The Honeymooners Segment: "Songwriters"
(Television Comedy with Music)

Composer: Roy Alfred; Al Frisch
Lyricist: Roy Alfred; Al Frisch

Broadcast: December 11, 1954, C.B.S.

My Love Song To You (aka "The Garbage Can Song"):

1. 78/Capitol 3014 (Bob Manning with orchestra conducted by Sid Feller) [also 45/Capitol F-3014; reissued on Heart Beats: Closer Than a Kiss: Crooner Classics, CD/Rhino 79864]
2. 78/ Gateway 1102 (Don Bauer with Herbie Layne's Orchestra) (unverified) [also 78/Big Four Hits 119]
3. Because I Love You…, CD/Dish Soap Productions (Dawn Shelton) (unverified)

Unrecorded Song:

Raccoons Song