Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: November 5, 1986, Town Hall, N.Y.C.
Performances: 42

Note: Only numbers not found on the original London cast album are noted below.

Alleh Villn (M/L: Ben Zion Witler):

1. Mayn Shtetele Belz, CD/RGS Music 1240 (Benzion Witler)

Bei Mir Bistu Shayn (M: Sholom Secunda; L: Jackie Jacob):

1. 78/Decca 17345 (Cecil Anderson with Felix and His Krazy Kats)
2. 78/Conqueror 8969 (Pat Henry with Gene Kardos and His Orchestra) [also 78/Perfect 8-02-07]
3. 78/Swing SW. 19 (Garland Wilson, piano)
4. 78/Gramophone K 8112 (Leo Marjane with Wal-Berg et Son Orchestre)
5. 78/Decca 23605 (The Andrew Sisters with the Vic Schoen Orchestra) [also 78/Decca 1562; 78/Decca 11049; reissued on The Best Of The Andrew Sisters, CD/MCA 4024]
6. 78/Decca 1575 (Pee Wee Hunt with Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra)
7. 78/Decca 1596 (Ella Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight) [also 78/Brunswick 02561]
8. 78/Decca 1638 (Sonny Schuyler with the Adrian Rollini Quintet)
9. 78/Decca 1688 (Alfredo Valdes with Nilo Menendez and His Stork Club Orchestra)
10. 78/20th Century 2317 (Stanley Norman with Mac Ceppos and His Orchestra)
11. 78/Mercer 1966 (Oscar Pettiford, His 'cello, and Orkettee)
12. 78/Bluebird B 7344 (Phyllis Kenny and Chorus with Jerry Blaine and His Stream Line Rhythm)
13. 78/Keynote K 631 (Manny Klein and His Orchestra)
14. 78/Brunswick 8037 (Russ Morgan with Music In The Russ Morgan Manner)
15. 78/Brunswick 02560 (Belle Baker with orchestra)
16. 78/Decca 1612 (Milt Herth, organ, Willie Smith (The Lion), piano, and O'Neil Spencer, drums and voice)
17. 78/Vocalion 3908 (Dolly Dawn and Her Dawn Patrol)
18. 78/Victor 20-6056 (Tony Martinez Quintet)
19. 78/Victor 25751 (Martha Tilton with the Benny Goodman Quartet)
20. 78/Victor 25739 (The Lombardo Trio with Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians)
21. 45/Victor 47-8122 (Dennis Bell)
22. 45/Swan S-4101 (Frank Slay and His Orchestra)
23. 45/Sunny S-2 (Seymour)
24. 45/Dot 45-15956 (Keely Smith and Louis Prima) [also 45/Dot 138]
25. 45/Decca 9-30896 (Irving Fields And His Trio)
26. 45/RCA Victor 47-6056 (Dorothy Loudon with the Tony Martinez Quintet) [reissued on Dorothy Loudon At The Blue Angel And Other Rarities, CD/Stage Door STAGE 2320]
27. Accent On Youth, Mercury (S) SR-60920 (Harry Simeone Chorale)
28. Dynamic Brass Impact, Command 9612 (Warren Kime)
29. Dorothy Loudon At The Blue Angel, Coral (M) CRL 757265 (Dorothy Loudon with the Norman Paris Trio) [reissued on Dorothy Loudon At The Blue Angel And Other Rarities, CD/Stage Door STAGE 2320]
30. Maxene: An Andrews Sister, CD/DRG 5218 (Maxene Andrews)
31. This Is June Christy!, Capitol (M) T-1006 (June Christy with orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo) [reissued on This Is June Christy!/June Christy Recalls Those Kenton Days, CD/EMI 5352092]
32. Song Hits Of 1938, Vocalion VL 3650 (Orchestra conducted by Bob Grant)
33. A Thinking Man's Band, Liberty (S) ST-7133 (Si Zentner Orchestra) [reissued on A Thinking Man's Band/Waltz In Jazz Time, CD/EMI 8738502]
34. The Bacteria Magnet, Dirter 00038198 (Nurse With Wound)
35. Instrumental Lullabies, CAS/Unison Music V14254 (orchestra conducted by Don Wyrtzen)
36. Golden Yiddish Favorites, CD/Id (David "Dadu" Fisher)
37. From Broadway To Hollywood, CD/Silver Lining 7 (Jon Simon)
38. German Oktoberfest, CD/DJ Companion 97880 (Al Bachmann)
39. Accordeon Jazz 1911-1944, CD/Frémeaux & Associés (Gus Viseur)
40. Singing In The Rain: Memories For Dancing, CD/Sonia 77021 (unknown performer)
41. Soul Of The Jeweish Violin, Vol. 2, CD/Hataklit 9420 (Boris Savchuk)
42. The Real Complete Jewish Party Music Collection, CD/Orchard 6098 (David & The High Spirit)
43. In A Little Waterfront Café, CD/Marsha Remas (Marsha Remas)
44. Bear Essentials, CD/Bear Family 17012 (Orlove)
45. Dixon Hits, Vol. 2, CD/Sterndale 3101 (Reginald Dixon)
46. Cocktail International, CD/New Edicionesales 75171916 (Orchester Claudius Alzner)
47. World Songs, CD/Disky MP903682 (James Last)
48. Live At The Opera House, CD/MCA UICY-3338 (The Pointer Sisters)
49. Tonfilm Finale, CD/Unknown label (unknown performer)
50. Old Time Party Favourites, Vol. 2, CD/Sound Waves 204 (unknown performer)
51. Znany I Niezanny, CD/4Ever Music 090 (Mieczyslaw Fogg)
52. By Request, CD/Music Loft 30280 (Johnny Chicago Trio)
53. Original 1938 Recordings, Vol. 1, CD/Tax S-1-1 (Slim & Slam)
54. Greater Moments, CD/Timeless 3002 (Chris Barber)
55. It’s Magic: A One Hundreth Birthday Celebration Of Sammy Cahn, CD/American Classics 7 00261 39215 8 (Valerie Anastasio, Leigh Barrett, Eric Bronner, Bradford Conner, JoAnne Dickinson, Peter Miller, Davron Monroe, Cynthia Monk, Joei Marshall Perry, Bennjamin Sears, Michelle Vachon, and Ron Della Chiesa)
56. Indecent, CD/Yellowsound YSL566713
Radio transcriptions performed by the Rosario Bourdon String Ensemble and by Dan Moore with the Xavier Orchestra are also known to exist.

C'est Si Bon (M: Henri Betti; L: Andre Hornez):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this song.

Chiribin (M/L: Traditional):

Note: Norton lists this song as "Chi-Ri-Bim." Bloom lists it as "Chi-Ri-Bin." Other than the above recording, I've found no recording specifically attributed to Secunda and Jacobson. However, their version is, no doubt, based on traditional songs entitled "Chiribim," "Chiribim Chiribom," or variants therefore.

For other recordings of "Chiribim," see
1. Pulling Together, CAS/Gemini GR 1003 (Gemini)
2. An Evening with Herschel Bernardi, CD/Vanguard Classics 6023 (Herschel Bernardi)
3. Spotlight on Music: Grade 6 Disc 3, CD/Macmillan/McGraw-Hill 27323 (Children's Chorus Of Greater Dallas)
4. Remember the Sabbath Day: 18 Favorite Shabbat Songs, CD/Judy Caplan Ginsburgh (Judy Caplan Ginsburgh)
5. Homesick Songs, CD/Aeronaut 22 (Golem)
6. Populäre Musik Aus Israel, CD/Koch International 322887 (Haifa Folk And Dance Orchestra)
7. I Live In The City, CD/Rah (Robyn Helzner)
8. At Last, CD/Jeff & Janis (Jeff & Janis)
9. Our Hope, CD/Mezhdunarodnoya-Kniga 427132 (Male Choir Of The Cantor Art Academy directed by Vladimir Pliss)
10. Yiddish Songs, CD/Atoll 91189 (Margalit and The Feenjon Group with music conducted by Izhak Graziani)
11. Old Roots New World, CD/Shanachie 67008 (Maxwell Street Klezmer Band conducted by Ralph Wilder)
12. Shabbat Shalom, CD/Cindy Paley CP789 (Cindy Paley)
13. Sheynville Express, CD/Sisters Of Sheynville (Sisters Of Sheynville)
14. Music of My Family, Music Of My People, CD/Gemini (Gemini-Sandor Slomovits)
15. Tia's Simcha Songs, CD/Global Village 167 (Tia)
16. Israel, CD/Air Mail 141042 (unknown artist)
17. The Shabbat Lounge, CD/Crain 'N Company (Craig Taubman)
18. Day Job, CD/Unknown label 10159 (Listen Up! A Capella)
19. Golden Anniversary To Israel, CD/Worldwide Success Records 5050 (unknown performer)
20. Populare Musik Aus Israel, CD/Koch Records 324736 (unknown performer)
21. Zatrubis', CD/APC Records (Turbomoda)
22. Diaspora Hi-Fi: A Mediterranean Caravan, CD/Piranha 907502 (Watcha Clan) (as "Tchiribim")
23. Smorgasbord, CD/A&M 510 304 (Sharon, Lois & Bram) (as "Chirri Bim")
24. Spotlight on Music: Grade 2 Disc 4, CD/Macmillan/McGraw-Hill 27054 (Indianapolis Youth Choir) (as "Chirri Bim")
25. Sing It! Say It! Stamp It! Sway It! Vol. 2, CD/80-Z Music (Peter & Ellen Allard) (as "Chirri Bim")
26. More Of The Real And Very Best Of Jewish-Israeli Party, Vol. 2, CD/Hataklit 9439 (D.J. Rabi) (as "Chiri Bim Bom")
27. Shirlala Shabbat!, CD/Shirlala (Shira Kline) (as "Chiri Bim Bam")
28. Timeless Jewish Songs, CD/Sampler (Martha Rock Birnbaum and Barbara Dechario) (as "Chiri Biri Bim")

For recordings of "Chiribim Chiribom," see
1. 78/Continental C 13002 (Abe Lax with Hymie Jacobson and his Orchestra)
2. Shalom/In Israel Recorded Live, CD/Collectables 7940 (The Barry Sisters with orchestra conducted by Joe Reisman)
3. World of the Barry Sisters/We Belong Together, CD/Collectables 7941 (The Barry Sisters with orchestra conducted by Jerry Fielding)
4. 20 Suosikkia/Lalaika, CD/WEA (Ann Christine and The Four Cats)
5. The Real Complete Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party, CD/Worldwide Success Records 2019 (David & The High Spirit)
6. Golden Yiddish Favorites, CD/Id (David (Dadu) Fisher)
7. The Soul Of The Jewish Violin, CD/Hataklit 9373 (Boris Savchuk)
8. Music Around The World: Israel, CD/Hérisson Veert 88788 (Albert Assayag and Eric Zenou)
9. Romantic Jewish Songs, CD/Opus 207 (Balalaika)
10. Aleichem Vealeinu, Unknown label (Oif Sinchas)
11. Lechaim: Jewish Songs, CD/Interesa 017 (unknown artist)
12. The Broadway Musicals Of 1951, CD/Bayview RNBW021 (Chip Zien and Davis Gaines with the Ross Patterson Little Big Band) (as "Chi-ri-bin, Chi-ri-bom")

Dus Yiddische Leid (M/L: Sholom Secunda):

1. Complete Yiddish Hits Collection, CD/Israel 9003 (Hershman)

Ich Vel Dir Kayn Mol Nisht Fabeytn (M/L: Ben Zion Witler):

1. Hilda Bronstein Sings Yiddish Songs, CD/Arc Music 2054 (Hilda Bronstein)

Kinder Yurn (M/L: Mordechai Gebirtig):

1. Mayn Shtetele Belz, CD/RGS Music 1240 (Benzion Witler)
2. Complete Yiddish Hits Collection, CD/Israel 9003 (Ben Zion Witler)
3. An Alter Nign, CD/Raumklang 59601 (Jalda Rebling)
4. Songs Of Gebirtig & Warshavsky, CD/Global Village 133 (Susan Goldberg and Peter Schlosser with Zalmen Mlotek, piano)
5. Farewell Cracow, CD/Lynor 9408 (Bente Kahan)
6. Kinder Yoren: Best Yiddish Songs, Vol. 2, CD/Hataklit 9254 (Grinboym)
7. The Soul Of The Jewish Violin, Vol. 4, CD/Hataklit CD 9485 (Boris Savchuk)
8. The Complete Recordings 1949-1950, CD/Sub Rosa 2556 (Ben Baruch)
9. Yiddish Songs, CD/Blue Note 20514 (Chava Alberstein)
10. Shpil Es Nokh A Mol, Vol. 2, CD/Arion ARN-64208 (Klezmer Orchestra)
11. Klezmer Violinist & Instrumental Ensemble, CD/Global Village 102 (Emil Bruh)
12. Unzer Nigun, CD/Hataklit 9446 (unknown performer)
13. Cantami Un Tango In Yiddish, CD/Oy Vey 1 (Oy Vey)
14. Theodore Bikel's Treasury Of Yiddish Theatre And Folk Songs, CD/Rhino 7827 (Theodore Bikel)
15. The Pulse Of Yiddish Tango, CD/Tzadik Records 8124 (Tangele)
16. Klezmerised Oy!, CD/Arc Music 1687 (Tummel)
17. Surprising Finds, CD/Rhythm Media Records 3 (Metropolitan Klezmer)
18. Yiddish Songs, CD/Arion 64042 (Kol Aviv Ensemble)
19. Sweet Early Years/Zise Kinder Yorn, CD/Maxwell Street Klezmer Band (Maxwell Street Klezmer Band)
20. Mayn Oytser (My Treasure), CD/Sherm Labovitz (Sherm Labovitz)
21. Music Soothes The Soul And Feeds The Spirit, CD/Selfhelp Home 2002 (unknown performer)
22. Belz Mein Heimele: Yiddish Songs, CD/Hungaroton 32049 (Balazs Fellegi)

La Vie En Rose (M: Louiguy; L: Edith Piaf):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this song.

Lomir Trachtn Nor Fin Haynt (M/L: Ben Zion Witler):

1. Goyrl: Destiny, CD/Tzadik Records 7166 (Wolf Krakowski)
2. Gems Of Jewish Folksongs, CD/Israel 1223 (Ben Zion Witler)

My Way (M/L: Paul Anka):

1. I have not attempted to compile discological information for this song.

Naches Fin Kinder (M/L: Traditional):

1. 78/Path 03695 (Morris Goldstein with chorus)
2. 78/Vocalion 13023 (Aaron Lebedeff)
3. 78/Victor 77949 (Leon Blank and chorus) [reissued on Memories Of The Yiddish Theater, CD/Israel 5138]
4. Search For The Golden Dreydl, CD/Tzadik Records 7118 (Naftule's Dream)
5. Music From Other Lands, CD/Saint Vitus Dance Band (Saint Vitus Dance Band)

Papirosn (M/L: Herman Yablokoff):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this song.

Rivkele (M/L: Ben Zion Witler):

1. 78/Sun 1056 (Ben Zio Witler with the Mendelsohn Ensemble)
2. 45/Hed-Arzi MN-75 (David Eshet with the Hed Arzi Orchestra conducted by Charles Winternitz)
3. Gems Of Jewish Folksongs, CD/Israel 1223 (Ben Zion Witler)
4. Love Hurts, CD/Golem Recordings 1 (Golem)
5. Anthologie Ostjudischer Musik, Vol. 2-3, CD/Swiss Pan 510531532 (unknown performer)
6. Yiddish Songs, CD/Blue Note 20514 (Chava Alberstein)

Roumania, Roumania (M/L: Aaron Lebedeff):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this song.

Shayn Vi Di Levune (M: Jospeh Rumshinsky; L: Chaim Tauber):

1. 78/Twentieth Century 2318 (Stanley Norman with Mac Ceppos and His Orchestra)
2. 45/Hed-Arzi MN-75 (David Eshet with the Hed Arzi Orchestra conducted by Charles Winternitz)
3. The Family Of Mann, Atlantic 1371 (Herbie Mann) [reissued on The Family Of Mann/The Wailing Dervishes, CD/Collectables 6827]
4. Raisins And Almonds Cha Cha Cha & Merengues, RCA Victor (S) LSP-1789 (Johnny Conquet)
5. Freilich Tanze, CAS/Alshire ALSC-5211 (Freilich Tanze)
6. Seattle Romania, CAS/Global Village 103 (The Mazeltones)
7. Klassic Klezmer, CD/Plane 88748 (Giora Feidman)
8. Sholom Aleichem (M/L: Leybele Schwartz)
9. Leibele Schwartz, CD/ RGS Music 1220 (Leibele Schwartz)
10. Traditional Yiddish Songs, CD/Arc Music 1761 (Yaacov Shapiro)
11. The World Of Klezmer, CD/Brilliant Classics 7421 (unknown performer)
12. Sheynville Express, CD/Sisters of Sheynville (Sisters Of Sheynville)
13. Nina Stiller, CD/EMI 3749510 (Nina Stiller)
14. Kinder Songs, CD/Cantor Deborah Katchko Gray (Cantor Deborah Katchko)
15. Diaspora Dreams: Yiddish And Ladino Songs, CD/Laurie Sucher (Lauie Sucher)
16. Telling Stories, CD/Tova 001 (Theresa Tova)
17. Yiddish For Travelers, CD/Rhythm Media Records (Metropolitan Klezmer)
18. Mazl Un Shlamazl, CD/Melisma 30332 (Daniel Kempin)
19. You Should Be So Lucky, CD/Shanachie 67006 (Maxwell Street Klezmer Band)
20. Say You'll Understand, CD/Unknown label 003 (The Klez Dispensers)
21. Der Mench Tracht Und Der G't Lacht, CD/SK Records (Baruch Ben Meyer)
22. Trio Klezmer, CD/Laika Records (Trio Klezmer)
23. Shalom: Kaikki Rakkaimmat Lauluni, CD/Capitol/EMI 597620 (Marion)
24. Yaffa Yarkoni Sings Yiddish "Rumania, Rumania," CD/Hatikvah Music (Yaffa Yarkoni)
25. From Shtetl To Standards, CD/Shoresh (Susan Borofsky)
26. Brooks Arthur, CD/Neovox (Brooks Arthur)
27. Klassic Klezmer, CD/BMG 883370 (Giora Feidman)
28. The Jewish Songbook: The Heart & Humor Of A People, CD/Shout! Factory 8266631090 (Arthur and Kazan)
29. An Hour In The Garden Of Eden, CD/Zamir Chorale of Boston 913 (Zamir Chorale Of Boston)
30. A Yiddishe Maven, CD/The Musical Mavens (The Musical Mavens)
31. Dummy, CD/Jellybean 8029 (Fishman with the Tessaloniki Moon Combo)
32. 8 Days And Nights, CD/Planet Records (Hit Company)
33. The Barry Sisters Sing, CD/Hatikvah Music 1011 (The Barry Sisters)
34. Connie Francis Sings Jewish Favorites, CD/Pendulum 33 (Connie Francis)
35. Easy Listening: World, CD/Countdown Media (101 Strings)
36. Magnolia, CD/3D 1004 (Magnolia)
37. Live At Duke Gardens 2004 & 2005, CD/Magnolia Kelzmer Band (Magnolia Klezmer Band)
38. Hora & Blue, CD/Global Village 156 (The Modern Klezmer Quartet)
39. Yiddish Anders (Yiddish Jazz), CD/Raumer Records 00982 (Karsten Troyke and Bettina Wegner)
40. Shalom Y'All, CD/The People's Republic Of Klezmerica (The People's Republic Of Klezmerica)
41. Jewish Soul, CD/Balance 94521 (Roslyn Barak)
42. Freylach Time! The Klezmer Dance Band, CD/Freylach Time! (Freylach Time!)
43. Zing Shtil/Yiddish Songs, CD/Syncoop (Lucette Van Den Berg)
44. Tsart: Tenderness In Word And Sound, CD/Music & Words MWCD 4056 (Shura Lipovsky)
45. Mazel Tov!, CD/Intersound 3454 (The Bagelman Sisters)
46. 16 Instrumental Yiddish Hits, CD/Israel 5100 (unknown performer)
47. Thoroughly Jewish, CD/Increase Records 8007 (Pacific Pops Orchestra)

Tanguera (M: Mariano Mores):

1. 90 Anos Y Mas, CD/EMI 20737 (Mariano Mores)
2. O.K. Mr. Tango, CD/Discos CBS 42284 (Vikki Carr)
3. Musica De Buenos Aires, CD/Vox Classics 7516 (Tango 7)
4. Argentine Tango, Vol. 1, CD/JVC Compact Discs 5342 (Orquesta Francini Pontier)
5. Tango Bar, CD/Chesky 214 (Raul Jaurena)
6. Trottoirs De Buenos Aires, CD/Network 58246 (Sexteto Mayor)
7. Secret Places, CD/Orchard 6492 (Quintango)
8. 30 Tangos Para Bailar, CD/Gld 48132/33 (Leclerq)
9. Music From Argentina: Folk Music & Tango, CD/Arc Music 2207 (Instituto El Cimarron)
10. Luis Bravo's Forever Tango: Live From Teatro Coliseo Podesta, CD/DPTV Media 46 (2007 cast)

Valentine (M: Henri Christine; L: Albert Willemote):

1. 78/Gramophone K 5661 (Maurice Chevalier) [reissued on Valentine, CD/Arkadia Chanson 75102]
2. Staccato/Paris Swings, CD/DRG 19110 (Elmer Bernstein)

Unrecorded Material:

Dance, Milonga, Dance! (M: Eber Lobato)
Du Iz Mein Hartz (M: Eber Lobato; L: Neil Steinberg)
Far Mir Alayn (M/L: Max Perlman)
Mayn Ruchele (M/L: Ben Zion Witler)
Shabbos (M/L: Ben Bonus)
This Is The Show (M/L: Eber Lobato)
Yiddish (M/L: Ben Zion Witler)