Composer: George Gershwin
Lyricist: B.G. DeSylva; Arthur Jackson

Opened: May 26, 1919, Henry Miller’s Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 140

The Best Of Everything (later used in STOP FLIRTING):

1. 78/HMV C1124 (Mayfair Orchestra conducted by George W. Byng)
2. Broadway Tuned Up, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1034 (Orchestra with musical direction by Adam Aceto)

From Now On:

1.  Gershwin Plays Gershwin: The Piano Rolls Volume Two, CD/Nonesuch 79370-2 (George Gershwin, piano)
2. Broadway Tuned Up, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1034 (Orchestra with musical direction by Adam Aceto)

(Oo, How) I Love To Be Loved By You (L: Lou Paley) (cut after opening; also used in ED WYNN CARNIVAL):

1. 78/Columbia A 2971 (Yerkes Happy Six) [reissued on Dance-O-Mania: 1919-1923 Harry Yerkes And The Dawn Of The Jazz Age, CD/Rivermont BSW1150]

(Somehow) It Seldom Comes True:

1. Broadway Tuned Up, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1034 (Orchestra with musical direction by Adam Aceto)

It Sort Of Makes A Fellow Stop And Think (M: Benjamin Hapgood Burt; L: Roy Atwell) (added for the national tour; originally used in OH, MY DEAR and also used
as "It's An Awful Thing Not To Know Where You Are" in ALL OVER TOWN):

1. 78/Columbia A 1926 (Roy Atwell) (as "It's An Awful Thing Not To Know Where You Are") [reissued on Music From The New York Stage, 1890-1920, CD/Pearl CD-9050/9061]

It’s Hard To Tell (added after opening):

1. Broadway Tuned Up, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1034 (Orchestra with musical direction by Adam Aceto)

Nobody But You (added after opening):

1. 78/Victor 35696 (Palace Trio)
2. Gershwin . . . From Tin Pan Alley To Broadway, Mark 56 Records (M) 680 (George Gershwin, piano)
3. Michael & George: Feinstein Sings Gershwin, CD/Concord Jazz CCD-4849-2 (Michael Feinstein, piano and voice, with Adrian Rosen, bass, Albie Berk, drums, Mike Fletcher, drums, and Novi Novog, viola)
4. Nobody But You, CD/WEA 3984235882 (Michael Feinstein, piano and voice, with Adrian Rosen, bass, Federico Ramos, guitar, David Tobocman, guiar, Mike Fletcher, drums, and Novi Novog, viola)
5. George Gershwin: Piano Music & Songs By George And Ira Gershwin, CD/Elektra/Nonesuch 9 79151-2 (William Bolcom, piano)
6. Jazz Meets Weill And Gershwin, CD/Koch Jazz 3-6969-2 (David Taylor, bass trombone; Kenny Drew Jr., piano; aand Daniel Schnyder, saxophone)
7. Rhapsody In Blue: Gershwin’s Complete Solo Piano Music, CD/Vista CPD942 (Paul Bisaccia, piano)
8. George Gershwin Songs, Vol. 1, CD/Walden II Records 94981-2 (Jack Brent, piano)
9. Tram!, Vol. 1: Frank Trumbauer’s Legacy To American Jazz, CD/The Old Masters 107 (Frank Trumbauer)
10. Then & Again, CD/Original Cast 9365 (Kaye Ballard with Michael Orland)
11. A Nice Boy From Brooklyn, CD/Equity Digital 2198 (Michael Dulin)
12. The Gershwin Songbook: Jazz Variations, CD/Musicmasters 65094 (Dick Hyman, piano)
13. The Authentic George Gershwin, Vol. 1, CD/ASV/Living Era CDWHL 2074 (Jack Gibbons, piano)
14. Gershwin: Piano Works, CD/Carlton 372 (Richard Rodney Bennett, piano)
15. Gershwin Songbook For Piano Four Hands, CD/Fleurs De Lys FL2 3074 (Duo Campion-Vachon)
16. Gershwin Arrangements, More Gershwin, CD/Metier 92030 (Michael Finnissy with Ian Pace, piano)
17. By George : The Ultimate Birthday Tribute, CD/Carlton Classics 01297 (Andrew Litton)
18. Fascinating Rhythm: The Complete Music For Solo Piano By George Gershwin, CD/Hyperion 55006 (Angela Brownridge, piano)
19. Syncopated Sensations, CD/Sonora 22596 (Noel Lester, piano)
20. The George Gershwin Songbook, CD/Centaur Records 2322 (Julie Hill)
21. George Gershwin: Songbook, CD/Denon Records (Mario-Ratko Delorko)
22. Gershwin Plus: Piano Solos And Novelty Arrangements, CD/Aca Digital CM 20031 (Geoffrey Haydon, piano)
23. Gabriela Imreh Plays Piano Transcriptions, CD/Arabesque 6802 (Gabriela Imreh, piano)
24. John Arpin Plays George Gershwin, CD/Mastersound 11 (John Arpin, piano)
25. Great Pianists Of The 20th Century: Selections From The Definitive Collection, CD/Philips 462699 (unknown pianist)
26. Broadway Tuned Up, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1034 (Orchestra with musical direction by Adam Aceto)

Some Sunny Day (M/L: Irving Berlin):

1. 78/Radiex 1104 (Yerkes S.S. Flotilla Orchestra)
2. 78/Puritan 11120 (Earl Randolph’s Orchestra)
3. 78/Conqueror 9084 (Chick Bullock with Sammy Williams and His Three Naturals (Cozy Cole, Johnny McGhee, and Billy Kyle) [also 78/Vocalion 4229]
4. 78/McKay Mx 11142 (McKay’s Orchestra)
5. 78/Gennett 4873 A (Arthur Fields with orchestral accompaniment)
6. 78/Starr 9242 (Bailey’s Lucky Seven)
7. 78/Cameo 221 (Arthur Lange’s Orchestra)
8. 78/Perfect 14017 (Majestic Dance Orchestra)
9. 78/Decca 24426 (Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and His Orchestra) [reissued on Music Lessons With The Andrews Sisters, CD/Sepia 1020]
10. 78/Brunswick 2274 (Isham Jones Orchestra)
11. 78/Columbia A 3593 (Marion Harris) [reissued on Look For The Silver Lining, CD/Living Era CDAJA 5330]
12. 78/Columbia A 3603 (Ray Miller and His Orchestra)
13. 78/Okeh 4607 (Vaughn De Leath with orchestra)
14. 78/Okeh 4612 (Vincent Lopez and His Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra)
15. 78/Okeh 6429 (Amy Arnell with Tommy Tucker Time)
16. 78/Silvertone 2263 (Charles Hart with orchestral accompaniment)
17. 78/Victor 18891 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra)
18. 78/Victor 18903 (American Quartet with orchestra)
19. 78/Edison 50973 (Atlantic Dance Orchestra)
20. Lee Wiley Sings Irving Berlin, 10"/Columbia CL 6216 (Lee Wiley with Stan Freeman and Cy Walter, pianos)[reissued on Night In Manhattan/Sings Vincent Youmans/Sings Irving Berlin, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 204]
21. Song Hits Of 1922, MCA Coral CB-20046 (Bob Grant Orchestra)
22. Bing With A Beat,  CD/Bluebird RCA 82876601422 (Bing Crosby with the Frisco Jazz Band conducted by Bob Scobey)
23. That’s What Life Is All About, CD/United Artists 554 (Bing Crosby with orchestra conducted by Phil Moore) [reissued on The Complete United Artists Sessions, CD/EMI 8598082]
24. Irving Berlin: All By Myself Vol. 1 - Everybody Step: The Years 1921-1926, Monmouth Evergren (S) MES/6809 (The Rusty Dedrick Orchestra) [reissued on All By Myself, CD/Audiophile Records 21/22]
25. Alexander’s Ragtime Band, CD/Howard’s International 4011 (Don Ameche)
26. The Chronological Eddie Condon 1944-1946, CD/Classics 1033 (Eddie Condon)
27. It’s Time You Learnt, CD/Jazz Crusade 3070 (Geoff Cole)
28. Seven Little Foys, CD/Original Cast 5637975285 (cast with musical direction by Richard Danley)
29. Some Sunny Day, CD/Jazzology 208 (The Ed Polcer All-Stars)
30. Crinoline Days, CD/Stomp Off SOSCD 1400 (Dan Levinson)
31. Irving Berlin, Volume 1, CD/Unknown label (Fred Miller)

Tee Oddle Um Bum Bo:

1. George Gershwin Plays Gershwin & Kern, Klavier 122 (George Gershwin, piano roll) [reissued as Kickin’ The Clouds Away: Gershwin At The Piano, CD/Klavier K 77031]
2. Broadway Tuned Up, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1034 (Orchestra with musical direction by Adam Aceto) (two renditions)

There’s More To The Kiss Than The XXX (aka “Kisses”) (L: Irving Caesar) (possibly also used in GOOD MORNING, JUDGE):

1. George Gershwin Revisited, MGM E-4375 OC (Barbara Cook, Anthony Perkins, Elaine Stritch, and Bobby Short with musical direction by Norman Paris) [also Painted Smiles PS-1357; reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-101]
2. By George! By Ira! By Gershwin!, CD/American Popular Song Label Protosound PS 17512 #36201/2  (Carolyn Black-Sotir and R. Timothy McReynolds with R. Timothy McReynolds, piano, and Thomas C. Williams, bass)
3. Sweet And Low-Down: Songs By George Gershwin, CD/Oakton ORCD0004  (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano)
4. Gershwin Live!, CD/B.A.S.E. CD-9001 (Bill Wright, piano and voice)

Unrecorded Material:

All The While (M/L: Constance Uhl) (added for the national tour)
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
Finale (Act 3)
Golden Days (M/L: Nat Goldstein) (added for the national tour)
In My Home Town (cut)
It’s Great To Be In Love (same music as “There’s Magic In The Air” in HALF PAST EIGHT)
Kindly Pay Us (Opening Chorus) (cut)
(Our Little) Kitchenette (not used)
The Love Of A Wife (not used)
Money, Money, Money! (cut after opening)
My Dream Of Love Is You (added for the national tour)
My Fannie (added for the national tour)
Opening Chorus Act 2  (Hotel Life)
Opera Burlesque (L: George Baldwin) (added for the national tour)
Reputation (added for the national tour)
The Ten Commandments Of Love (originally used in HALF PAST EIGHT)
Un Peu D’Amour  (added for the national tour)
When You Live In A Furnished Flat
Yodel O (M: Bryan Foy) (added for the national tour)