Composer: Armand Vecsey
Lyricist: Clifford Grey

Opened: March 13, 1922, Shubert Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 88

Note: This show was titled LITTLE MISS RAFFLES out of town.

I’ll Dream Of You:

1. 78/Edison 50966 (Vincent Lopez Orchestra)
2. City Of Dreams: Rediscovered Gems From The Early Days Of Musical Theatre Vol. II, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1013 (Robin Farnsley and Peter Halverson with Victoria  Kirsch, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

Bad Man Walk (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Everything I Do Goes Wrong
Exercise (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
Finale (Act 3)
Good Girl In The Country (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Honesty (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Little Mother (M: Ivan Caryll; Armand Vecsey)
Manana  (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Nearly True To You (M: Ivan Caryll)
One Touch Of Loving
Oozey Woozey
A Patchwork Quilt (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Risk A Little Bit (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Romance (M: Armand Vecsey; Ivan Caryll)
Round On The End And High In The Middle (M: Bert Hanlon; L: Alfred Bryan)
Santiago (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Simple Home (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
Tree Of Truth (M: Ivan Caryll) (cut)
When Lanterns Gleam (Act 3 Opening)
Why Do The Girls (M: Ivan Caryll)