Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: June 13, 1957, Provincetown Playhouse, N.Y.C.
Performances: 54

I Know Loneliness (Quite Well) (M/L: Harvey Schmidt, Tom Jones) (subsequently used in NEW YORK SCRAPBOOK, PORTFOLIO REVUE, and THE SHOW GOES ON):

1. The Show Goes On, CD/DRG 19008 (J. Mark McVey with Harvey Schmidt, piano)

I've Got It Hidden (M/L: Elisse Boyd, Murray Grand) (previously used in STICKS & STONES as part of "Detective Story"):

1. Penny Malone Sings? (Sophisticated Songs), Jubilee (M) LP-16 (Penny Malone).

Unrecorded Material:

All for a Dime (sketch by Mickey Deems with additional dialogue by Herb Reich)
Baby Sitters Ball (M/L: Ken Welch)
Boughten Bride (M/L: Cherry Balaban)
Destroy Me (M/L: Ken Welch, Sol Berkowitz)
The Diehards (M/L: Jeanellen McKee, Don Richards)
Doin' the Finale First (M/L: David Hollister, David Greggory)
Father's Day (sketch by Mickey Deems)
The General (sketch by David Panich)
The Grass Is Always Greener (sketch by Louis Botto)
A House On The Ohio (M/L: Ken Welch)
I Love Ann (M/L: Harvey Schmidt, Tom Jones)
Illusion (M/L: Jeanellen McKee)
Lady B (M/L: Marie Gordon, David Rogers)
Lament (M/L: Raoul Gonzalez)
Love Match (sketch by Don Parks and William Dyer)
Memories (sketch by David Panich)
Modern Artists (sketch by Tom Jones and Martin Gal)
More Coffee (sketch by Herbert Hartig and Lois Balk)
Nothing Ever Happens to Me (sketch by Herbert Hartig and Lois Balk)
November in Kenya (M/L: Bob Kessler, Martin Charnin)
One Helluva Bore (M/L: G. Wood)
Subway (sketch by Sig Altman)
Supersonic (sketch by David Panich)
This Is Love (M/L: Herbert E. Hecht)
Thoughteasy (sketch by Lee Adams, Mike Steward and David Ross)
Time Flies (sketch by David Panich)
Trench Coat (M/L: Sheldon Harnick with ballet music by Herbert E. Hecht)
When I Make Up My Mind (M/L: David Baker, Sheldon Harnick)
Young Nhudanycke (M/L: Gerald Alters, Herbert Hartig)