Composer: Clay A. Boland
Lyricist: Darrell H. Smith; Moe Jaffe; Frank J. Callahan; Daniel G. Foley; Edward S. Hicks

Opened: November 21, 1947, Mask & Wig Club, University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Performances: Unknown

If Love Can Happen:

1. 78/Republic 106 A (Marshall Young and the Ray Carter Trio)

Men Of Pennsylvania (originally used in OUT OF THIS WORLD and also used in CHRIS CROSSES):

1. Chris Crosses, 78/Cosmo album DMR 2003 (Glenn Darwin and The Cosmo Male Choir with the Cosmo Theatre Orchestra conducted by Harry Sosnik)

Unrecorded Material:

Election Day
The Finer Things In Life
Happy Go Lucky
I Think I’m Not Too Long For This World
Love Is A Wonderful Thing, I Think
The Old Brush Off
Red And Blue
Song And Jig (originally used in OUT OF THIS WORLD)
That’s Precisely Why I Am Here
United We Stand
What Are You Doing For Your Fellow Man?
You’ve Got What It Takes