Episode: "Hard To Get"
(Television Drama with Music)

Composer: Jack Segal
Lyricist: Jack Segal

Broadcast: May 12, 1955, N.B.C.

Hard To Get:

1. 78/X X 0137 (Gisele MacKenzie with orchestra conducted by Richard Maltby) [also 45/X 4X-0137; reissued on Hard To Get: The Best Of Gisele Mackenzie, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 21]
2. 78/Bell 1103 (Ellie Russell with the Carlyle Hall Orchestra)
3. Loser's Lullabies, Mercury (S) SR-60790 (Gisele MacKenzie with the Al Pellegrini Orchestra)
4. Love Me Forever, CD/Castle 72226 (Marion Ryan)
5. Hi-Fi Party, Prestige 7011 (James Moody) [reissued as CD/Prestige/OJC OJCCD-1780-2]
6. Don't Be That Way, CD/Magic 118 (Harry James and His Orchestra)