Composer: Sammy Fain (unless indicated)
Lyricist: Charles Tobias (unless indicated)

Opened: September 22, 1938, 46th Street Theatre, NYC; transferred on December 11, 1939 to the Winter Garden Theatre, NYC
Performances: 1404 (combined run)

Note: The show's title changed to THE NEW HELLZAPOPPIN' upon transfer to the Winter Garden Theatre. Consult the entry for THE NEW HELLZAPOPPIN' for discological information about that new edition.

Abe Lincoln (C: Earl Robinson; L: Alfred Hayes):

1. 78/Timely Recording 500 (Earl Robinson) [also found on Songs For Americans, 78/Timely album 8-W]
2. 78/TAC 1 (Michael Loring with the TAC Singers and Earl Robinson, piano)
3. 78/Keynote K 503 (Michael Loring with Earl Robinson, piano)
4. 78/Columbia 35906 (Michael Loring)

It's Time To Say Aloha:

1. 78/Decca 2368 (Ray Kinney, vocal, with Ray Kinney And His Hawaiians)
2. 78/Bluebird B 7886 (The Three Blue Notes and Glee Club with "Music Of Yesterday And Today Styled The Blue Barron Way")
3. 78/Vocalion 4459 (Kirby Brooks with Ray Herbeck and his Music With Romance)
4. Lovely Hula Hands, CD/Cord International 42000 (Genoa Keawa and Her Hula Maids)

No Wonder (C: Buddy Bernier; L: Bob Emmerich):

1. 78/Decca 2022 (Dick Roberston with orchestra conducted by Dick Robertson) [reissued on The Music Of Broadway: 1938, JJA (M) 1988-1]
2. 78/Vocalion 4332 (Chick Bullock, vocal, with Chick Bullock and his Levee Loungers)
3. Time Waits For No One, CD/Collector's Choice Music 481 (The Ink Spots)

Ol' Man Mose (C/L: Louis Armstrong and Zilner T. Randolph):

I have not attempted to provide discological information for this interpolated number.

When Macgregor Sings Off Key:

1. 1938, CD/Kopaesthetics K-101 (Spider Saloff and Ricky Ritzel with Ricky Ritzel, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

A Bedtime Story (also used in THE NEW HELLZAPOPPIN')
A Cabinet Meeting (sketch)
Fuddle dee Duddle (Funny Little Tune)
Harem On The Loose
Hellzapoppin' (also used in THE NEW HELLZAPPOPPIN')
Holmes And Hawkshaw (sketch)
The Magic Hour (sketch)
The Maternity Ward (sketch)
Murdered By The Critics (sketch) (added during the run)
Pep Talk (sketch)
Strolling Thru The Park (Gay Nineties)
Trans-Continental (sketch)
Wall Street (sketch)
When You Look In Your Looking Glass (C: Paul Mann and Stephen Weiss; L: Sam M. Lewis
Who's The Dummy? (sketch)