Composer: Mitch Leigh
Lyricists: Furman Brown; Charles Burr

Opened: January 4, 1976; Palace Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 1

Note: The earlier touring version of this show was called ODYSSEY.

How Could I Dare To Dream:

1. Forgotten Broadway Vol. II, No label T102 (Yul Brenner & Russ Thacker)

I Never Imagined Goodbye:

1.Arthur Rubin Sings Mitch Leigh, Private CD/Apogee Electronics (Arthur Rubin)

Unrecorded Material:

The Ball
The Contest
The Departure
Did He Really Think
The Future
He Sang Songs
He Will Come Home Again
Home Sweet Homer
I Was Wrong
The Island (cut)
Love Is The Prize
Nausikaa's Theme (cut)
Penelope's Hand
Prologue (cut)
The Rose
The Sailing (cut)
Show Me The Sun (cut)
The Sorceress
The Tales
Three Hundred Days (cut)
Wherever You Are (cut)