Composer: James F. Hanley
Lyricists: Harry L. Cort; George E. Stoddard

Opened: October 4, 1920, Cort Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 105

Note: This show was later called HELLO, LESTER! on the subsequent tour and also for one week during the run.

Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me (Ev’rybody But Me) (L: Joe Goodwin) (cut after opening):

1. 78/Columbia A 2939 (Marion Harris with orchestral accompaniment)

Unrecorded Material:

After To-Night, Goodbye (added after opening)
All In A Short Half Hour (cut)
Ballet (Opening Act 2) (cut after opening)
Danse Pantomime
Ding Dong Dell (added after opening)
Don’t Let Me Catch You Falling In Love
Eccentric Dance
(I’ve Always Been) Fond Of Babies (That’s Why I’m In Love With You)
From Your Heart To Mine (L: Harry L. Cort; Arthur J. Lamb; George E. Stoddard) (not in programs)
I’m Tillie Of Longacre Square (cut)
In A Cabaret (added after opening)
Jazz Entertainment
Jim Jam Jems
Just A Little Bit Behind The Times (Opening, Act 2)
Little Bo Peep
The Magic Kiss (Opening, Act 1)
Poor Little Rich Little Me
Poor Old Florodora Girl (L: Ballard Macdonald) (cut after opening)
Raggedy Ann
Right Little Girl (aka “When The Right Little Girl Comes Along”) (cut after opening)
Show Me The Town
Sweet Little Stranger
That Funny Little Movement (cut)
They’re Making Them Wonderful (cut after opening)
Why We Ride In The Subway (added after opening)