Composer: Jerome Kern
Lyricists: Anne Caldwell; Glen MacDonough

Opened: October 19, 1920, New Amsterdam Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 71 

Buggy Riding:

1. Jerome Kern Revisited Vol. III, Painted Smile PS 1379 (Kaye Ballard) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-134]

Congo Nights (M: Sol Violinsky; L: Rubey Cowan) (sheet music only):

1. 78/Okeh 4277 (Ray Miller and His Black And White Melody Boys)

Unrecorded Material:

Bring ‘Em Back (dropped for the subsequent tour; music later revised for “In Dahomey” in SHOW BOAT)
By The Sea (cut)
Chick! Chick! Chick! (cut; used in THE NIGHT BOAT)
Costumes For 1950 (cut)
Cupid, The Winner (not in programs)
Ding, Dong It’s Kissing Time (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Ethel’s Frolic (added after opening)
Finale (Act 2)
(There Are Plenty Of) Girls In The Sea (cut)
I Am Daguerre
I Want To Marry (dropped for the subsequent tour)
The Levee (dance)
The Millinery Mannequin (Mannequin Dance)
Moon Of Love
Old New York (The Old Town)
Only For You (cut)
Oriental (dance)
The Race Of The Year (not in programs)
The Serpentine (dance)
The Star Of Hitchy-Koo
Treasure Island
We’ll Make A Bet
We’ve Been Married Today (cut)
When Yo’re Safe In Bed At Night (added after opening)
Won’t You All Fall In Love With Me (added for the subsequent tour)