Composer: Jule Styne
Lyricist: Sammy Cahn

Opened: October 9, 1947, New Century Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 727

Note: Only numbers not found on the original Broadway cast recording are noted below.

Bird Watcher's Song (We're The Ladies' Walking Society):

1. Forgotten Broadway, No label T101 (Nanette Fabray & Chorus)

He Tried To Make  A Dollar:

1. Lost Broadway And Moore Volume 5: Comden/Green/Styne, CD/Original Cast (Michael Lavine, piano) (as “Overture”)

Mack Sennett (Bathing Beauty) Ballet (inst.):

1. Ballet On Broadway, RCA Victor (S) LSP-1865 (Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lehman Engel) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-149]
2. Jerome Robbins' Broadway, CD/RCA Victor 60150-2-RC (orchestra conducted by Paul Gemignani) (part of "On A Sunday By The Sea")


1. Everything's Coming Up Roses: The Overtures Of Jule Styne, CD/RCA Victor 09026-61939-2 (The RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jack Everly)

Too Soon (cut or unused):

1. Love & Kisses, CD/Laserlight 17009 (Ella Fitzgerald and Her Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Bless Our Home (cut or unused)
The Castle Walk (dance)
Gone Are The Days (cut or unused; same music as "The Cow Song" from GYPSY)
He Tried To Make A Dollar
I Owe You A Kiss (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
If Someone Should Ask You (cut or unused)
I'll Give You One Guess (cut or unused)
I'm Betwixt And Between (cut; title phrase music reused for the opening lines "Everything's Coming Up Roses" from GYPSY)
The Innocent Stander-By (cut or unused)
It's A Wonderful Day For A Ball Game (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
Japanese and Russian Dances (written for the 1966 tv version)
The Jimba (written for the 1966 tv version)
Know How (written for the 1956 tv version)
Little Pitchers Have Big Ears (cut or unused)
Million Dollar Pier (cut or unused)
Next To Texas, I Love You
On The Banks Of The Old Raritan (added to the 1982 Goodspeed Opera House revival) (Note: It is not know at this time if this is the Rutgers University song or a new song written by Styne and Cahn.)
Peanut Butter Sandwiches And Hard Boiled Eggs (cut or unused)
She's A Good Kid (cut or unused)
She's Right (Security)
A Summer Incident Tango (dance)
That's A-Plenty (written for the 1966 tv version)
You're A Sweet Patootie (cut or unused)
You're My Boy (same music as "You're My Girl")