Composer: Seymour Simons
Lyricist: Seymour Simons

Opened: December 27, 1920, Lyric Theatre, N.Y.C.; transferred on March 7, 1921 to the Sam S. Shubert Theatre
Performances: 90

The Broadway Blues (M/L: Carey Morgan; Arthur Swanstrom) (added after opening):

1. 78/Columbia A-3311 (Nora Bayes with orchestra)
2. 78/Emerson 10296 (Al Bernard with orchestra accompaniment) [also 78/Gennett 9077]
3. 78/Emerson 10315 (Merry Melody Men) [also 78/Vocalion 14138]
4. 78/Columbia 3337 (Savoy Havana Band)
5. 78/Regal 911 (Leonard Graham)
6 . 78/Arto 9033 (Ernest Hare with orchestral accompaniment)
7. 78/Brunswick 2047 (Aileen Stanley with orchestra)
8. 78/Victor 18691 (Aileen Stanley with orchestra)
9. Music Of Old New York, CD/Museum Music MM161 (Richard Dowling, piano)

Remember The Rose (L: Sidney D. Mitchell) (added after opening):

1. 78/Gennett 4770 (Merry Melody Men)
2. 78/Rich-Tone 7003 (Melody Orchestra)
3. 78/Columbia A 3468 (Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra)
4. 78/Columbia A 3535 (Frank Banta and Cliff Hess, pianos)
5. 78/Grey Gull L 2066 (Sam Ash)
6. 78/Victor 18806 (Elliott Shaw with orchestra)
7. 78/Vocalion 14233 (Selvin’s Dance Orchestra)
8. 78/Puritan 11110 (Ernest Davis)
9. John McCormack In American Song, CD/Pearl Flapper GEMMCD 9971 (John McCormack)

Why Worry?:

1. 78/Columbia A-3360 (Nora Bayes with orchestrla accompaniment)

Unrecorded Material:

As We Sow (So Shall We Reap)  
Boom Whee!
The Elevator Gavotte
The End Of  A Perfect Day At The Home Of Nora Bayes (added after opening)
The Gold Diggers 
I Love You
Love Is Come To Me (sheet music only)
No Other Gal (No Other Girl)
Ouija Board
A Romantic Knight
The Sacrificial Ballet (contains “Oranges” and “Silks”)
When Cupid Flys Away (sheet music only)
Where Tomorrows Begins (cut after opening)