Composer: Richard Myers
Lyricist: Leo Robin

Opened: October 30, 1928, Casino Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 87

I Want The World To Know:

1. 78/Victor 21783 (Fred Waring and Chorus with Waring's Pennsylvanians) [reissued on Music Of Broadway: The Twenties Volume 3 (1928-29), JJA (M) 19803]

Jericho (also used in the film SYNCOPATION):

1. 78/Victor 21870 (Waring's Pennsylvanians with vocal chorus)
2. 78/Regal 8783 (Irving Kaufman with Fred Rich and His Orchestra) [also 78/Domino 4337 B; 78/Conqueror 7354]
3. 78/Jewel 5598 (Charles Dickson with the Jewel Dance Orchestra)
4. 78/Oriole 1575 (Charles Dickson with the Oriole Dance Orchestra)
5. 78/Paramount 20719 (Ray Wynn with Frank Raymond's Orchestra) [also 78/Broadway 1278]
6. 78/Path 36979 (Andrew Lawrence with Frank Keyes and His Orchestra) [also 78/Perfect 15160]
7. 78/Romeo 947 (Cliff Roberts and His Orchestra with vocal refrain) [also 78/Cameo 9145; 78/Cameo 3801]
8. 78/Velvet Tone 1908 V (Tom Frawley with Arthur Ross & His Westerners) [also 78/Harmony 908]
9. 78/Decca 24048 (Marlene Fingerle and Arthur Schutt, pianos, with rhythm accompaniment) [reissued on Song Hits Of 1929, Vocalion Vl-73641]
10. 78/Apex 8945 (George Beaver with Fred Rich and His Orchestra) [also 78/Banner 6388; 78/Banner 6383]
11. 45/MGM 1138 (Bob Haggart, vocal, with Bob Haggart and His Orchestra)
12. Lena Horne At M-G-M: Ain't It The Truth, CD/Rhino/WEA 72246 (Lena Horne with Hazel Scott, piano, and the M-G-M Orchestra)
13. Dancin' With Anson, CD/Collectors' Choice Music CCM 10542 (Anson Weeks and His Orchestra)
14. There Goes That Song Again, CD/ Sounds of Yesteryear DSOY 635 (Kay Kyser and His Orchestra)
15. Queen Of Swing Vocals and Her Rhythm Singers 1933-37, CD/Baldwin Street Music BJH 313 (Kay Thompson with Hal Kemp and His Orchestra)
A radio transcription performed by the Mark Warnow Orchestra is also known to exist.

Say That You Love Me:

1. 78/Victor 21783 (Fred Waring and Chorus with Waring's Pennsylvanians)

Unrecorded Material:

Bobby's Nightmare
Daily Dozen
Finale Act I
Finale Act II
He Man
Hello Yourself
Tired Of It All
To The Dance (cut)
True Blue
We Might Play Tiddle De Winks
You've Got A Way With You