Composer: Cole Porter
Lyricist: Cole Porter

Opened: November 9, 1938, Imperial Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 291

Note: Only numbers not found on the 2002 San Francisco 42nd Street Theatre revival cast album are noted below.

Just Another Page In Your Diary (unused) (two versions) (later used in TWO WEEKS WITH PAY and UNSUNG COLE):

1. Cole Porter Revisited, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-121 (Arthur Siegel with Arthur Siegel, duo-paiano; Faun Stacy, bass; Matt "Chips" Patuto, drums)

There's A Fan (unused):

1. Cole Porter Revisited Vol. V, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-122 (Julie Wilson)
2. Unmined Cole: Unpublished Gems Of Cole Porter, CD/Centaur CRC 2387 (Paulina Stark with Judy Brown, piano)

Wild Wedding Bells (aka "I Can't Hear Those Wedding Bells Any More"; "Do I Hear Wedding Bells?") (considered for but not used; originally written for GREEK TO YOU):

1. Cole Porter Revisited Vol. IV, Painted Smiles (S) PS 1371 (Dolores Gray and Chorus) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-117]

Unrecorded Songs:

As Long As It's Not About Love (unused; no music known to survive)
Recall Goodhue (possibly cut before opening)
Thank You (possibly cut before opening)
When The Hen Stops Laying (cut; subsequently used in UNSUNG COLE)
Why Can't I Forget You? (unused; no music known to survive)