Composers: Sigmund Romberg; Jean Schwartz
Lyricists: Harold Atteridge; Tot Seymour

Opened: May 20, 1924, Winter Garden Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 126

Africa (M: James F. Hanley; L: Henry Creamer):

1. 78/Cameo 576 (Vic Myer’s Melody Orchestra)
2. 78/Perfect 14298 (Original Memphis Five)
3. 78/Okeh 40161 (Markels’ Orchestra)
4. 78/Victor 19394 (Billy Murray with Jack Shilkret’s Orchestra)

En Douce (M/L: Albert Willemetz; Maurice Yvain) (cut after opening):

1. Empress Of The Music Hall, CD/EPM 995732 (Mistinguett)
2. Songs From Paris And Old French Folk Songs, CD/EPM 986782 (Colette Renard)
3. Paris Café, CD/Reflections/Fisher-Price 33969 (Le Grand Baiser)
4. Putumayo Presents: French Café, CD/Putumayo 219 (Baguette Quartette)
5. France: Music & Cuisine For Dinner With A Theme, CD/Somerset Entertainment 40744 (unknown performer)
6. Le Temps Des Guinguettes, CD/EMI 19245 (Annie Fratellini)

Hard Hearted Hannah (M: Milton Ager; Robert Bigelow; L: Charles Bates; Jack Yellen) (added after opening):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard.

Innocent Eyes (M: J. Fred Coots; Jean Schwartz; L: McElbert Moore) (originally used in BAL-TABARIN):

1. 78/Cameo 512 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Victor 19288 (International Novelty Orchestra)
3. 78/Edison 51320 (Harry Raderman’s Dance Orchestra)
4. And Then I Wrote, Coral (M) CRL 57084 (J. Fred Coots with piano accompaniment)

La Java (M/L: Maurice Yvain) (cut):

1. 78/Pathe 6603 (Mistinguett) [reissued on Empress Of The Music Hall, CD/EPM 995732]
2. 78/Edison 51305 (Kaplan’s Melodists)
3. 45/Victor EPA 831 (Jacques Ysaye and His Orchestra)
4. Paris Music Hall: Mistinguett, CD/Orphee (Mistinguett)
5. Bal Musette & Guinguete France, Vol. 1, CD/Caravage (Max Marino)
6. Valse Musette, CD/Arc Music 1406 (Enrique Ugarte)
7. Mon Truc En Plume, CD/Polygram 8367082 (Zizi Jeanmarie)
8. Viva La France: Celebrated French Songs, CD/Empire/Joker 1914 (Batman)
9. Chansons Des Rues, CD/EPM 1099 (Francis Lemarque)
10. Le Petit Bal Du Samedi Soir, CD/Forlane 13153 (Louis Corchia)
11. Reine De Musette, CD/Sony/Versailles 4768102 (Yvette Horner)

Red-Hot Mama (M/L: Gilbert Wells; Bud Cooper; Fred Rose) (added after opening):

1. 78/Gennett 5473 (Miami Lucky Seven)
2. 78/Coral 60234 (Georgia Gibb with orchestra) [reissued on Red Hot, CD/Sepia 1016]
3. 78/Decca 1309 (Freddie Fisher and His Orchestra) [also 78/Decca 5331]
4. 78/Disc 5055 (Pee Wee Russell, clarinet; Cliff Jackson, piano and cornet; Bob Casey, bass; Joe Grauso, drums; and Vic Dickenson, trombone) [reissued on The Chronological Pee Wee Russell, 1935-1946, CD/Classics 1204]
5. 78/Abbey 15013 (Lawrence Cook, piano roll)
6. 78/Banner 1364 (Fletcher Henderson’s Dance Orchestra) [also 78/Regal 9658; reissued on The Chronological Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra 1924, Vol. 1, CD/Classics 673]
7. 78/Brunswick 2681 (Ray Miller and His Orchestra) [reissued on 1924-1929, CD/Timeless CBC 1066]
8. 78/Columbia 38772 (Beatrice Kay and Her Kay Jammers) [also 7”/Columbia 1-592]
9. 78/King 15041 (Sister Slocum and Her Little Brother)
10. 78/Vocalion 14853 (Ben Selvin and His Orchestra) [reissued on 1924-26: Sounds From The Roaring Twenties, CD/Timeless CBC 1089]
11. 78/Paramount 12246 (Jimmy O’Bryant, clarinet; Jimmy Blythe, piano; Jasper Taylor, washboard, clarinet)
12. 78/OKeh 40129 (Sophie Tucker with Ted Shapiro, piano)  [reissued on Last Of The Red Hot Mamas, CD/Living Era/Sanctuary CDAJA 5611]
13. Dorothy Loudon At The Blue Angel, Coral (M) CRL 757265 (Dorothy Loudon with the Norman Paris Trio) [reissued on Dorothy Loudon At The Blue Angel And Other Rarities, CD/Stage Door STAGE 2320]
14. Muggsy Spanier, CD/Avid AMSC 695 (Muggsy Spanier)
15. The Carnegie Hall Tour, CD/Bear Family BCD 16828 (Ronnie Dawson and High Noon)
16. Tall Tales, CD/Hightone/Shout! Records HCD 8104 (The Hot Club Of Cowtown)
17. Flappers, Vamps & Sweet Young Things, CD/ASV/Living Era CDAJA 5015 (The Brox Sisters)
18. Rockinitis, CD/Pink & Black Records NOHITCD 04 (Ronnie Dawson)
19. The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks, Vol. 1, CD/The Old Masters 111 (The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks)
20. Jimmy O’Bryant’s Washboard Band, Vol. 1 (1924-1925), CD/RST Records 1518 (Jimmy O’Bryant’s Washboard Band)
21. Carousel Breezes, Vol. 2, CD/Dynamic 135 (Wurlitzer Band Organ)

Su L’Boul’vard (M/L: Aristide Bruant?):

1. Montmerte, CD/EPM 983302 (Aristide Bruant) (unverified)

Unrecorded Material:

American Jazz (cut)
Apache Dance (inst.)
The Bal Tabarin (cut)
Ballet Dance
Bang Up Time (cut)
Buck (cut)
Chiquette (M: J. Fred Coots; Jean Schwartz; L: McElbert Moore) (originally used in BAL-TABARIN)
Ballet Dance (inst.)
Damn Clever, These Chinese
Dance Of Beauty (inst.)
Danse De Volstead (inst.)
Day Dreams (cut after opening)
Dear Old Moulin Rouge (cut after opening)
Fan Number
A Few Fast Steppers
Fountain Of Youth (cut)
The Franco-American Step (cut)
Garden Of Love (M: Jean Schwartz; L: Tot Seymour)
Hula Dance (inst.)
Hula, Hula, Sailor Man (cut after opening)
Hurry Up (cut)
I Love A Lark (cut)
I Love The Boys (cut)
I Loved Her Best Of All
A Lesson In Love (cut)
Let’s Have A Good Time
Lolita (cut)
Love Is Like A Pinwheel
Maybells (cut)
(Behind) Milady’s Fan
The Millennium (cut)
Musical Shoes (cut)
My Rose (M: J. Fred Coots; Jean Schwartz; L: McElbert Moore) (originally used in BAL-TABARIN)
Organdy Days (M: Jean Schwartz; L: Tot Seymour)
Our Emblem Is The Lily
Peacock Strut
Perfume Waltz (inst.)
Powder Your Nose (cut)
Pretty Ankle (cut)
Rin-Tin-Tin (cut)
Spanish Dance (inst.)
Spoony Croony Tune (cut after opening)
Surrounded By The Girls
Take Me (cut)
Tweet, Tweet (added during the run)
We Are Puritans (cut)
Yankee Strut