Composer: Kurt Weill
Lyricist: Ira Gershwin

Opened: January 23, 1941, Alvin Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 467

Note: Only numbers not found on the 1997 original London cast recording are noted below.

Artist's Waltz (M: Robert Emmet Dolan) (written for the film version):

1. Autumn Roses, MCA Coral (SS) CB-20036 (Victor Young and his Orchestra) (as "Glamour Waltz") [reissued on Hollywood Rhapsodies/Night Music, CD/Dutton Vocalion 5201]

Jenny (L: Johnny Burke, Ira Gershwin) (new lyrics to "The Saga Of Jenny" written for the film version):

1. Ginger Rogers, Curtain Calls 100/21 (Ginger Rogers and Chorus) [also found on The Ginger Rogers Collection, Deja Vu 2058]

Suddenly, It's Spring (M: Jimmy Van Heusen; L: Johnny Burke) (written for the film version):

1. Click here for recordings of "Suddenly, It's Spring."

(You Are) Unforgettable (unused):

1. Kurt Weill Revisited, Painted Smiles (S) PS-1375 (Arthur Siegel and his three Really Grand Pianos) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-108]

Unrecorded Numbers:

Bats About You (cut)
The Boss Is Bringing Home A Bride (unused)
Dream Love (M: Victor Schertzinger; L: Clifford Grey) (written for the film version)
In Our Little San Fernando Valley Home (unused)
Minstrel Dream (unused)
No Matter Under What Star You're Born (unused; later adapted into "You Have To Do What You Do Do" from THE FIREBRAND OF FLORENCE)
Overture (original version)
Party Parlando (aka Hollywood Party) (unused)
Prelude Song Of The Zodiac, The (unused; music later used for "Madame Zuzu" in LOVE LIFE)
A Trial Combined With Circus (unused)
The Unspoken Law (unused)