg
An Evening With Georgia Brown
An Evening With Jerry Herman
An Evening With Josephine Baker
An Evening With Jule Styne
An Evening With Larry Grossman and Hal Hackady
An Evening With Martin Charnin
An Evening With Maurice Chevalier
An Evening With Mike Nichols And Elaine May
An Evening With Patti LuPone And Mandy Patinkin
An Evening With Stephen Schwartz
An Evening With Stephen Sondheim
An Evening With Yves Montand (1959)
An Evening With Yves Montand (1961)
Ever Green
Ever Yours
Everybody's Doing It
Everybody's Welcome
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Cole Porter
Exactly Like You
The Exception And The Rule
Excess Baggage
Expresso Bongo
Exquisite Torture
Eyes Of Youth

F. Jasmine Addams
The Fabulous Fifties
Face The Music
Fade Out-Fade In
Fallen Angels
A Family Affair
Family Album
Fancy Free (1951)
The Fanshastics
The Fantasticks
The Far Pavilions
Fascinating Flora
Fashions Of 1924
Fast And Furious
The Fatal Blonde
Father Goose
Faust On Toast
Fiddler On The Roof
Fiesta In Madrid
The Fifth Avenue Follies
Fifty Miles From Boston
Fifty Million Frenchmen
The Fig Leaves Are Falling
Finding Neverland
Fine And Dandy (1930)
Fine And Dandy (1942)
Finian's Rainbow
Finkel's Follies
Fire Angel
The Firebrand Of Florence
The Fireman's Flame
The First
First Impressions
First Kiss
The Firstborn
Five Americans
The Fix
The Fleet's Lit Up
Flora, The Red Menace
Flower Drum Song
Flowers For Algernon
Fluffy Ruffles
Fly Blackbird
Fly With Me
Flying Colors
Flying Colours
Flying High
Flying Island
The Flying Trapeze
Foolin' Ourselves
Folies Bergere
Folies Bergere Company (1911)
Folies Bergere Review
Follow A Star
Follow That Girl
Follow The Crowd
Follow The Girls
Follow The Sun
Follow Thru
Folly To Be Wise
Fool Moon
Foolin' Ourselves
Fools For Scandal
Fools Rush In
For Adults Only
For Amusement Only
For Goodness Sake
For The Love Of Mike
For Your Pleasure
Forbidden Melody
Forever Plaid
Forever Tango
The Fortune Teller
Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway
The Fountain Of Youth
Four Below
Four In Hand
Four To Go
Fourth Avenue North
Freaky Friday
Free And Easy
Free As Air
Free For All
The French Doll
Fresh Airs (1950)
Fresh Airs (1956)
The Friar's Festival
Friar's Frolic Of 1911
Friend And Foe
Frivolities Of 1920
The Frogs
From A To Z
From My Hometown
Frosty Returns
The Full Monty
Full Swing
Fun And Games
Fun For The Money
The Fun Of The Fayre
Fun To Be Free
Funny Face
Funny Girl
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
Further Mo'

The Gaieties
The Game Is Up (First Edition)
The Game Is Up (Second Edition)
The Game Is Up (Third Edition)
The Game Of Love
The Gang's All Here
The Garrick Gaieties (1925) (First Edition)
The Garrick Gaieties (1926) (Second Edition)
Garrick Gaieties (1930)(Third Edition)
The Gate Revue (First Edition)
The Gate Revue (Second Edition)
Gay Deceivers
Gay Divorce
The Gay Hussar
The Gay Life
Gay Paree (1925)
Gay Paree (1926)
Gay Rosalinda
Gay's The Word
Genius Child
Gentleman In The Dark
Gentlemen, Be Seated!
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Gentlemen Unafraid
George Abbott: A Celebration
George M!
George Washington, Jr.
George White's Music Hall Varieties (1st and 2nd Editions)
George White's Scandals (1920)(2nd Edition)
George White's Scandals (1921)(3rd Edition)
George White's Scandals (1922)(4th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1923)(5th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1924)(6th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1925)(7th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1926)(8th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1928)(9th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1929)(10th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1931)(11th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1936)(12th Edition)
George White's Scandals (1939)(13th Edition)
The Gershwin Years (1971)
The Gershwin Years (1973)
Get A Load Of This
Ghetto: The Last Performance In The Vilna Ghetto
The Ghost Goes West
Gift Of The Magi
Gilbert Becaud On Broadway
Gilbert Becaud Sings Love
Gilda Radner - Live From New York
The Gingham Girl
The Girl And The Kimono
The Girl And The Wizard
The Girl Behind The Gun
A Girl Called Jo
Girl Crazy
The Girl Friend
The Girl From Cook's
The Girl From Montmartre
The Girl From Nantucket
The Girl From Utah
The Girl In Pink Tights
The Girl In The Spotlight
A Girl Of Today
The Girl Who Came To Supper
Les Girls
The Girls Against The Boys
The Girls Of Gottenburg
Girls Of Summer
Give A Dog A Bone
Give Me A Ring
Give Us This Night
Glad To See You
Glamorous Night
The Globe Revue
The Glorious Days
Glory Be!
Go For Your Gun
Go To It
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
God's Trombones
Going Greek
Going Hollywood
Going Places
Going Up
The Gold Bug
The Golden Apple
Golden Boy
Golden Dawn
The Golden Fleece
Golden Gate
The Golden Land
The Golden Moth
Golden Rainbow
The Golden Touch
The Golden Toy
Goldilocks (1958)
Gone Missing
Gone With The Wind
Good Boy
The Good Companions (1931)
The Good Companions (1974)
Good Evening
Good Good Friends
Good Morning, Dearie
Good Morning, Judge
Good News
The Good Old Bad Old Days
The Good Road
Good Times
The Goodbye Girl
Good-Night Vienna
Goodtime Charley
The Gorey Details
Gorey Stories
Gotta Getaway!
Gottu Go Disco
The Governor's Son
The Grab Bag
Graham Crackers
Grand Hotel
The Grand Street Follies (1928)
The Grand Street Follies Of 1929
The Grand Terrace Revue (1937)
The Grand Terrace Revue (1938)
The Grand Tour
El Grande De Coca-Cola
The Grass Harp
The Great American Backstage Musical
The Great American Trailer Park Musical
Great Balls Of Fire
Great Big River (On The Mississippi)
Great Day!
Great Expectations (1975)
The Great Grimaldi
Great Guns
Great Lady
The Great Magoo
Great To Be Alive!
The Great Temptations
The Great Waltz (1934)
The Great Waltz (1953)
Greek To You
Green Grow The Lilacs
The Green Pastures
The Greenwich Village Follies (1919)(1st Edition)
The Greenwich Village Follies (1920)(2nd Edition)
The Greenwich Village Follies (1921)(3rd Edition)
The Greenwich Village Follies (1922)(4th Edition)
The Greenwich Village Follies (1923)(5th Edition)
The Greenwich Village Follies (1924)(6th Edition)
The Greenwich Village Follies (1925) (7th Edition)
The Greenwich Village Follies (1925) (New Spring Edition)
The Greenwich Village Follies (1928)(6th Edition)
Grey Gardens
La Grosse Valise
Grover's Corners
Gulliver's Travels
Guys And Dolls
Gypsy (Coleman)
Gypsy (Styne)
Gypsy Blonde
Gypsy Passion
The Gypsy Princess

Half A Sixpence
Half In Earnest
The Half Moon
Hallelujah, Baby!
Hammerstein's 9 O'Clock Revue
Hannah Senesh
Hans Christian Andersen
Hang On To The Good Times
The Happiest Girl In The World
Happily Ever After (1959)
Happy Birthday (1946)
Happy Birthday (1975)
The Happy Cavalier
Happy Go Lucky (Denni)
Happy-Go-Lucky (Johnstone)
Happy Holiday
Happy Hunting
A Happy Lot
Happy New Year
Happy Returns
The Happy Time
Hard Times
Harlem Cavalcade
Harlem Hotcha
Harold And Maude (Amram)
Harold And Maude (Thalken)
Harrigan 'N Hart
Harry Carroll's Pickings
Harry Carroll's Revue (1929)
Harry Delmar's Revels
Hassard Short's Ritz Revue
Have A Heart
Have I Got One For You
Hay Fever
Hayfoot, Strawfoot
Hazel Flagg
He And She
He Came From Milwaukee
He Wanted Adventure
Head Over Heels (1918)
Head Over Heels (1923)
Headin' For Broadway
Heads Up!
Hear! Hear!
The Heart O' Th' Heather
The Heart Of Paddy Whack
The Heartbreak Kid
Hearts And Diamonds
Hearts Of Erin
Hearts On Parade
Heaven On Earth
Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Heels Together
Helen Of Troy, New York
Hello Beautiful
Hello, Broadway!
Hello Daddy
Hello, Dolly!
Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh
Hello, Sucker
Hello Yourself!!!!
Hellzapoppin' '67
Henry, Sweet Henry
Her Family Tree
Her First Roman
Her Regiment
Here Comes The Bride
Here Goes The Bride
Here It Is, Burlesque
Here's How
Here's Howe
Here's Love
Here's Where I Belong
Hey, Ma.... Kaye Ballard
Hi Ya, Gentlemen
Hi, Yank!
Hide And Seek
High As A Kite
High Button Shoes
High Jinks
High Kickers
The High Life
The High Rollers Social And Pleasure Club
High Society
High Spirits (1953)
High Spirits (1964)
High Time (1946)
High Time (1953)
Higher And Higher
Himself And Nora
The Hired Man
Hit The Deck!
Hitchy-Koo Of 1919
Hitchy-Koo Of 1920, Raymond Hitchcock's
Hitchy-Koo Of 1922
Hoi Polloi
Hold Back The Dawn
Hold Everything!
Hold My Hand
Hold On To Your Hats
Hold Your Horses
Holly Golightly
Hollywood Holiday
Hollywood Pinafore
Hollywood Music Box Revue (1926)
Hollywood Music Box Revue (Spring 1927 Edition)
Hollywood Music Box Revue (Fall 1927 Edition)
Hollywood Music Box Revue (1934)
The Hollywood Nine O'Clock Revue
Hollywood Revels Of 1936
Hollywood Revue Production (1938-1939)
Home And Beauty
Home Again, Home Again
Home Sweet Homer
Honey Girl
Honeymoon Lane
The Honeymooners (1907)
The Honeymooners (1954)
Honky Tonk Nights
Hooray For Daisy!
Hooray For What!
Hoot Mon
The Hostage
Hot Chocolates (1929), Connie's
Hot Chocolates (1935)
Hot Chocolates Of 1936, Connie's
Hot Grog
Hot Harlem
The Hot Mikado
Hot Old Time
Hot Rhythm
Hot September
Hot Shoe Shuffle
Hot Spot
The Hotel Mouse
Hotel Passionato
The House Of Blue Leaves
House Of Flowers
The House That Jack Built
How Come?
How D'You Do?
How Do You Do, I Love You (1965)
How Do You Do, I Love You (1967)
How Now Brown Cow?
How Now, Dow Jones
How To Save The World And Find True Love In 90 Minutes
How To Steal An Election
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
Huckleberry Finn (1945)
Huckleberry Finn (1950)
Hugh Jackman Back On Broadway
Hullo, Rag-Time!
Hullo, Tango!
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Bennett)
Hundreds Of Hats
Hunky Dory
The Hunting Of The Snark

I And Albert
I Can Get It For You Wholesale
I Believe In You
I Do! I Do!
I Had A Ball
I Love Lydia
I Love My Wife
I Loved You Wednesday
I Married An Angel
I Picked A Daisy
I Remember Mama
I Told You So
I, Anastasia
I'd Rather Be Right
I'll Say She Is
I'll Take Romance
I'm Getting Married
I'm Getting My Act Together And Taking It On The Road
I'm Solomon
I've Had It
Ice-Capades Of 1941
Ice-Capades Of 1943
Ice Follies Of 1942
Ice Follies Of 1949
Ice Follies Of 1950
Ice Follies Of 1951
Ice Follies Of 1952
Ice Follies Of 1953
Ice Follies Of 1954
Ice Follies Of 1955
Ice Follies Of 1956
The Ideal Gnome Expedition
The Idol's Eye
If The Shoe Fits
The Illustrators' Show
Illya, Darling
Imaginary Friends
Imagine This
The Immortal Hour
In Dutch
In Love With Love
In The Heights
Inacent Black
Innocent Eyes
Inside U.S.A.
Instant Replay
The International Revue, Lew Leslie's
International Soiree
Intimacy At 8:30
Into The Woods
Invitation To A March
The Irish Artist
Irish Eyes
The Irish Minstrel
Irma La Douce
Is Your Doctor Really Necessary?
Isle O' Dreams
It Happened In Nordland
It Happens On Ice (First Edition)
It Happens On Ice (Second Edition)
It's A Bird... It's A Plane... It's Superman
It's A Funny Old World
It's A Small World
It's About Time
It's Better With A Band
It's In The Bag
It's Lynne Carter
It's Time To Dance
It's Up To You (1921)
It's Up To You (1943)
The Italian Straw Hat

Jack And Jill
Jack Benny
Jack O'Diamonds
Jack O' Lantern
The Jackie Gleason Show
Jacob's Journey
Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris
Jake The Plumber
James Joyce's The Dead
Jane Eyre (2000)
Jazz A La Carte
The Jazz Train
Jean Seberg
Jekyll & Hyde
Jenny Jones
Jerome Kern Goes To Hollywood
Jerome Robbins' Broadway
Jerry's Girls
Jersey Boys
The Jest
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Jet-Propelled Couch
Jill Darling
Jim Bailey (At Carnegie Hall)
Jim Jam Jems
Jimmy Shine
Joan Of Arkansas
Joey (1956)
Joey (1962)
Joey, Joey
John Henry
John Murray Anderson's Almanac
John Paul Jones
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Jones
Johnny Manhattan
Jokers Wild
The Jolly Bachelors
Jolly Roger
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Josephine Baker And Her Company
Josephine Baker And Her International Revue
The Josephine Baker Show
Journey Back To Oz
Joy (1970)
Joy (Comes To Deadhorse)
Joyce Grenfell-A Miscellany
Joyce Grenfell "At Home"
Joyce Grenfell: Monologues And Songs (1957)
Joyce Grenfell: Monologues And Song (1965)
Joyce Grenfell Requests The Pleasure
A Joyful Noise
Jubilee Girl
Judy Garland At Home At The Palace
Judy Garland At The Met
Judy Garland At The Palace Two-A-Day
Jule's Friends At The Palace
Juleo And Romiet
Jumble Sale
Jump For Joy
Jumping Jupiter
June Days
June Love
Junior Miss
Just A Kiss
Just A Minute (1928)
Just Fancy (1920)
Just Fancy! (1927)
Just For Love
Just So

Kat And The Kings
Katherine Dunham And Her Company (1950)
Katherine Dunham And Her Company (1955)
Katja, The Dancer
Kaye Ballard: Working 42nd Street At Last
Keep Cool
Keep 'Em Laughing
Keep It Clean
Keep It In The Family
Keep Off The Grass
Keep Shufflin'
Kicks: The Showgirl Musical
Kicks And Co.
Kid Boots
Kid Champion
The Kid From Stratford
Kilpatrick's Old-Time Minstrels
Kill That Story
The King And I
The King And Mrs. Candle
King Kong
The King Of Cadonia
King Of Hearts
King's Rhapsody
Kingdom Coming
A Kingdom For A Cow
A Kiss In Spring
Kiss Me, Kate
Kiss Of The Spider Woman
Kitchen Mechanic's Revue
Kittiwake Island
Kitty's Kisses
Knickerbocker Holiday
Knights Of Madness
Kronberg: 1582
Kukla, Fran, And Ollie
A Kurt Weill Cabaret

Ladies First
Lady At The Wheel
Lady, Be Good!
Lady Behave
Lady Billy
Lady Butterfly
The Lady Comes Across
Lady Fingers
Lady For A Day
The Lady In Ermine
The Lady In Red
Lady In The Dark
Lady Lily
Lady Luck
Lady Mary
The Lady Objects
Lady Of The Camellias
Lady Of The Rose
The Lady Of The Slipper
Lady Of Times Square
The Lady Or The Tiger?
A Lady Says Yes
Laffing Room Only
Lambs Annual Gambol (1898)
The Lambs Spring Gambol (1936)
The Lambs New Year's Eve Gambol (1940)
The Lamp And The Bell
The Land Of Nod
The Land Of Smiles
The Last Five Years
The Last Musical Comedy
The Last Of The Rohans
The Last Resorts
The Last Session
The Last Ship
The Last Waltz
Later Than Spring
Latin Quarter
The Laugh Parade
Laugh, Town, Laugh
The Laughing Husband
Laughs And Other Events
The Lavender Lady
Lawyers, Lovers And Lunatics
L'Chaim To Life
The League Of Notions
Leap Of Faith
Leap Year
Leaping Ginger
Leave It To Jane
Leave It To Jeeves
Leave It To Me
Legally Blonde
The Legendary Mizners
Legs Diamond
Lena Horne: The Lady And Her Music
Lemaire's Affairs
Lend An Ear
Let 'Em Eat Cake
Let Freedom Sing
Let It Ride
Let It Shine
Let Me Go, Lover
Let Me Hear The Melody
Let My People Come
Let Yourself Go
Let's Face It
Let's Have Fun
Let's Make An Opera
Let's Play Fair
Li'l Abner
The Liar
Lido Lady
Lieber Augustin
The Lieutenant
The Life
Life Begins At 8:40
A Life In Bedrooms
The Lighter Side
Lights Up
The Likes Of Us
Lilac Time
The Lily Of Killarney
The Lisbon Story
A Little Bit Of Everything
The Little Cottage
The Little Dog Laughed (1939)
The Little Dog Laughed (1940)
A Little Dutch Girl
Little Jessie James
Little Johnny Jones
The Little Kangaroo
Little Mary Sunshine
Little Me
The Little Mermaid
The Little Millionaire
Little Miss Bluebeard
Little Miss Charity
Little Nellie Kelly
Little Nemo
A Little Night Music (Martin)
A Little Night Music (Sondheim)
The Little Non-Stop Revue
Little Old New York
The Little Parisienne
The Little Prince
The Little Prince And The Aviator
The Little Rascals
The Little Revue
Little Shop Of Horrors
The Little Show
The Little Sweep
Little Tommy Tucker
Little Women
The Littlest Revue
Livin' The Life
Living It Up
Liza (1922)
Liza (Liza Minnelli At The Winter Garden)
Liza Minnelli (In Concert At Carnegie Hall)
Liza Minnelli: Stepping Out At Radio City
Liza's At The Palace
Load Of Coal
Lola (1922)
Lola Montez
Lolita, My Love
London Calling
London Rhapsody
The Londoners
A Lonely Romeo
Look Ma, I'm Dancin'!
The Look Of Love
Look To The Lilies
Look Who's Here
The Lord Don't Play Favorites
Lost In The Stars
Louie The 14th
Louisiana Purchase
Love And Let Love
Love Birds
The Love Call
The Love Doctor
The Love Flower
Love From Judy
Love Is A Ball!
Love Laughs - !
The Love Letter
Love Lies
Love Life
Love Match
Love O'Mike
The Love Race
The Love Racket
The Love Song
The Love Song Of Barney Kempinski
Lovely Lady
Lovely Ladies, Kind Gentlemen
Lovely Me
The Loves Of Alonzo Fitz Clarence And Rosannah Ethelton
Low And Behold
Luckee Girl
Lucky Break
Lucky Girl
Lucky Sambo
Lucky Stiff
Lumber Love
The Lunchtime Follies
Lute Song
The Lyric Revue
Lysistrata Jones

McFadden's Flats
Mack And Mabel
Madame Aphrodite
Madame La Gimp
Madame Pompadour
The Madcap
The Madcap Duchess
Mademoiselle Colombe
The Madwoman Of Central Park West
The Madwoman Of Chaillot
Maggie (1919)
Maggie (1953)
Maggie (1977)
Maggie And Jiggs
Maggie Flynn
Maggie May
The Magic Knight
The Magic Of Jolson!
The Magic Ring
The Magician
The Magnificent Christmas Spectacular (1979)
The Magnificent Christmas Spectacular (1985)
Magyar Melody
Maid To Measure
Maiden Voyage
Make A Wish
Make It A Date
Make It Snappy
Make Mine Manhattan
The Making Of Americans
Mama, I Want To Sing
Mama I Want To Sing Part 2
Mamba's Daughters
Mamma Mia
Man In The Moon
The Man In The Santa Claus Suit
Man Of La Mancha
A Man Of No Importance
The Man Who Came To Dinner
The Man Who Owns Broadway
Man With A Load Of Mischief
A Man's Game
Mandy Patinkin In Concert (1997)
Mandy Patinkin In Concert: Dress Casual
Manhattan Mary
Manhattan Moves
Marching By
Marching With Johnny
Mardi Gras
Maria Goldovin
Marie Galante
The Marionette Players
Marlene Dietrich
The Marriage Market
Marry Me A Little
Martin Guerre
Mary C. Brown And The Hollywood Sign
Mary Jane McKane
Mary Poppins
Mary Rose
Mask And Gown
Mata Hari
The Matinee Kids
The Mating Game
Matters Of The Heart
Maurice Chevalier (1932)
Maurice Chevalier (1947)
Maurice Chevalier (1949)
Maurice Chevalier (1955)
Maurice Chevalier (1963)
Maurice Chevalier At 77
May Wine
Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong
Maybe That's Your Problem
Mayfair And Montmartre
Me And Bessie
Me And Juliet
Me For You
The Me Nobody Knows
The Medium
Medium Rare
Meet Me In St. Louis
Meet Me On The Corner
Meet Miss April
Meet Mr. Callaghan
Meet The People
The Melody Man
Member Of The Wedding (M: Mary Rodgers)
Memphis Bound
Mercenary Mary
Merely Molly
Merrily We Roll Along (1934)
Merrily We Roll Along (1981)
The Merry Gentleman
The Merry Malones
Merry, Merry
The Merry Whirl
The Merry Wives Of Gotham
The Merry World
Messin' Around
Mexican Hayride
Michael Feinstein In Concert (1988)
Michael Feinstein In Concert: Isn't It Romantic
Michael Feinstein In Concert: Piano And Voice
Michael Todd's Peep Show
The Middle Of Nowhere
The Midnight Girl
The Midnight Rounders Of 1920
The Midnight Rounders Of 1921
Midnight Whirl, Morris Gest's
Milk And Honey
Million Dollar Quartet
The Millionaire Kid
Mimi Le Duck
The Mimic World Of 1921
The "Mind The Paint" Girl
Ming Toy
Minnelli On Minnelli
Minstrel Of Clare
Les Miserables
A Miser Brothers Christmas
Miss 1917
Miss Calico
Miss Camille
Miss Caprice
Miss Chicken Little
Miss Dolly Dollars
Miss Information
Miss Liberty
Miss Moffat
Miss Saigon
Miss Springtime
Mississippi Belle
Mister Booth Comes To Town
Mister Venus
The Mizner Story
Mlle. Modiste
Mlle. Rosita
Moby Dick
A Modern Eve
Molly Darling (1922)
Molly Darling (1962)
A Month Of Sundays
Monty Python's Spamalot
Moochin' Along
More Than You Deserve
The Moss Hart Party
The Most Happy Fella
The Mother
Mother Courage And Her Children

Mother Goose (1903)
Mother Goose (1958)
Mother Of Pearl
A Mother's Kisses
Movin' Out
Mozart (French version)
Mr. Battling Buttler
Mr. Burke, M.P.
Mr. Broadway
Mr. Cinders
Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol
Mr. President
Mr. Scrooge
Mr. Strauss Goes To Boston
Mr. Whittington
Mr. Wonderful
Mr. Words
Mrs. Arris Goes To Paris
Mrs. Farmer's Daughter
Mrs. McThing
Mrs. Patterson
Mum's The Word
The Mummer's Play
Murder At The Vanities
Murray Anderson's Almanac (1880-1930) (1929)
Music Box Revue (1921)
Music Box Revue (1922)
Music Box Revue (1923)
Music Box Revue (1924)
Music Box Revue Television Spectacular
Music Hath Charms
Music In My Heart
Music In The Air
Music Is
The Music Man
Music! Music!
Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber
The Music Of Kurt Weill
A Musical Jubilee
My Dear Public
My Fair Lady
My Favorite Year
My Girl
My Golden Girl
My Golden West
My Home Town Girl
My Magnolia
My Man Godfrey
My Maryland
My One And Only
My Princess
My Sister And I
My Son John
My Wife And I
The Mystery Of Edwin Drood

Napoleon Passes
Naughty Cinderella
Naughty Marietta
The Naughty Princess
Naughty Riquette
Ned Wayburn's Gambols
Nellie Bly
The Neon Woman
The Nervous Set
Never Forget
Never Gonna Dance
The Never Homes
Never Mind The Bullocks
Never Too Late
New Americana (1928)
New Americana (1932), J.P. McEvoy's
The New Aquacade Revue
A New Brain
New Faces
New Faces Of 1936
New Faces (1940)
New Faces Of 1952
New Faces Of 1956
New Faces Of 1962
New Faces Of 1966

New Faces Of 1968
New Girl In Town
The New Hellzapoppin'
The New Meet The People
The New Moon
New Plantation Revue
New York Coloring Book
New York Rock
New York Scrapbook
A New York Summer
New York World's Fair (1939)
New York World's Fair (1964)
The New Yorkers (1927)
The New Yorkers (1930)
The Newcomers
The Next President
Nic-Nax Of 1926
Nice Goin'
Nice Goings On
Nick & Nora
(Bernard & Collier's) Nifties Of 1923
The Night And The Laughter
The Night Boat
Night Child
A Night In Paris (First Edition)
A Night In Spain (1927)
A Night In Spain (1949)
A Night In Venice (1929)
The Night Is Young
A Night Out (1920)
A Night Out (1925)
The Night That Made America Famous
The Night They Raided Minksy's
The Nightingale (1927)
The Nightingale (1958)
Nina Rosa
The Nine O'Clock Revue
Nine Sharp
Nine-Fifteen Revue, Ruth Selwyn's
Nite Club Confidential
No Foolin'
No For An Answer
The No-Frills Revue
No! No! Nanette!
No Other Girl
No Shoestrings
No Sky So Blue
No Time For Sergeants
No Trams To Lime Street
No. 9 Rue d'Antin
Nobody Home
Noel Coward's Sweet Potato
The Normal Heart
North Atlantic
The North Star
Not To Worry?
Nowhere To Go But Up
Nutcracker Sweet
Nymph Errant

O Mistress Mine
O, Oysters!!!
The O'Brien Girl
O'Neill Of Derry
O-Kay For Sound
Oba Oba
Oba Oba '90
Of Thee I Sing
Of V We Sing
Oh, Boy!
Oh! Calcutta!
Oh Captain!
Oh Coward!
Oh Glorious Tintinnabulation
Oh, I Say!
Oh, Johnny
Oh, Joy!
Oh, Kay!
Oh, Lady! Lady!!
Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Youmans
Oh, My Dear!
Oh! My Papa!
Oh, Please!
Oh, What A Girl!
Oh! What A Lovely War
Ok, USA!
Old Chelsea
Old Dutch
Old Father Time
Old Mother Hubbard
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
On The Town
On The Twentieth Century
On With The Dance
On With The Show Of 1934
On Your Toes
Once Around The Sun
Once In Palm Beach
Once On This Island
Once Over Lightly
Once Upon A Christmas Time
Once Upon A Mattress
Once Upon A Song
Once Upon A Time
One Dam Thing After Another
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
One For The Money
The One Girl
One Kiss
One Mo' Time
One Night And Gone
One Night Stand
One Touch Of Venus
The Only Girl
Only In America
Open Your Eyes
Operation Sidewinder
Operette (1937)
Operette (1938)
The Optimists
Orange Blossoms
Oranges And Lemons
The Orchid
Orchids And Onions
De Organizer
Oui Madame
Our Hearts Were Young And Gay
Our Man Crichton
Our Nell
Our Town
Out Of The Bottle
Out Of This World (1941)
Out Of This World (1950)
Over She Goes
Over The Moon
Over The Page

P.S. I Love You
Pacific 1860
Pacific Overtures
Pacific Paradise
Paddington Bear's Magical Musical
Padlocks Of 1927
Paint Your Wagon
The Pajama Game
Pal Joey
Palm Beach (Berlin)
Palm Beach (Strouse)
Pamela's First Musical
Pan-American Casino Revue
Panama Hattie
Pandora And The Flying Dutchman
Paper Moon
Parade (1935)
Parade (1998)
Paradise Alley
Paradise Island
Paradise Restaurant And Revue (1938)
Paradise Revue
Pardon My English
Pardon Our French
Paris '90
Paris In Spring
Park Avenue
A Party With Betty Comden And Adolph Green
Pas Sur La Bouche
The Passing Show Of 1912
The Passing Show (London 1914)
The Passing Show Of 1921
The Passing Show Of 1922
The Passing Show Of 1923
The Passing Show Of 1924
Patti Lupone On Broadway
Paul Sills' Story Theatre
(The) Peep-Show
Peg O'Mine
Peg Woffington
Peg O' My Dreams
Peggy Machree
The Penny Friend
Penny Plain
Peep Show, Michael Todd's
Pepsi Pavillion
Perchance To Dream
The Perfect Fool
Perfectly Frank
The Perils Of Scobie Prilt
Peter Pan (1924)
Peter Pan (1950)
Peter Pan (1954)
Peter Pan (1976)
The Petrified Prince
Petticoat Fever
PFC Mary Brown
The Phantom Of The Opera (Lloyd Webber)
The Phantom Of The Opera (Spencer)
Phinney's Rainbow
Phoenix '55
Piaf...A Remembrance
Piccadilly Hayride
The Piccoli Of Vittorio Podrecca
Pick A Number XV
The Piece-ful Palace
Pieces Of Eight (1959)
The Pink Jungle
Pins And Needles (1922)
Pins And Needles (1937)
Pipe Dream
The Pirate
The Pirate Queen
Pitter Patter
Plain And Fancy
Plain Jane
Plantation Days (1922)
Plantation Revue (1922)
Plantation Revue (1923)
Play It Again, Sam
Play Me Hearts And Flowers
The Play-Offs Of Mixed Doubles
Please Teacher!
Pleasure Bound
Pleasure Dome
Pleasures And Palaces
La Plume De Ma Tante
Pocahontas (1963)
Pocahontas (1995)
The Policy Kings
A Polish Wedding
Polly (1922)
Polly (1929)
Polly Preferred
Poor Little Ritz Girl
Poppy (1923)
Porgy And Bess
Portfolio Revue
Pot Luck
The Pot Of Gold
A Pound In Your Pocket
Les Poupées De Paris
A Pray By Blecht
Present Arms (1928)
Present Arms (1940)
Pretty Penny
The Prima Donna
Prince Ananais
The Prince And The Pauper
Prince Chu Chang
The Prince Of Grand Street
Princess Caprice
Princess Charming (1926)
Princess Charming (1930)
Princess Flavia
The Princess Pat
Princess Virtue
Priorities Of 1942
Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert
A Private Affair
Private Lives
The Producers
Professionally Speaking
Promises, Promises
Provincetown Follies
The Psychoanalysis Of Mother Goose
The Punch Bowl
The Pursuit Of Love
Puss Puss
Put And Take
Put It In Writing
Putting It Together
Puzzles Of 1925

A Quarter For The Ladies Room
Queen High!
Queen O'Hearts
The Queen Of The Movies
Queen Of The Stardust Ballroom

The Race To Urga
Rachael Lily Rosenbloom
Radio City Christmas Spectacular (1992)
Radio City Music Hall Opening
Radio City Music Hall Production (1936)
Ragged Robin
Raggedy Ann
Railroads On Parade
Rain Or Shine
Rainbow (1928)
The Rainbow (Revue)(1923)
The Rainbow Girl
Rainbow Square
The Ramblers
Rang Tang
The Rape Of Lucretia
Raquel Meller
Reaching For The Moon
A Real Girl
Real Life Funnies
Real Men
The Rebel
The Rebel Maid
Red, Hot And Blue!
The Red Mill
Red Pepper
Red Peppers
The Red Petticoat
Red Rhumba
The Red Shoes
Red, White And Blue
Red, White And Maddox
Remember Me
The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui
The Return Of Captain Invincible
Return To The Forbidden Planet
Reuben Reuben
Reunion In New York
The Revelations Of Dr. Modesto
Revenge With Music
Reverse Psychology
La Revue Des Ambassadeurs
The Revue Of Revues
Rhapsody In Black (1931)
Rhapsody In Black (1941)
The Rhythm Club
Rhythm For Sale
The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer
Richard III - Rules Ok!
The Right Girl
Right This Way
Der Ring Gott Farblonjet
Ring Out The Bells
Ring Up
Rings Of Smoke
The Rink
Rio Rita
Rise Above It (First Edition)
Rise Above It (Second Edition)
Rise And Shine
The Rise Of Rosie O'Reilly
The River (Shire)
The River (Link)
The River Is Blue
Ritz Revue, Hassard Short's
Riverside Nights
Riviera Follies Of 1937
The Riviera Girl
Road Show
Rob Roy
Robert And Elizabeth
Robey En Casserole
Rock And Roll! The First 5,000 Years
Rock Carmen
Rock Nativity
Rock Of Ages
Rock-A-Bye Baby
Rockabye Hamlet
The Rocky Horror Show
Rodgers And Hart
Rodgers And Hart 1926
Rogues To Riches
Rollin' On The T.O.B.A.
Romance In Candlelight
Romance In Hard Times
A Romance Of Athlone
Rosalie (film)
Rose Briar
The Rose Girl
The Rose Of Algeria
The Rose Of Stamboul
Rosy Rapture, The Pride Of The Beauty Chorus
The Rothschilds
Round In 50
Round 'N' Round In Rhythm
The Royal Family Of Broadway
Royal Palm Revue (Fifth Edition)
The Royal Vagabond
Rudolph And Frosty's Christmas In July
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph's Shiny New Year
Rufus Lemaire's Affairs
Run, Little Chillun!
Runaway Love
Runnin' Wild
Running For Office
Running Riot

Sadie Thompson
Safari 300
Sail Away
The Saint Of Bleecker Street
Salad Days
A Sale And A Sailor
Sally, Irene And Mary
Salute To Spring
Sammy Cahn's Song Book
Samolan Operette
The Sap Of Life
Satchmo: America's Musical Legend
Satins And Spurs
Satires Of 1920
Saturday Night Fever
Sauce Tartare
Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens
Say, Darling
Say Hello To Harvey!
Say It With Jazz
Say It With Music
Say When (1928)
Say When (1934)
The Scarlet Coat
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Scatterin'
Scrooge (Bricusse)
Scrooge (Holden)
Sea Legs
Second Best Bed
The Second Little Show
The Secret Garden (Simon)
The Secret Garden (Burgett)
See America First
See You Later
Seeing Stars
The Selfish Shellfish
Send Me No Flowers
Senor Discretion Himself
Sentimental Guy
The Serenade
Set To Music
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
Seven Come Eleven (Second Edition)
Seven Little Widows
Seven Lively Arts
The Seven Year Itch
Seventh Heaven
Seymour Glick Is Alive But Sick
Shadow Play
Shady Lady
Shake Your Feet
Shakespeare In Harlem
Shameen Dhu
Shamus O'Brien
She Had To Say Yes
She Knows Better Now
She Loves Me
She Loves Me Not
She Shall Have Music
She's A Good Fellow
She's My Baby
The Sheik Of Avenue B
The Shephard Show
Shephard's Pie
Sherlock Holmes
Shinbone Alley
Shirley MacLaine On Broadway
Shoestring Revue
Shoestring Revue In Fort Worth
Shoestring '57
Shoestring '58
Shoot The Works
Shoot Up At Elbow Creek
Show Boat Revue Of 1933
Show Girl (1929)
Show Girl (1961)
The Show Is On
Show Me Where The Good Times Are
Show Time
The Show's The Thing
Showing Off
Shubert Gaieties Of 1919
Shuffle Along
Shuffle Along Of 1933
Shuffle Along Of 1950
Shuffle Along Of 1952
Side By Side By Seymour Glick
Side By Side By Sondheim
Side Show
Sidewalks Of New York
Sigh No More
The Sign Of The Rose
Signs Along The Cynic Route
Silk Stockings
Silks And Satins
The Silver Patrol
Silver Wings
Simple Simon
Simply Heavenly
The Sin Of Pat Muldoon
Sing America Sing
Sing For Your Supper
Sing Out, Sweet Land!
Sing Out The News
The Singin' Idol
Singin' In The Rain
Singin' The Blues
The Singing Girl
Singing Out Loud
The Singing Rabbi
Sir Harry Lauder (1928)
Sir Harry Lauder (1930)
The Siren
Sister Suzie Cinema
Sitting Pretty (1924)
Sitting Pretty (1939)
Six For Gold
The Six Wives Of Henry VIII
Sixth Finger In A Five Finger Glove
The Skin Of Our Teeth (1964)
Sky High (1925) (London)
Sky High (1925) (N.Y.C.)
Sky High (1942)
Sleeping Beauty
Slings And Arrows
Small Wonder
Smile (1983)
Smile (1986)
Smile And Be Bright
Smile, Smile, Smile
Smilin' Through
Smiling Faces
Smiling Through
The Smith Family
Smokey Joe's Cafe
Snap (1922)
Snap! (2000)
Snapshots Of 1921, Selwyn's
So Long, 174th Street
So Long, Letty!
So This Is Love
Society Of Illustrators Show 1955
Some Like It Hot
Some Party
Some Sweet Day
Something Cool
Something For Everybody's Mother
Something For The Boys
Something Gay
Something In The Air
Something More!
Something To Do - A Salute To The American Worker
Something To Shout About
Something's Rocking In Denmark
Son Of Four Below
Sondheim - A Musical Tribute
Sondheim On Sondheim
Song And Dance
The Song Birds
A Song For Anastasia
The Song Of Jacob Zulu
Song Of Norway
Song Of Singapore
Song Of The Drum
Song Of The Flame
Song Of The Sea
Song Revue Of 1921
Songbook For A New Century
Songs Of Innocence And Experience
The Songs Of Jonathan Tunick
Songs Of Paradise
Sons O' Fun
Sons O' Guns
Sophisticated Ladies
The Soul Kiss
The Sound Of Music
The Sounds Of Rodgers & Hammerstein Part II
South Pacific
South Side Rhythm
A Southern Maid
Spanish Blades
Speak Easy
Special Delivery (Or Just A Revue)
Spice Of 1922
The Spider
Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark
Sporting Love
Spread It Abroad
Spring Awakening
The Spring Chicken
Spring Is Here
Spring Thaw '67
Springtime In Mayo
Springtime Of Youth
St. Louis Woman
Stage Fright
Stairway Idea
Stand Up And Sing
Star And Garter
Star Dust (1927)
Star Dust (1931)
A Star Is Torn
Star Wars (1995)
Starlight Express
Starlight Roof
Starring Norma Desmond
Stars And Gripes
Stars In Your Eyes
Stars On Ice (First Edition)
Stars On Ice (Second Edition)
Stars On My Shoulder
Starting Here, Starting Now
States Of Independence
Steel Pier
Step This Way
Stepping Stones
Sticks And Stones (1939)
Sticks And Stones (1956)
The Stiffkey Scandals Of 1932
Still Dancing
Stock In Trade
Stonewall/Night Variations
Stop Flirting
Stop! Look! Listen!
Stop Press
Stop The World - I Want To Get Off
The Story Of My Life
The Story Of Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Story Theatre
La Strada
The Straw Hat Revue
Straws In The Wind
Street Scene
The Street Singer (1924)
The Street Singer (1929)
The Streets Of Paris
Strike A Light
Strike A New Note
Strike It Again
Strike Me Pink
Strike Me Pink (Film)
Strike Up The Band (1930)
Striking 12
Strip For Action
Strut, Miss Lizzy!
Struts And Frets
The Student Gypsy
The Student Prince Of Heidelberg
Subways Are For Sleeping
Suddenly The Music Starts
Sue, Dear
Sugar Babies
Sugar Hill (1931)
Sugar Hill (1949)
Summer Of '42
Summer Wives
The Sun Never Sets
Sunbonnet Sue
Sunday In The Park With George
Sunny Days
Sunny River
Sunset Boulevard (1958)
Sunset Boulevard (1993)
The Sunshine Girl
Super Spy
Susannah And The Elders
Swanson On Sunset
Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Sweet Adeline
Sweet And Low (1930)
Sweet And Low (1943)
Sweet Bye And Bye
Sweet Charity
Sweet Inniscarra
Sweet Lady
Sweet Little Devil
Sweet Sixteen
Sweet Smell Of Success
Sweet Song
Sweet William
Sweet Yesterday
Sweeter And Lower
Sweetest And Lowest
Sweetheart Mine
The Sweetheart Shop
Swing Along
Swing Is In The Air
Swing It
The Swing Mikado
Swingin' The Dream
Swinging On A Star
Swinging The Gate
Sycamore Trees
Symphony In Brown

Ta Bouche
Tails Up!
Take A Chance
Take Five
Take Flight
Take It From The Top
Take Me Along
Take The Air
Taking A Chance On Love
A Tale Of Two Cities
Talent 50
The Talk Of New York
Tall Story
Tambourines To Glory
Tan Manhattan
Tan Town Topics Revue
Tango Argentino
Tango Pasion
Tantivy Towers
Tattered Tom
Tattle Tales (1933)
The Tattooed Man
Teddy & Alice
The Telephone
Tell Her The Truth
Tell Me More!
Tell Me On A Sunday
Tempest In A Teapot
Temple Belles
Ten Percent Revue
Ten-ish, Anyone?
Tess Of The D'Urbervilles
Texas, Li'l Darlin'
Thank Heaven For The Heathen
Thank You, Columbus!
That 5 A.M. Jazz
That Hat!
That Thing At The Cherry Lane
That Time Of The Year
That's A Good Girl
That's A Pretty Thing
That's Entertainment
That's Entertainment II
That's Life
That's My Baby
That's My Boy
Theatre Of The Piccoli
Theodore And Co.
There Was A Crooked Man
There Was An Old Woman
There's A Girl In My Soup
There's A Hole In My Sidewalk
These Foolish Things
There's Wisdom In Women
They're Playing Our Song
The Thing Of It Is
The Third Little Show
This Is The Army
This Mad Whirl
This Was Burlesque
This World Of Ours
This Year Of Grace
This'll Make You Whistle
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Those Were The Days
Thou Shalt Not
Three Cheers
Three For The Girls
The Three Graces
Three Little Girls
The Three Musketeers
Three-Penny Opera
Three Sisters
Three To Make Ready
Three Waltzes
Three Wishes For Jamie
Three's A Crowd
Thrill Me
Through The Years
Thumbs Up
Tickets Please!
Tickle Me
Tidbits Of 1946
Time And The Wind
A Time For Singing
The Time Lord
The Time Of Your Life
Time Remembered
Tinned Lettuce
Tip-Toes (1925)
Tip Top
'Tis Of Thee
To Broadway With Love
To Whom It May Concern
Toad Of Toad Hall
Toby Tyler
Together Again
Together Again For The First Time
Tom Moore
Tom Sawyer (1956)
Tommy Tune Tonite!
Tongue In Cheek
Tonight At 8:30
Tonight's The Night
Too Many Girls
Top Banana
Top Banana Burlesque
Top Of The World
Top Speed
Topics Of 1923
Toplitzky Of Notre Dame
Topsy And Eva
Touch And Go
Tough At The Top
Tour De Four
Town And Gown (Cole Porter Library Celebration Dinner)
The Town Talks
Township Fever
Transatlantic Rhythm
Treasure Girl
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
The Trials Of Oz
Tricks (1925)
Tricks (1973)
Trois Jeunes Filles Nues
Tropical Revue
Trouble In Tahiti
Truly Blessed
Trumpets Of The Lord
Try It, You'll Like It
Tulip Time
Tuppence Coloured
Turnabout! Revues
Turned Up
Twenty To One
Twice Over Nightly
Twinkle Twinkle
Twinkling Eyes
Two By Two
Two For The Show
Two Gentlemen Of Verona
Two Hearts In Three-Quarter Time
Two Little Brides
Two Little Girls In Blue
Two Much
Two On The Aisle
Two Weeks With Pay
Two's Company (1952)

Ulysses Africanus
Umabtha: The Zulu MacBeth
Un Bon Garcon
Under The Counter
Under Your Hat
The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Unsung Cole
Up Against It
Up And Doing
Up And Down Broadway
Up In Central Park
Up In One: More Than A Concert
Up In The Clouds
Up She Goes
Up With The Lark
Upstage And Down
Uptown...It's Hot!
Urban Blight
Urban Cowboy
The Utter Glory Of Morrissey Hall

A Vagabond Hero
The Vagabond King
Valentine's Day
The Vamp
Vamp Till Ready
Vamps And Rideouts
The Vanderbilt Revue
Vaudeville Vanities
The Velvet Lady
Venus In Silk
Vera Violetta
Very Good Eddie
Very Warm For May
V.I.P. Night On Broadway
Via Galactica
The Viceroy
Victory Canteen
Viennese Nights
Viktoria And Her Hussar
Vintage '60
Virginia (1928)
Virginia (1937)
Vive La Femme
The Voice Of McConnell

Wait A Minim!
Waiting In The Wings
Wake Up And Dream
Walk A Little Faster
Walk Tall
Walk This Way
Walk With Music
Walking Happy
Wally Pone, King Of The Underworld
Waltz Of The Stork
Waltzes From Vienna
A Warm Corner
Watch Your Step
The Water Gipsies
We Take The Town
We Were Dancing
We'd Rather Switch
Wedding Day
Wedding In Paris
The Wedding Singer
Weigh-In (Way-Out)
Welcome To The Club
Well, Well, Well
West Side Story
Wet Paint
What Makes Sammy Run?
What's A Nice Country Like You Doing In A State Like This?
What's In A Name?
What's The Rush (1954)
What's The Rush (1956)
What's Up?
When Do The Words Come True
When Dreams Come True
When In Rome
When Lightning Strikes Twice, H.M. Koutoukas'
When Summer Comes
When Sweet Sixteen
When Things Were Rotten
When You're Young
Where's Charley?
Which Witch
Whirl Of Society
Whirled Into Happiness
Whispers On The Wind
White Birds
The White Chrysanthemum
The White Eagle
The White Flame
White Horse Inn
The White Plume
Who Cares?
Who Is Sylvia?
Who's Ernest?
Who's Who
Why The Chicken?
Wild Geese
The Wild Party (LaChiusa)
The Wild Party (Lippa)
The Wild Rose
Wild Thyme
Wild Violets
Williams & Walker
Willie The Weeper
The Willow Plate
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Windy City (Jurmann)
Windy City (Macaulay)
Winged Victory
Winkle Town
Winnie The Pooh
A Winsome Widow
Wise Guy (c. 1956)
The Wise Guy (1899)
Wise Guys
Wish You Were Here
The Witches Of Eastwick
Within The Quota
The Wiz
The Wizard Of The Nile
Wo Die Lerche Singt
The Woman Haters
Woman Of The Year
The Wonder Bar
The Wonderful Lamp
A Wonderful Life
The Wonderful World Of Chemistry
Wonderful Town
Wonderland (1905)
Wonderland (2011)
Woody Guthrie's American Song
Words And Music (1932)
Words And Music (1974)
The World Of Charles Aznavour
The World Of Jules Fieffer
The World Of Kurt Weill In Song
The World Of Suzie Wong

A Yankee In The Court Of King Arthur
The Yankee Prince
The Yankee Princess
The Year Without A Santa Claus
The Yearling
The Yellow Mask
Yes, Madam?
Yes, Yes, Yvette
Yiddle With A Fiddle
Yip! Yip! Yaphank!
Yokel Boy
You And Me
You Could Be Home Now
You Never Know (Porter)
You Never Know (Strouse)
You Said It
You'd Be Surprised (1920)
You'd Be Surprised (1923)
You'll Be Lucky
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
Young In Heart
The Young Visiters
Your Arms Too Short To Box With God
Yours, Anne
Yours, Ever Yours
Yours Is My Heart
Yours Sincerely
Yours Truly

Zen Boogie
Ziegfeld 9 O'Clock Frolic Of 1920 (2nd Edition)
Ziegfeld 9 O'Clock Frolic Of 1921 (3rd Edition)
Ziegfeld Follies (Las Vegas Edition)
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1910
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1911
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1912
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1915
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1916
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1917
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1918
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1919
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1920
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1921
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1922
Ziegfeld Follies (1922-1923)(Summer Edition)
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1923
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1924
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1925 (Spring Edition)
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1925 (Summer Edition)
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1927
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1931
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1934 (1933-1934)
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1936
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1943
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1956
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1957
Ziegfeld Follies Of 1958
Ziegfeld Girls Of 1920
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (1st 1915 Edition)
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (2nd 1919 Edition)
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (1920)
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (1921)
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (2nd 1928 Ed.)
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (1st 1929 Ed.)
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (2nd 1929 Ed.)
Zip! Goes A Million
Zoot Suit
The Zulu And The Zayda

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