Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: August 6, 1968, Downstairs At The Upstairs, N.Y.C.
Performances: ?

Do You Remember? (M: Jerry Powell; L: Rod Warren):

1. All About Life, XTV 89425 (Jay Stuart and Bill Linton with musical direction by Rod Warren)
[Note: I have not been able to verify this, but my suspicion is that Rod Warren wrote new lyrics in place of the original lyrics by Michael McWhinney using the original Jerry Powell tune.]

I Flew to Havana Last Wednesday (M/L: Michael Brown) (originally used in SEVEN COME ELEVEN (FIRST EDITION)):

1. Seven Come Eleven, Columbia Special Products (M) XLP-55477/8 (Cecil Cabot with William Roy and Carl Norman, pianos) [reissued as CD/Masterworkds Broadway 88883 72392 2]

Unrecorded Material:

Bum Rap (sketch by Steve Nelson)
Candid Candidates (sketch by Alan Foster Friedman) (originally used in PHOTO FINISH)
The Commuters (sketch by Art Weller)
The Cry Of The Lame Duck (M/L: Rod Warren)
I Don't Feel Anything (M: Bill Weeden; L: David Finkle) (originally used in PHOTO FINISH)
The Funeral (sketch by Lily Tomlin)
L'after Lines (sketch by Warren Burton, based on an idea by the cast of MAME) (subsequently used in FREE FALL)
Menage A Trois (aka "Trio Con Brio") (M: Bruce Weille; L: Bruce Williamson) (originally used in TOUR DE FOUR and THE GAME IS UP (FIRST EDITION))
Mission Impossible (Opening) (M: Rod Warren; L: Jay Jeffries)
Mission Impossible (Finale) Poor Bernard (M/L: Charles Bernstein)
The Poor Campaign (M: Rod Warren; L: Rod Warren and Jay Jeffries)
The Popper Song (M: Jerry Powell; M: Michael McWhinney)
Service For Two (sketch by Treva Silverman) (added during the run)
Singles On The Slopes (sketch by Kenny Solms and Gail Parent) (originally used in DARK HORSES)
Smoke Signals (sketch by Treva Silverman)
Stamps (M/L: Don Tucker)
The Turn-On Song (M: Bill Weeden; L: David Finkle) (originally used in DARK HORSES and likely used in FREE FALL)
Wake Up And Live (sketch by Lily Tomlin and James Rusk) (added during the run)