Composer: Manos Hadjidakis
Lyricist: Joe Darion

Opened: April 11, 1967, Mark Hellinger, N.Y.C.
Performances: 320

Note: Only numbers not found on the CD reissue of the original Broadway cast album are noted below.

Maressi (cut):

1. The Music From Illya Darling Played By George Stratis And His Orchestra, Epic FLM 13113 (George Stratis and His Orchestra)

Take A Little Drink Of Ouzo (added after opening):

1. Nunca En Domingo, Unknown label (unknown performer)

Unrecorded Numbers:

Bread and Love (cut)
Fleet's In (cut)
Fugue (cut)
Her Eyes, Her Eyes (cut)
The Lesson
Piraeus, My Love (version with additional lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) (unused)
(I Think) She Needs Me (L: Stephen Sondheim) (unused)
They Didn't Like Me (cut)
Unnamed Opening Number (L: Stephen Sondheim) (unused)