Composer: David Raksin
Lyricist: June Carroll

Opened: December 5, 1946, Century Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 20

A NYC college radio (WKCR-89.9 FM) broadcast of this score with a revival cast is known to exist.

Come and Bring Your Instruments:

1. Lost Broadway And More, Volume 2, CDr/Original Cast (Michael Lavine, Naomi Tischman, and Jay Aubrey Jones)

My Business Man:

1. You Can't Put Ketchup On The Moon, CD/Rialto SLRR-9201 (Mary Gordon Murray with musical direction by David Holcenberg)

This Is The End Of The Story:

1. Life's A Funny Present, CD/Rialto SLRR 9306 (Pamela Myers with musical direction by David Holcenberg)

Other Songs:

Am I A Man or a Mouse?
Entrances And Exits (cut)
Every Eve
The Game: A Beguine (cut)
Have You Seen the Countess Cindy?
I Took Another Look
I Want to Go Back to the Bottom of the Garden
I Wish
I Wish (cut version)
If the Shoe Fits
I'm Not Myself Tonight
In The Morning
Night After Night
Start the Ball Rollin'
Three Questions
What Is My Love? (cut)
What's the Younger Generation Coming To?
With a Wave of My Wand