Composer: Harry Ruby
Lyricist: Bert Kalmar

Opened: June 19, 1923, Selwyn Theatre, N.Y.C.; moved on October 8, 1923 to the Times Square Theatre
Performances: 191

Cry Baby:

1. 78/Cameo 414 (Ernest Carle’s Society Players)

(Look For The) Happy Ending:

1. 78/Cameo 389 (Cameo Dance Orchestra)
2. 78/Lincoln 2081 (Lincoln Dance Orchestra)
3. Lost Broadway And More, CDr/Original Cast (William Zeffiro, piano and voice)

Keep A Goin’ (M/L: Byron Gay):

1. 78/Perfect 14234 (Southampton Society)
2. 78/Apex 8169 (The Master Players)
3. 78/Brunswick 2547 (Ray Miller and His Orchestra)
4. 78/Okeh 40043 (Finzel’s Arcadia Orchestra of Detroit)

Nijigo Novgo Glide:

1. 78/Cameo 404 (Arthur Lange’s Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
Helen Of Troy, New York
I Like A Big Town(, I Like A Small Town)
If I Never See You Again
It Was Meant To Be (second version) (dropped for the national tour)
It Was Meant To Be (first version) (M: W. Franke Harling; L: Lorenz Hart) (cut)
A Little Bit O’ Jazz (dropped for the national tour)
Moonlight Lane (M: W. Franke Harling; L: Lorenze Hart)
My Ideal
Somebody Like You Somebody Like Me (M/L: Victor Arden; Phil Ohman) (cut)
Up On Your Toes
We’ll Have A Model Factory (dropped for the national tour)
What Makes A Business Man Tired?
What The Girls Will Wear