Composer: Tom Johnstone
Lyricist: Will B. Johnstone

Opened: May 19, 1924, Casino Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 313

Bye And Bye The Sun Will Shine (M/L: Harry Pease; Ed. G. Nelson; Vincent) (not in program):

1. 78/Edison 51487 (Nat Martin Orchestra)
2. 78/Victor 19655 (Meyer Davis and Le Paradise Band directed by W. Spencer Tupman)

I'll Say She Is (skit):

1. Gregariously Groucho. CD/Raven RVCD-73 (Groucho Marx)
Note: It is unclear if this skit is from this show.

Only You:

1. 78/Victor 19380 (Lewis James with the International Novelty Orchestra)

There’s Yes Yes In Your Eyes (M: Joseph H. Santle; L: Cliff Friend) (added during the run):

1. 78/Edison 51325 R (Merry Sparklers)
2. 78/Columbia 38521 (Tony Pastor, vocal, with Tony Pastor and His Orchestra) [also 45/Columbia 1-269; reissued on Dance Parade/Your Dance Date With Tony Pastor, CD/Collectables 7400]
3. 78/Domino 327 (Hal White’s Dance Orchestra)
4. 78/Gennett 5433 (Bailey’s Lucky Seven) [also 78/Starr 9539]
5. 78/Gennett 5457 (Vera Cole with Dance Orchestra)
6. 78/Broadway 11361 (Majestic Dance Orchestra)
7. 78/National Music Lover’s Inc. 1090 (Master Melody Makers)
8. 78/Decca 2949 A (C. Lombardo, M. Curtis, and F. Higman with Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians)
9. 78/Columbia 109 D (Art Kahn and His Orchestra)
10. 78/Perfect 14251 (Fry’s Million Dollar Pier Orchestra)
11. 78/Capitol 57-681 (Kay Starr with Frank DeVol and His Orchestra) [reissued on Swingin’ With Kay Starr, CD/DRG DRGCD 91507]
12. 78/Brunswick 2587 (Oriole Orchestra)
13. 78/Banner 1368 (Charles Dalton with orchestra) [also 78/Regal 9663]
14. 78/Cameo 547 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra)
15. 78/Victor 19309 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra)
16. 78/Vocalion 14782 (Roy B. Carson and His Orchestra)
17. 45/Scope C 101 (Norman Brooks with the Bob Freidman Orchestra and Chorus)
18. The Roaring 20s, Warner Bros. (S) WS-1394 (Dorothy Provine) [reissued on CD/Sepia 1180]
19. On The Radio 1949-1950, CD/Acrobat ADMCD 5023 (Frank Sinatra)
20. Everybody Loves Somebody, CD/Prism Leisure PLATBX-167 (Dean Martin)
21. On The Radio, CD/Acrobat ADDCD 3038 (Kay Starr)
22. Just A Little While To Stay Here, CD/Fellside LACD 70 (Monty Sunshine)
23. Soundies Digital, Vol. 13, CD/Soundies (unknown performer)
24. Jazz Journeymen, CD/Black Lion BLCD 760519 (Alan Elsdon)
25. Sven Arefeldt, CD/Universal 5236492 (Sven Arefeldt)
26. Out Of Nowhere, CD/Lake LACD 101 (Ken Colyer)
27. Live At The 51 Club: 1960, CD/Dine-A-Mite Jazz DJCD 003 (Ken Colyer)
28. Dr. Jazz And Blues From The Bayou/The Complete Jazz Man Session, CD/Upbeat URCD237D (George Lewis)
29. The Rat Pack, CD/Solo 2003 (The Rat Pack)
30. 36 Sing-Along Favorites!, CD/GSC 15242 (Mitch Miller and The Gang)
31. Once More For Auntie, CD/Upbeat Jazz URCD 137 (Ken Colyer)
32. The Fantastic Sound Of Kai Warner, CD/Polydor 5322803 (Kai Warner)
33. There’s Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes, CD/Jazzology 186 (Patrick Halcox)
34. Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen On Tour, CD/GHB Records 16 (Ken Colyer)
35. East Side, West Side, CD/Arbors 19137 (Kenny Davern)
36. 1955, CD/GHB Records 66 (Bob Mielke)
37. Ich Hab Noch Einen Koffer In Berlin, CD/Black Hole (Die Drei Travellers)
38. Sonny Meets Pat Halcox, CD/Lake LACD 81 (Sonny Morris and Pat Halcox)
39. Live At The Lord Napier 1973, CD/Upbeat Jazz URCD 188 (The Mac Duncan Jazz Band)
40. River Stay Way, CD/Jazz Crusade 3018 (Norman Thatcher, Chris Blount, and Dave Vickers)
41. Anytime, CD/GHB Records 220 (Magnolia Jazz Band)
42. 1944, CD/GHB Records 875830 (Bunk Johnson)
43. Svenksa Ar: 1950 Ett Dubbelnoje, CD/Vax (Harry Arnold)
A radio transcription performed by the Carmen Cavallaro Orchestra is also known to exist.

Unrecorded Material:

Break Into Your Heat
Chinese Apache Dance (inst.)
Cinderella Backwards (cut)
Do It
Give Me A Thrill
Glimpses Of The Moon
I Dream Of A Garden Of Sunshine (added for the subsequent tour)
I See Your Face (cut)
Marathon Street (cut)
Marcella Dance (inst.)
The Only, Only One Is You (added for the subsequent tour)
Pierrot Dance (inst.)
Pretty Girl
Rainy Day (dropped from the subsequent tour)
San Toy
Silver Ballet (inst.)
Wall Street Blues
When The Shadows Fall
The Wonderful Nile (aka “The Wonderful River) (dropped from the subsequent tour)