JOY (1970)

Composer: Oscar Brown, Jr.
Lyricist: Oscar Brown, Jr.

Opened: January 27, 1970 , New Theatre, NYC
Performances: 205

Note: Only numbers not found on the original cast recording are noted below.

Brother, Where Are You? (M/L: Oscar Brown, Jr. and Norman Curtis):

1. 45/Kapp K-900 (Jack Jones with orchestra conducted by Bob Florence)
2. Mr. Oscar Brown, Jr. Goes To Washington, Fontana 27540 (Oscar Brown, Jr.) (edited version)[reissued as CD/Verve 557452]
3. Mr. Oscar Brown, Jr. Goes To Washington, CD/Verve 557452 (Oscar Brown, Jr.) (unedited bonus track not on original lp)
4. Brother Where Are You, Atlantic 1649 (Oscar Brown, Jr.)
5. More Big Folk Hits, CBS CL-2213 (The Brothers Four) (unverified)
6. Al Haig Today!, Fresh Sound 711 (Al Haig) [reissued as CD/Fresh Sounds 1621]
7. Realization, Imperial P-12372 (Johnny Rivers) [reissued as CD/Soul City 4010]
8. Today, Prestige 7662 (Billy Taylor Trio)
9. Searching For The Dolphins, Soul City (S) SCS-92006 (Al Wilson) [reissued as CD/Kent City 290]
10. Abbey Is Blue, Riverside/Original Jazz Classics OJC-069 (Abbey Lincoln) [reissued on CD/Riverside/Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-069-2]
11. Jack Jones In Person At The Sands, RCA Victor LSP-4413 (Jack Jones with orchestra conducted by Joe Kloess) [reissued as CD/Laserlight 12140]
12. Afro Blue: The Music Of Oscar Brown Jr., CD/Felton 4410 (Cynthia Felton)
13. Profile, CD/Jazzline 1157 (Masha Bijlsma)
14. Verve Remixed, Vol. 2, CD/Verve 000059802 (Oscar Brown, Jr.) (Matthew Herbert remix)
15. Senior Year, CD/Beyond 578268 (Oscar Brown, Jr.) (likely a reissued track)
16. Love Makes The Changes, CD/Fantasy 9681 (Freddy Cole)
17. In Demand, CD/Mercury (Paal Flaata) (unverified)
18. Soul Train, CD/Dolphin (Fritz Toni Haug) (unverified)
19. Long As You're Living: The Songs And Poetry Of Oscar Brown Jr., CD/Jizel (Linda Kosut)
20. Celebration: Live At The Triad, CD/High Note 7136 (Sheila Jordan with Cameron Brown, bass)
21. Bernard Purdie's Soul To Jazz, CD/Act 9242 (Bernard "Pretty" Purdie with music conducted by Gil Goldstein)
22. Patchwork, CD/Polyglot 524 (Priestie Boys)
23. El Barrio: Gangsters, Latin Soul & the Birth of Salsa, CD/V2 1041322 (Ralfi Pagan)
24. Tribute To The Oldies 2, CD/East Side 2006 (Rocky Padilla) (unverified)
25. Brown Baby, CD/Minor Music 801061 (Annette Lowman)
26. Moon Dancer, CD/Enja 04093572 (Karl Ratzer)
27. Telecats 1, CD/Inak 9049 (Telecats)
28. Out Of Different Bags/Spice Of Life, CD/Chess 1121992 (Marlena Shaw) (unreleased bonus track)
29. Bar Lounge Classics: The Finest, CD/BMG International 1357 (Seductive Souls) (unverified)
30. 1-800 Vincenzo, CD/Dessous (Vincenzo) (unverified)
31. To Another Shore, CD/Webster's Last Word (Coral MacFarland Thuet) (unverified)
32. The Greatest Hits, CD/Thump (The Midnighters)
33. Totally Jazz Vocals, CD/Connoisseur Collection 269 (unknown artist) (unverified)

Unrecorded Numbers:

Flowing To The Sea