Composer: Jacques Wolfe
Lyricist: Roark Bradford

Opened: January 10, 1940, 44th Street Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 7

Note: I have not attempted to compile discological information for recordings of standards and traditional numbers unless believed to have music by Jacques Wolfe or unless performed by original cast members.

Careless Love (traditional blues, often credited to W.C. Handy and Spencer Williams):

1. 78/Bluenote 23 (Josh White, vocal and guitar, with Sidney Bechet, clarinet, and Wilson Myers, bass)
2. 78/Asch 550-1 (Josh White, vocal and guitar)
3. Josh White, 10"/Folkways (M) FLP 15 (Josh White) [reissued as part of Free And Equal Blues, CD/Smithsonian Folkways 40081]
4. Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 5 (1944), CD/Document DOCD-5571 (Josh White)
5. Josh White Sings The Blues & Sings, CD/Collectables 5602 (Josh White)
6. Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3 (1935-1940), CD/Document DOCD-5196 (Josh White) (two renditions)

I Don't Care Where They Buried My Body:

1. Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4 (1940-1941), CD/Document DOCD-5405 (Josh White)

(I) Got A Head Like A Rock:

1. Songs By Josh White, 78/Asch A-348 (Josh White) [reissued as part of Josh White Sings The Blues & Sings, CD/Collectables 5602; see also Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 5 (1944), CD/Document DOCD-5571]

I Want Jesus To Walk With Me:

1. 78/Columbia 36237 (Josh White and His Carolinians) (credited to Josh White and De Paur)

(Old) John Henry:

1. Strange Fruit, 78/Keynote K-125 (Josh White) [also 78/Keynote K 541; reissued as 10"/Emarcy MG-26010 and as part of Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 6 (1944-1945), CD/Document DOCD-5572]
2. Ballads And Blues, Vol. 1, 78/Decca 447 (Josh White) [also 78/Decca 23653; reissued as 45EP/Decca 721; 10"/Decca (M) DL 5082]
3. 78/Columbia 17381 (Paul Robeson with Lawrence Brown, piano) [also 78/Columbia 17469; reissued on Songs Of Free Men, CD/Sony Classical 63223]
4. 25th Anniversary Album, Elektra EKL-123 (Josh White) (as "The Story Of John Henry") [reissued as part of The Elektra Years, CD/Rhino Handmade 7879]
5. Classic Railroad Songs, CD/Smithsonian Folkways 40192 (Henry Grady Terrell) (unverified)
6. Long Steel Rail, CD/Sugar Hill 4019 (Riley Baugus) (unverified)

(The Old) Ship Of Zion:

1. Chain Gang Songs, Elektra EK-158 [reissued as CD/Collectables 77892]

Other Material:

All The People On The Levee
Bad, Bad Stacker Lee
The Captain's Song
Caught Ole Blue
He Went To The East
High Ballin'
How Come I'm Born Wid A Hook In My Hand
I'm Born In The Country
I'm Gonna Git Down On My Knees
I'm Singing About A Man
I've Trampled All Over
Let De Sun Sink Down
No Bottom
Now You Talks Might Big In The Country
Po' Li'l Frenchie
So Stand Back, All You Bullies
Stingaree Song
Sundown In My Soul
Take Me A Drink Of Whiskey
Where Did You Get Dem High Heeled Shoes?
Whiffer's Song
Workin' On De Railroad
Ya Gotta Bend Down